What is Travel Genie?
Travel Genie is our comprehensive travel journal that is aimed at giving you the freedom to enjoy your vacation at your own pace. It is completely personalized and built basis your itinerary. It provides a day wise break up of your vacation, detailing how your day would pan out. It also provides directions to get from point A to point B in your vacation. Wherever applicable, we also suggest places to eat or must do activities during your vacation.
How are you different from other players?
As we see it, there are 3 differences
  • No pre packaged tours. Which means you get to travel at your own pace and leisure.
  • Personalization. Every itinerary is hand crafted to ensure that you get what you like.
  • Planned by Genuine travelers - Travelers who have been to the places you wish to go.
What do you mean when you call yourself a one-stop shop?
Having traveled to 28 countries, we understand that there are many parts to a vacation - flights, hotels, transfers, experiences, activities, visa, Insurance etc. At PickYourTrail we help you in not just putting all these pieces together to craft your personalized vacation, but also book them for you.
You are a young company, how do I trust you with my yearly break?
The fact that we have helped over 50 customers discover the joy of Travel in less than 3 months is proof to what we have been able to achieve. You can read what a few of our customers had to say in our testimonials page. Try us and we assure you that you will enjoy the PickYourTrail way of traveling!
What do you do if you have not traveled to the country I want to go?
We tap into the global pool of travelers. PickYourTrail has a planner platform where travelers from all over the world come and hand craft personalized itineraries.
How do I get in touch with you to plan my vacation?
  1. If you are on our website, simply click on the Book Now button. You could either write us a letter with details of your vacation or schedule for a call back. Our team will get in touch with you in the designated time.
  2. If you are on our Facebook page, drop us a message and we will get in touch with you.
  3. If you are on our blog, hit the Book Now button to get started!
Who will be planning my personalized vacation?
Each itinerary is hand crafted by travelers who have been to the places you have in mind. They understand your needs and desires thoroughly before building the plan. This is one of the reasons why 8 out of 10 customers who come to us, decide to work with PickYourTrail for their personalized vacation.
How long does it take to plan my personalized itinerary?
Each itinerary takes anywhere between 48-72 hours depending on the availability and number of customers.
How will I know that my itinerary has been built?
We would call and email you as soon as your itinerary is ready. Depending on your availability, we will then take you through the itinerary in detail and clarify any questions that you might have.
What is the planning fee and when do I have to pay for it?
If you like the itinerary that we have built for you, you will have to pay us 2% of the overall vacation fee as the planning IP fee.
What do I get for the planning confirmation fee I pay?
Once the planning fee is credited to our account, we will share the details of your personalized itinerary. This will explain your day wise plan along with details of the inclusions and exclusions. You could then choose to mix and match from the three costing options (Discover, Experience and Indulge) to create an itinerary that suits your needs.
What if I want to make some changes to my personalized itinerary?
PickYourTrail's aim is to help craft meaningful itineraries and not sell canned stuff! You can easily make up to 3 structural changes to the itinerary. Hotel changes, swapping experiences between dates etc are not considered as a structural change. Any thing that alters the course of the itinerary (like changing dates or destinations) is considered to be a structural change. Kindly note, in case of changes to the itinerary, the costing will also be updated to reflect the change.
What are the documents I need to submit to initiate booking?
In most cases we will only need scanned copies of passports of all the travelers (front and back) to initiate bookings.
Can I freeze my rates once I have finalized the itinerary?
Yes, you can freeze the cost by paying 50% of the overall trip cost as confirmation fee.
Do I need to have booking confirmations for initiating visa documents?
Depending on the country you are visiting, you might or might not need flight and hotel vouchers for your visa application.
Will you be helping me with Visas as well?
Yes, we have tie ups with national level vendors to help process your visa application.
When will you share the booking confirmation vouchers?
We will intimate you once all your bookings are confirmed and you will be required to transfer the balance amount. Once we have received the payment, we will share the vouchers.
How can I get in touch with you during the vacation?
Our comprehensive travel docket (Travel Genie) is built to ensure that you have complete freedom during your personalized vacation and do not have to rely on anybody. Apart from the local numbers listed in PickYourTrail’s Travel Genie , you can reach out to our friendly support team anytime. We love support!
What if my one of my scheduled experience gets cancelled?
This is a rarest of the rare event at PickYourTrail as we work only work with top 5 partners across the world. If sudden changes in weather or other such unforeseen events lead to cancellation, you will be refunded the amount for the experience as per the cancellation policy of the experience provider. Also, if there is sufficient heads up, we try and give you an equally exciting option, based on your desires.
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