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Palais Garnier, Paris

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A world of elegance, considered as one of the most dazzling monuments in Paris. An architectural gem known for its magnificent interiors and amazing performance by the Paris Opera Ballet. Exciting, right? Yes! We are talking about the opulent 19th century opera house, Palais Garnier. If you want to experience the best theatrical and operatic performance in the world, this place is the best choice that you can include in your Paris itinerary. 

About Palais Garnier

  • The Palais Garnier, also known as the Opera Garnier, is a historic opera house located in Paris, France.
  • It was commissioned by Emperor Napoleon III in the 19th century and was designed by the architect Charles Garnier.
  • The construction of the Palais Garnier began in 1861 and was completed in 1875.
  • The architecture of the Palais Garnier is a blend of various styles, primarily influenced by the Beaux-Arts architectural movement.
  • The exterior features elaborate ornamentation, including sculptures, columns, and decorative friezes.
  • The most iconic feature of the building is the grand staircase, which is adorned with intricate marble and bronze detailing.
  • Inside, the Palais Garnier boasts opulent and luxurious interiors.
  • The main auditorium is renowned for its lavish decor, including a massive chandelier weighing over six tons and a stunning ceiling painted by Marc Chagall in 1964.
  • The ceiling painting depicts scenes from famous operas and is a major highlight of the opera house.
  • Aside from its cultural significance, the Palais Garnier is also a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can take guided tours to explore the public areas of the opera house, including the grand foyer, the auditorium, and the museum. 

Location: 9th arrondissement of Paris

Timings: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm everyday

Timings of Opera performances:

Matinee performances- 2.00 pm 

Evening performances- 7.30 pm

Price: 14 EURO.

For people between 12 and 25- 10 EURO.

Children below age of 12- Free.

Best time to visit Palais Garnier: Visit Opera Garnier on weekdays to avoid crowds. If you are planning to visit any specific performances, then check on the timings and plan your visit accordingly. 

How to reach Palais Garnier?

By metro: You can take metro Line 3 or Line 7 or Line 8 to reach Palais Garnier. If you are opting for the RER sub train, then board off at Auber RER stop on Line A.

By bus: Bus lines 20, 21, 22, 27, 29, 42, 52, 53, 66, 68, 81 and 95 will take you to Palais Garnier.

Must see in Palais Garnier

  • Opera Show

Tourists from different parts of the world visit Opera Garnier to witness the world famous theatrical opera performances. This place offers performances like opera, ballet or concerts which makes your Paris days memorable. 

  • Grand Staircase

The grand staircase of the Palais Garnier is a magnificent architectural feature and a symbol of opulence. Adorned with marble, statues, and ornate decorations, it is a breathtaking sight and a popular spot for photography.

  • The Auditorium

The main auditorium is the heart of the Palais Garnier, known for its luxurious decor and exceptional acoustics. Take a moment to admire the opulent red and gold velvet seating, the stunning chandelier, and the beautifully painted ceiling by Marc Chagall.

  • Rotonde des Abonnes

Located beneath the grand dome, this circular space is adorned with exquisite paintings and serves as a gathering place for opera subscribers during intermissions. It offers a unique perspective of the architecture and lavish decoration.

  • Musee de l'Opera

The Palais Garnier houses a museum that showcases the history of the opera house. Explore the displays of costumes, set designs, historical artefacts, and learn about the rich heritage of this iconic institution.

  • Ceiling Paintings by Marc Chagall

The ceiling of the auditorium painted by Marc Chagall is a sight to behold. It depicts scenes from famous operas and is a masterpiece of artistic expression.

  • Library-Museum

For those interested in delving deeper into the history of opera, the library-museum at the Palais Garnier offers an extensive collection of books, scores, and archives related to music, dance, and opera.


Palais Garnier is not only a symbol of Parisian cultural heritage but also a masterpiece of architectural and artistic excellence. Its rich history, breathtaking design, and world-class performances continue to captivate visitors from around the globe. If you are planning a trip to the city of lights and romance, never miss this most popular opera house of the world. Let’s customise your Paris itinerary with Pickyourtrail and make a perfect Paris tour package for your dream journey. 

FAQ about Palais Garnier
Palais Garnier is the most popular opera in the world. All types of performances like opera, ballet and concerts conducted here attract millions of tourists every year.
The normal admission fee of Palais Garnier is 14 EURO. For people between 12 and 25, the price of a ticket is 10 EURO. Palais Garnier is freely accessible for children below 12 years. 
The vast stage of Palais Garnier is the largest in Europe which is vast enough to fit Arc de Triomphe in it.  
Palais Garnier is rented for marriages since it is one of the most special wedding venues in the world. 
Yes, the Palais Garnier is open to the public for visits and guided tours. You can explore the public areas of the opera house, including the grand foyer, the auditorium, and the museum. 
Yes, guided tours are available at the Palais Garnier. The tours typically last around 90 minutes and provide insights into the history, architecture, and behind-the-scenes aspects of the opera house. 
Photography is generally allowed in the public areas of the Palais Garnier, such as the grand foyer and museum. However, photography is usually prohibited during performances to avoid disruptions.
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