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Dubai Autodrome, nestled among the gleaming skyscrapers and huge desert scenery, is a tribute to the UAE's enthusiasm for speed and thrill. This renowned facility is a compelling paradise for motorsport aficionados and thrill-seekers alike, providing a unique racing experience that leaves visitors breathless and seeking more. From aspiring racers to seasoned drivers, from families looking for a day of excitement to corporate teams looking for a unique bonding experience, this world-class racecourse welcomes all. In this desert oasis of speed, adventure has no boundaries. Embark on an exhilarating voyage with your Dubai Tour packages through the delights of Dubai Autodrome, where the quest of adrenaline blends flawlessly with the appeal of the Arabian scenery.

How to reach Dubai Autodrome?

As of its excellent location, getting to Dubai Autodrome is a snap. Here are the several methods of getting to this landmark location:

  • By Car: Driving to Dubai Autodrome from Dubai's city centre or any neighbouring places is the most convenient choice. Simply take Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) to Dubai Motor City and follow the signage.
  • By Public transportation: The Dubai Autodrome is easily accessible by public transit. You may take the Dubai Metro to the Mall of the Emirates stop. Take a cab or ride-sharing service to the Autodrome from there.

What to Expect at Dubai Autodrome?

Dubai Autodrome is a world-class racing venue in Dubai and is home to a range of thrilling adventures that will excite any adrenaline addict. Here is what you and your loved ones can expect:

  • Amazing Track Days: Track days are one of the most popular attractions at Dubai Autodrome. These events provide you the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a high-performance sports car and feel the excitement of racing on a professional racecourse. There are track days for both novice and expert drivers, so you can select one that suits you. 
  • Exciting racing experiences: If you are looking for more thrill, then Dubai Autodrome has a range of racing activities to offer. Head-to-head races, endurance races, and team events and many more furious options to choose from.
  • Karting on the Kartdrome track: This karting course is one of the quickest in the world, and it will give you a rush of excitement and thrill along with your children. There are karts for both adults and children, so everyone can have a good time.
  • Astonishing racing events: Dubai Autodrome organises a variety of outstanding racing events, perfect for everyone. International athletes and spectators from all around the world attend these competitions. There's always something fascinating going on at Dubai Autodrome, from GT championships to endurance races.
  • Memories that will last a lifetime: Whatever experience you select, Dubai Autodrome will leave you with amazing memories. Whether you're a racing enthusiast or a casual explorer, this historic place is guaranteed to leave an impression.


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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Dress comfortably and wear closed-toe shoes, especially if participating in track activities.
  • For a safe and pleasurable experience, follow all safety standards and instructions offered by the personnel.
  • Booking track days, racing experiences, or event tickets in advance is recommended to reserve your seat and avoid disappointment.
  • Use your camera or smartphone to capture your exhilarating moments at Dubai Autodrome. Photography and videography are both encouraged.
  • While there are food and beverage shops on-site, you may also bring your own snacks and water bottles for convenience.
  • Some activities have an age limit. Check the requirements ahead of time, especially if you're planning a family vacation.
  • Dubai Autodrome offers the required safety equipment, including helmets and race suits, for track experiences.
  • Before you begin your travel, familiarise yourself with the route and instructions to Dubai Autodrome.
  • To make the most of your trip, look for special packages and discounts, particularly for group reservations or corporate events.
  • Don't forget to pick up some souvenirs from the Autodrome's on-site stores to commemorate your memorable day at the Autodrome.
  • If you're taking public transport, take the Dubai Metro to Mall of the Emirates station and then take a cab or ride-sharing service to the Autodrome.


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Are you ready to share the excitement with your loved ones? So, don't wait any longer and make those long-awaited plans to Dubai! The Dubai Autodrome is a thrilling spot to spend a day in bliss. Increase your thirst for speed and relish every moment. Choose the best Dubai Family trip packages & Dubai Couple trip packages from Pickyourtrail and organise everything without worrying. You can also tailor your Dubai itinerary and have the perfect trip precisely the way you want it!

Yes, children above the age of seven can engage in some track activities while being supervised by experienced instructors.
No, the Dubai Autodrome accepts drivers of all ability levels, from novice to experienced. The knowledgeable teachers will walk you through the whole procedure.
No, fans of all ages are invited to enjoy the Dubai Autodrome's racing events and festivities.
Yes, Dubai Autodrome offers all required safety equipment for competitors, including helmets and racing suits.
Yes, there are specific viewing places for fans to cheer on their loved ones during track experiences at Dubai Autodrome.
Yes, the Autodrome has food and beverage shops that provide a variety of cuisines to suit a wide range of preferences.
Without a doubt! The Dubai Autodrome is an excellent location for private gatherings, business functions, and team-building exercises. For additional information, contact their events team.
Visitors are encouraged to take pictures and films to document their unique experiences at Dubai Autodrome.
Yes, Dubai Autodrome provides group packages for a variety of activities. For personalised offers, please contact them directly.
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