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10 Best Destinations for a Digital Detox vacation

Are you the digital nomad? Can’t live without wifi? Phone accompanies you wherever you go? Travel means putting up selfies on Social Media? If you answer in affirmative to all these questions, then you are in desperate need of a digital detox. Digital detox vacations are a thing! And what better way than to go on a vacation that is gadget free or to destinations that are wifi-less!

Here are 10 such locations that are perfect for that digital detox vacation. Remember to tell us when you are ready to go!

1. Far from the madding crowds at Choquequirao

Image credit – vladimirrosulescu-istorie.blogspot

Wondering where this is? Choquequirao is the sister site to Machu Picchu, the iconic site of the Inca’s in South America. Not so well known, but equally magnificent, this place will give you the feeling of being a discoverer. The only way to reach Choquequirao is a weeklong walk from a town called Cusco. Forget flights or trains, there are no buses even to this place – just you, your bags and a donkey to help you with the bag. In the meantime, you may forget your mobile and tab in the depths of your bag, till you get back to civilization. Still need some convincing? Here are 10 compelling reasons to visit South America, from diaries of our own traveller.

2. Detoxing the Indonesian way

Image credit – pintrest

If there is one place in the world that will make it to the list of digital detox vacations, it has to be Ubud, Bali. Land in Denpasar and drive down for more than an hour through green fields, swaying coconut palms and you will reach heaven on earth – Ubud. Go on a reviving Tjampuhan Ridge trek that will take you through the rice terraces of Bali, crisscrossed by rivers. It is quite likely that the idyllic scenery might just make you want to stay behind! If you are a bit tired and your hands itch for the mobile, take your mind and hands off to a spa for the most relaxing Balinese massages. This is what we call 360-degree detox!

3. Caribbean islands: No smartphones here, only guidebooks.


The Caribbean island of St Vincent and the Grenadines has digital detox holiday packages. Don’t believe it? They are pretty serious about it. The first thing you do when you land here would be to exchange your smartphones for a guidebook. Not a guide to the island that replaces google maps! This guide will tell you that it is actually possible to live a life without technology. Amazing right?

4. Maldives: Sun, sand, sea and no phone


Beautiful blue waters, sun and sand all around is the best formula to make you forget those gadgets. The Maldives is one of the best digital detox vacations to take! Get intoxicated with the country’s beauty, explore villages, try the local food and chances are that you might just want to settle down. And oh yes, how can we forget the spectacular underwater life. And for sure, underwater is one place where your phone signals won’t come through!

5. Hum village: where wifi doesn’t exist

Image credit – macsadventure

With a population of less than 100, this little medieval village of Hum, in Croatia is probably what you would call laidback. It’s more than just that, it holds the record of being the smallest town in the world. The Glagolitic trail that goes through Hum, takes one through a walking path of small villages across Croatia. Try out the exquisite brandy that villagers here brew called Humska, great remedy to stressed, twitter-addicted brains!

6. Aran Islands: the authentic escape

Image credit – anoige

The Aran Islands are the best the most authentic Irish experience you can get. Located in the West coast of Ireland, a ferry ride away are these quaint set of three islands. Now we won’t promise total seclusion as the Aran islands are quite popular as a diving destination. But what we can promise is that with views like these, you will surely not hear your phones beep. The Inis Meain Island is the least visited of the three and is a great place to take in some Celtic culture – making it one of the perfect additions to the digital detox vacations list.

7. China’s Tianzi mountains

Image credit – lazerhorse

Located far, far away in the Hunan Province are the Tianz mountains of China. Staggeringly high peaks surrounded by lush greenery and accessible only to the lucky few. Those lucky few, who choose a tough trek through the jungles to reach these breathtakingly beautiful mountains. Reach Huangshi village through a cable car and from there, the mountains are a trail away. You might be tempted to send up a selfie on FB, but you would be most probably be too busy gaping at the scenery to do that. And for the records, this landscape was what inspired the floating mountains of the movie Avtar.

8. Albarracín, Spain

Image credit – cheesefromspain.blogspot/

This picturesque town surrounded by stony hills in the Teruel province is the capital to Sierra de Albarracín Comarca is gem on the digital detox vacations list. Get lost in the many festivals that keep happening here- from piano recitals to the week long Santa María de Oriente festival. The food alone is enough to make you forget Facebook for a while! Want to read up more on Spain, here’s where you should go!

9. Cambodia


Cambodia has a lost air about it, with its jungles, temples and laidback way of life. Which is why we ask you to go here to be rid of those gadgets and not hear those ‘phantom’ phone beeps. Cambodia’s charm is intoxicating, get drunk on simplicity and smiling faces. So much that by the end of day 1, you will marvel at how long you can actually keep your fingers away from your smart phone! Detox guaranteed!

10. Bhutan


Bhutan is where you should be if you want some magic sprinkled on your life. Some mystical monasteries, dramatic landscapes, scenic valleys and more will hold your attention. Climb up to the Tiger’s Nest, the famed monastery that is perched on the cliffs above the Paro Valley. Or just explore the old fortresses spread across the country side. Bhutan is where you let go of all your digital addictions. You are permitted to get addicted to the bewitching landscape, people and its pure air! Check out Blissful Bhutan here. 

Good luck with the digital detox! Do tell us which one you choose and we’ll send you there in no time!

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