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restaurants in Bern
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10 Best Restaurants in Bern-To satisfy your appetite!

Bern is the capital of Switzerland and is also called the City of fountains. The city’s origins trace back to the 12th century. Bern is home to many medieval centres, ancient buildings, bizarre clock towers, and the beautiful Aare river. Bern is also famous for premium restaurants and street foods. Food is one of the major reasons to visit Switzerland. Here are some restaurants in Bern that are unbelievably delicious and will satisfy your food coma!

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10 Best Restaurants in Bern to wolf down

  1. Kornhauskeller
  2. Jack’s Brasserie
  3. Altes Tramdepot
  4. Della Casa
  5. Restaurant Essort
  6. Tibits
  7. Suder
  8. Wein&Sein
  9. Mille Sens
  10. Gourmanderie Moleson

1. Kornhauskeller

Kornhauskeller, Restaurants in Bern
Image Credits- Flickr

Kornhauskeller in Bern is one of the most favourite restaurants for the people of Bern. It is also rated as the top favourite for tourists from all over the world. The restaurant here serves amazing Italian and traditional Bernese cuisine. Firstly, try out some of the signature dishes and classic Swiss desserts. And then, taste some of the famous wines, cocktails, and drinks from the bar for the best experience. Wheelchair and high chair facilities are also available here. Some of the famous dishes in Kornhauskeller are Spaghetti, Risotto, and Butter Beer.

  • Signature dishes- Lemongrass Risotto, Spaghetti Tennessee, and cocktails
  • Address- Kornhauspl. 18, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

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2. Jack’s Brasserie

Jack’s Brasserie in Bern is another elegant place to eat breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Visit this restaurant to enjoy the fine French delicacies and choices of wine. It is a classic eatery house serving excellent seafood platters, meat dishes, French pastries, and also vegan dishes. You can also order gluten-free dishes and wolf down without limits. Some of the famous dishes are Smoked Salmon with Barbeque sauce, Shrimps, and Schnitzel. Try some premium class wines and beers and enjoy your perfect meal.

  • Famous Dishes- Smoked Salmon, Schnitzel, and Mussels
  • Address- Bahnhofpl. 11, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

3. Altes Tramdepot – Fine dining restaurants in Bern

roasted beef in restaurants in Bern
Image Credits- Unsplash

Altes Tramdepot is one of the go-to restaurants in Bern. The food here is worth the money. This place is famous for its handcrafted beer, authentic Swiss food, meat dishes, and vegetarian dishes. The ambience here is inestimable with the amazing skyline view of Bern. In Altes Tramdepot, try the home-brewed beer, salads, soups, pretzels, tarts, and burgers. And also, this place is famous for delicious ice creams and desserts for kids. There is also a special menu for kids and people with allergies to certain foods. The top-rated food here is roasted beef with salads and wine.

  • Specialities of the house- Salat Ramatuelle(king prawns, pineapple, peach, garlic, and apricots) and Lamb Fillet(with raspberries, mustard, potatoe,s and baked vegatables)
  • Address- Grosser Muristalden 6, 3006 Bern, Switzerland

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4. Della Casa

Della Casa restaurant in Bern
Image Credits- Unsplash

Want to satisfy your cravings with a little bit of everything? Della Casa in Bern is your perfect choice. This restaurant serves multicuisine dishes, starters, soft drinks, alcohol, and unique Swiss desserts. Start with some amazing starters of smoked bacon, grilled cheese, fries, and poached eggs. For the main course have an elaborate meal that includes smoked ham, sausages, striped bacon, cheese, and mushrooms. This place also serves amazing plates of Spaghetti like Tomato Spaghetti with potatoes and parmesan and Pesto Spaghetti.

There are also options for vegetarians like Vegetarian Burger with barbeque sauce and fries and Cajun potatoes with cheese and apple sauce. Finish it off with some amazing desserts like classic Tiramisu, Swiss meringue with vermicelli and some soft drinks/wines. This is one of the best dining restaurants in Bern.

  • Popular dishes- Schlussel Cordon-Bleu(smoked ham with cheese fondue, veggies, and fries) and Barner Tatar(bacon, fried quail egg, and fried onions)
  • Address- Schauplatzgasse 16, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

5. Restaurant Essort

restaurants in Bern
Image Credits- Unsplash

This amazing restaurant in Bern is aesthetically beautiful with a warm and rustic ambience and creative paintings depicting some of the historical sites in Switzerland. This place majorly serves authentic Swiss, French, and Italian dishes. This place also serves lunch, brunch, and evening menus with desserts and few American delicacies. Some of the highly-rated dishes are Pork with lemon risotto, herb sauce and spinach, Fried Salmon with basil hummus, vegetables and saffron fennel.

There are also many options for vegetarians like a platter of pasta, grilled cheese with fruit bread, baked potatoes with Teriyaki sauce, and Mushrooms with wine. Try out the premium delicacy that is Dry-Aged New York Strip Steak which is one of the signature dishes. The options for desserts are elaborate. Classic Swiss and French confectioneries are some of the popular desserts here.

  • Must try dishes- Fried Salmon, Mushroom Cassoulet and Dry aged New York strip steak
  • Address- Jubilaumsstrasse 97, 3005 Bern, Switzerland

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6. Tibits – Vegetarian restaurants in Bern

margherita in restaurants in Bern
Image Credits- Unsplash

Tibits restaurant in Bern is a paradise for vegetarians. This place has excellent choices of vegetarian dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dessert menu. Some of the famous dishes are Swiss salad with broccoli cubes and sauce, Buffalo Cauliflower Salad, Margherita, Gazpacho soup, Pasta, muesli, and Pancakes. The most interesting thing about this place is Coconut Fried Rice and cranberry chai iced tea which are also famous here. The touch of Indian restaurants can be felt here. Butter croissants and honey are some of the most favourite desserts for many people. After the delicious meal, have some fresh fruit juices, iced tea, and coffees. This is hands down the best option for vegetarians!

  • Popular dishes- Pancakes, pasta, Buffalo Cauliflower, coconut fried rice, and Gazpacho soup
  • Address- Gurtengasse 3, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

7. Suder

Suder restaurant in Bern
Image Credits- Unsplash

Restaurant Suder is a classic Swiss restaurant that serves traditional and seasonal dishes in a typical Switzerland winter ambience. This place is also famous for its unique style of making the seafood platter. Variety of grilled shrimp, oysters, smoked bacon, pork and roasted beef, salads of cucumber, apple, peaches, and goat cheese are the famous dishes here. The ambience with shining tables, huge French windows and clinking glasses will make you feel like a Royal. Finally, it comes to the unique dessert! Ginger honey ice cream that is served here has a unique taste and feels like heaven. Do not forget to try this restaurant on your vacation in Bern.

  • Famous dishes- Ginger honey ice cream, shrimp platter, and goat cheese
  • Address- Weissensteinstrasse 61, 3007 Bern, Switzerland

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8. Wein & Sein

salmon dish
Image Credits- Unsplash

This restaurant in Bern serves authentic Swiss and central European cuisine in a very amusing ambience. This place serves midday meals, evening dishes, choices of wine, and desserts. Some of the famous and top-rated dishes in this restaurant are Tomato Pasta with basil, Swiss shrimp with saffron, strawberry and barbeque sauce, Cauliflower bacon with veggies and nuts, and Cheese with bread and raspberry, almond and vanilla. You can know more and choose your own choice of wine and beer. The Beer that is served here is the most favourite for people, and the wine tastes even better. There is also an excellent dish for seafood lovers. Cucumber smoked salmon and Shrimp platter wins you over with the smokey flavour! Enjoy your food with a view of the bustling streets and the historic cathedral or relax at the terrace dining area with the view of the whole city!

  • Famous dishes- Cucumber Salmon, Hornochs’ beef with peppers, potatoes, and Swiss shrimp with strawberries and saffron.
  • Address- Munstergasse 50, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

9. Mille Sens – Top rated restaurants in Bern

Sirloin in restaurants in Bern
Image Credits- Unsplash

Next in the queue is one of the most favourite and top-rated restaurants by people who have had an amazing dining experience at this place. If you are in Bern, you can never miss this fusion kitchen that satisfies any craving. You can bolt down on any dish without a doubt because this place serves super delicious food. The foods served here are a blend of Asian and European flavours and that makes it fusion cuisine. Some of the lunch menus include seafood pasta, Schnitzel, pork, roasted beef, Ravioli, Spaghetti, Cheese platters, Salmon pasta, Sirloin, Steak, Bacon, Pizzas, and Fries.

The drinks menu include white wine, red wine, Spanish wine, champagne, expresso, cider, coffee, and hot chocolate drinks. Desserts here are cream mousse, ice creams, Swiss meringue, parfait, mMlle-feuille, flija, and crepes. In total, this restaurant is your ultimate destination for a happy meal in Bern!

  • Top Choices- Ravioli, White Asparagus, and Sirloin
  • Address- Schweizerhof-Passage, Spitalgasse 38, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

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10. Gourmanderie Moleson

baked mushroom stuffed with peppers
Image Credits- Pixabay

Gourmanderie Moleson is the ultimate destination for authentic Italian dishes prepared by experts from Italy. This restaurant also focuses on more vegetarian dishes and desserts. Aesthetic ambience with long windows, thick curtains, pastel-coloured chairs, and tables with glasses everywhere will give you a vintage vibe inside the restaurant. The most famous lunch menu includes Beef steak with veggies and dark red wine and caramelized Silberzibeli, Beef with whiskey or calvados and avocadoes, Noodles in white wine sauce with mushrooms, and meat stuffed Ravioli in yellow pea sauce.

The vegetarian menu includes Ravioli with white wine and parmesan cheese and Pearl onions, Crispy patties with mushrooms and smoked tofu, Organic tofu grilled with dried tomatoes, olives, eggplant cheese, and finally, Tofu served on hot coconut curry sauce with lemongrass, lime leaves, and jasmine rice. There are also elaborate choices of drinks and desserts to finish off your perfect Italian meal!

  • Must try dishes- Bacon, Stuffed ravioli, and Baked mushrooms with tofu and cheese
  • Address- Aarbergergasse 24, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

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Bern is also a great place to try multi-cuisine food and different choices of wine and cocktails. On your next visit to Bern, try visiting at least one restaurant every day for the best experience. You don’t have to worry about your food allergies because all the restaurants have separate choices of food for people with certain food intolerances. All you have to do is chomp on your favourite dish and treat your appetite with some amazing food! Do checkout Pickyourtrail for more such amazing deals at affordable prices! Also, take a look at our amazing Switzerland tour packages or you can customise your own package according to your budget and places to visit! Have a wonderful vacation with Pickyourtrail!

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