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Restaurants in Ibiza
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10 Best Restaurants In Ibiza

For several years, the vibrant culinary landscape of Ibiza has come to attract almost as much attention as its club scene. Top-drawer hedonist pleasures can be found across the island, also with the more pocket-friendly fare. There are many things to do in Ibiza, from sunbathing on the beaches to hitting the nightclubs, but these top restaurants will offer you something more. Its innovative Balearic Islands’ seafood and Spanish fusion delight washed down with Iberian wine will make you want to indulge in more delicious cuisines. With the clubs and all-night parties’ global attention, Ibiza has a reputation for something else entirely. It will be a shame to leave without picking up a packet of Sal de Ibiza for home. Table turnover isn’t usually a top priority for many of the island’s restaurateurs, so forget about fast food and enjoy lingering a while.

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10 Restaurants In Ibiza

Did you know Ibiza produces its own wine, growing ganache and Monastrell grapes for reds and Malvasia for whites? Taste some famous food in an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. The small scale of production does not allow for mass export, so grasp the opportunity to taste local wines while you are still here.

  1. Amante Ibiza
  2. Casa Maca
  3. La Torre
  4. The Giri Cafe
  5. Es Torrent
  6. Sa Soca
  7. Chambao
  8. El Chiringuito
  9. Laylah
  10. Pamelas

1. Amante Ibiza

Amante Ibiza, Restaurants in Ibiza
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

The cliff-bounded, fine-dining restaurant, filling the inlet of Sol d’en Serra is one of the best restaurants in Ibiza. You can see it spilling onto the seafront, giving it a majestic view. It will also feed you attractive Formentera views and superlative seafood. Try the famous Josper-roasted squid with Sobrassada (cured Balearic sausage) and Salicornia seaweed or plump cylinders of Rotja fish Cannelloni with sea urchin emulsion. 

If veggies are not a favourite for you or your kids, this place will prove you wrong. Indulge in the burrata with tomato and black cherry Salmorejo and the thinly sliced beetroot folded with cream cheese, drizzled with lime and agave. Don’t come out of this place without laying your hands on doughy chocolate buñuelos with pumpkin ice cream.

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2. Casa Maca

Casa Maca
Image Courtesy: Pexels

This is a 300-year-old farmhouse situated 4 km away from Ibiza Cathedral and Platja de ses Figueretes, a vibrant beach. Witness the gorgeous lavender fields; fig trees stretched outside this place. Also, it beautifully interrupts the Dalt Vila skyline as it meets the shimmering Mediterranean. The whitewashed getaway with preserved oil mill fuses global gastronomy using ingredients farmed on-site.

Feast on fresh fish, carrots and corn hung to roast over the al fresco fire above, stacked with squash and spring onion. Also, have a taste of the grilled aubergine with miso emulsion and supporting acts, such as sweet potato spiked with ginger and thyme oil.

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3. La Torre

La Torre, Restaurants in Ibiza
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Divert yourself from buzzing San Antonio for a couple of kilometres to find yourself among the serene beauty of this place. The countryside of Cap Negret and the coves of Cala Gracio offer you some enchanting aquatic views. Enjoy tasty and reasonably priced food at seafront-facing La Torre.

Go for lobster rolls or order a shareable spread taking in umami-laden miso aubergine, Spanish omelette with Iberian ham and truffle and Padron peppers and mussels with fennel and white wine. Also, don’t leave without eating up the caramelised milkiness of the dulce de leche ‘volcano’ for dessert.

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4. The Giri Cafe

The Giri Cafe
Image Courtesy: Pexels

The Giri Cafe is all about engaging the senses with gastronomy. It consists of over 50 plant types, including berries, herbs and leafy vegetables. Moreover, all these make for a visible root-to-table ethos. Either it is breakfast on eggs laid by Ibiza’s happiest hens or mint tea chia pudding and sweet fermented Amazake (rice drink), this is one of the top restaurants in Ibiza. Even if you are not so much into veggies, you should try some here.

Some of the best veg dishes include scrambled tofu, tomato and onion with burnt kale and Andalusian Mollete (bread) with olive butter or hazelnut praline. Your supper could be colourful codfish confit with orange peel, squid ink potato purée and Green Alioli. Moreover, with these, also try out a few biodynamic Iberian wines which have been newly added.

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5. Es Torrent

Es Torrent, Restaurants in Ibiza
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Es Torrent, the namesake of the south coast cove between beaches Porroig and Sa Caixota, is a perfect anchor point. It has facilities like auxiliary boats, which are used to bring sailors to shore. Spring around and sample the sautéed sea cucumber or so-called blind paella (free of bones/shells). Start your lifetime’s experience with seafood by coming to one of the best restaurants in Ibiza.

Be it a spiny lobster, razorfish, sea snails or monkfish, this place masters in delivering a variety of seafood. If you are all for dessert, put a call in for the pineapple ‘au gratin’ with Cointreau and Catalan custard or Greixonera (bread pudding) made with day-old ensaïmada pastry, eggs, milk and raisins. For all cigar lovers, there’s even a cigar menu.

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6. Sa Soca

Sa Soca
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Opened by Antonia and Andrés in 1976 in a barn on their farm, it is run by the same family for years. The inviting atmosphere of Sa Soca makes customers feel like they are in a friend’s home. It is now inherited by the next generation, Andrés and Alicia, with Antonia’s well-worn chef whites passed to chef J. Miguel Gonzalez.

If you are looking for some hearty home-cooked meat or fish, this place is the best for you. Indulge in some home-cooked meal in Sa Soca’s grapevine-garlanded terrace, where the menu combines warming stews with lighter seafood.

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7. Chambao

Chambao, Restaurants in Ibiza
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Wander in wearing flip-flops at Nobu’s smart yet laid back Chiringuito. After lazing by the sea, take in the laissez-faire vibe. Experience a leisurely lunch with five types of paella on the cards. Alongside these, indulge in Tuna Parpatana partnered with kaffir lime, honey butter and Cantabrian anchovies.

Order eggs and candied potatoes for breakfast. Asparagus and Lobster Tempura with Romesco Sauce makes the suppertime box. Need some additional advice? Get your hair done at the John Frieda salon or unwind with a sound healer.

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8. El Chiringuito

El Chiringuito
Image Courtesy: Pexels

El Chiringuito continues the spirit of tolerance and fun on Ibiza’s first nudist beach. However, don’t worry as it is not a naked dining deal. Pick up a morning bagel as you watch the kids make bracelets in the sand. Here, vegetables are brought from the ecologically oriented Farm Agriculture Lab.

Also, indulge in dishes such as vegan pesto spaghettini with avocado, basil, nutritional yeast and almonds. Seafood enthusiasts can devour some tuna burgers or French oysters. It is best if you combine these with the Champagne Sangria. If you have a love for pudding, you can have the pecan pie that pairs well with Pedro Ximenez.

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9. Laylah

Laylah, Restaurants in Ibiza
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Apart from the Talamanca stretch of golden sands and azure marina, Laylah is built around the universal hit trinity of food, music and connection. Indulge in Grilled Artichokes with Parmesan and crispy, spiced chicken ‘Cigars’, delicately made with Filo pastry and Tahini.

Also, share Endives with herb Tabbouleh and roasted Pecans or take on silky Tuna Tartare solo. The lounge bar specialises in homemade Tinctures and secret spice mixes. The pouring of a libation is full of ceremony. Pick your drink and watch mixologists work magic.

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10. Pamelas

Image Courtesy: Pexels

Pamelas is named after hotel Pikes’ 1970s bacchanalian muse. This place is beautifully decorated with bougainvillaea-dripping balconies and mirror balls. Quirky à la carte starting with Caviar with Crème Fraiche and potato smileys are the order of the night, while roast dinner buns tick the lunchtime box.

Chef Tess Prince’s brunch offers features like Ayurvedic and macrobiotic influences. Expect banana with nut butter, hemp and cacao nibs on malted rye. Also, sink your teeth into some Manchego rarebit with black garlic and vitamin-boosting pink pitaya fruit ‘nicecream’.

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Tips for Your Ibiza Vacation

  1. Take note of the climate in Ibiza from June to October. The temperatures in Ibiza are mild. So it is advisable to pack an extra pair of shoes other than sandals in case you get caught in an end-of-summer storm. 
  2. Don’t miss your favourite restaurant by not booking a table early. Ibiza has several restaurants and beach bars that are so famous that it is sometimes hard to book a table for the next day. El Bigotes, Can Pujol, Balàfia, Cas Pages, Cala d´Hort, Port Balansat are some of the restaurants where it is best to book well ahead, especially in July and August.
  3. Book a car with a local car rental company. It’s best to choose a local car rental company for your holidays in Ibiza.
  4. Check the calendar of activities and events planned for your dates. Before your trip, find out about all the island activities and events planned during your holidays.
  5. Don’t forget Formentera. A trip to Ibiza is not complete without a visit to Formentera.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Your Ibiza Trip

How many days in Ibiza is enough?

If you are in Ibiza for the first time, it is obvious you would want to see it all. You should spend at least 7 days on the island.

What is the best time to go to Ibiza?

The best time to visit Ibiza is from May to October. During this time, high temperatures usually hover in the mid-70s and 80s, and the party crowd descends.

Is Ibiza too expensive?

Ibiza has now become a bit expensive, according to some of the world’s top DJs. Afrojack, one of the top 10 highest-paid DJs in the world, says it has become too VIP.

Is Ibiza dangerous?

Ibiza is not at all dangerous. Instead, it is generally a safe and friendly place to enjoy your holidays. Moreover, it has a lower crime rate than many other parts of Spain.

How much money do you need when in Ibiza?

You may need around 60 to 90 euros a day in Ibiza to spend on accommodation, food, transportation, touristic activities etc.

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If you are heading off on a beach holiday to Ibiza, you should not miss these restaurants. These top 10 restaurants in Ibiza will offer you delicious cuisines that you have never tasted before. Visit Pickyourtrail, where you will find some of the pre-packaged Spain holiday packages. Also, customise your own Spain itinerary and choose what suits you the best.

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