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Sunset view in Livorno
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10 Best Things To Do In Livorno For A Memorable Vacation!

Livorno is located on the west coast of Central Italy and is known as Tuscany’s economic hub. Livorno is well-known for its modern seaport, scenic places, seafood, history, museums, vibrant nightlife and many more. In addition, many tourists arrive by cruise ship and consider Livorno as a stopover. But, we suggest you explore Livorno and discover the charm of this lesser-known Italian coastal city. Well, how about discovering the 10 best things to do in Livorno? Interested? Well, this article will take you through the 10 best things to do in Livorno for a memorable experience.

A beautiful click in Livorno
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10 best things to do in Livorno

  • Fortezza Nuova
  • Terrazza Mascagni
  • Via Grande
  • Nuova Venezia
  • Viale Italia
  • Piazza della Repubblica
  • Meloria Islands
  • Chiesa di San Ferdinando
  • Calafuria Coast
  • Mercato Centrale

1. Fortezza Nuova

Fortezza Nuova
Image Credits: Google Images

Fortezza Nuova is constructed in the 15th century as a second fortification in conjunction with the old fort. Interestingly, it features a typical pentagonal style with a series of pointed battlements. In addition, this fort is surrounded on all sides by the canal. Beautiful, right? You can take a walk and explore the ancient walls, battle areas, canals and the beautiful garden. A visit to Fortezza Nuova will teach you a lot about history. So, if you love history, make sure you visit this place in Livorno.

2. Terrazza Mascagni

Terrazza Mascagni
Image Credits: Google Images

No trip to Livorno is complete without a stroll in Terrazza Mascagni. This place will impress you with its seafront terrace and dramatic black and white chessboard style pavement. A visit to Terrazza Mascagni is undoubtedly one of the 10 best things to do in Livorno. Also, you can have a lovely walk with your loved ones and admire the sunset view which is highly famous here. Cool, right? In addition, you can also visit the Livorno aquarium here. Some of the highlights of this aquarium are the Zebra Sharks, Napoleon Fish, Sea Turtles, Jellyfish. Isn’t that amazing? It is, right?

3. Via Grande

Via Grande is one of the main streets in Livorno and runs from the roundabout next to the port through the impressive Piazza della Repubblica. You will find a series of shops, restaurants, and iconic structures here. In addition, you will find many tours which start from this place as Via Grande is the centre of Livorno.

4. Nuova Venezia

Nuova Venezia
Image Credits: Google Images

This place is known as New Venice due to the numerous canals. Starting from the Scali delle, you can walk around the central canal and admire the beautiful waterways and small sailing boats that line the canals. You can continue towards Scali del Refugio and see the stunning Chiesa di Santa Caterina before heading on to the Fortezza Nuova. Amazing, right? So, make sure you visit Nuova Venezia and experience the charm of this place.

5. Viale Italia

Make sure you add Viale Italia in your itinerary for some breathtaking sea views. This place offers you some amazing coastal scenery and gives you a chance to explore the Ligurian Sea. In addition, you can reach this place in the morning for a fresh start. On the way, you can find a few bars and restaurants which offers amazing Italian cuisine.

6. Piazza della Repubblica

Livorno is loved for its impressive historical squares. And yes, Piazza della Repubblica is one of the most loved historical squares which you will find in Livorno. You can find this square on the edge of the Fortezza Nuova canal which runs parallel to the Via Giuseppe Garibaldi. In addition, it is shaped in a large oval design with two ornate marble statues which stands as a guard at the end of the square. Also, you can find some fascinating art galleries, restaurants and cultural areas over here. Love art? Well, in that case, you should definitely pay a visit to Piazza della Repubblica. Relax and soak in art.

7. Meloria Islands

A visit to Meloria Islands is definitely one of the 10 best things to do in Livorno. Meloria Islands is located approximately 6.1 km off the west coast of Livorno. This place is a series of rocky islands and also houses some iconic structures. You can visit this place with your loved ones and have a lovely time. Also, you can swim, dive, visit the modern lighthouse and relax in the Ligurian sea. In addition, to reach this place, you can hire a boat from the Port of Livorno.

8. Chiesa di San Ferdinando

A click inside Chiesa di San Ferdinando
Image Credits: Google Images

Livorno has many beautiful churches and Chiesa di San Ferdinando is one of the must-visit churches in Livorno. Chiesa di San Ferdinando is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture. Interestingly, this church features a plain exterior design with an unfinished front facade. You will be able to find some stunning Baroque designs which will make you speechless with its beauty. Also, you will find the arches lined with stucco decorations. The marble floor features a beautiful pattern which adds more beauty to this place. Visit Chiesa di San Ferdinando and get inspired by the architectural work.

9. Calafuria Coast

You can reach Calafuria Coast within a 30 minutes drive from Livorno. Calafuria Coast is filled with campsites and beach resorts. You can move to Calafuria Coast and have a relaxed time with your family, friends and loved ones. Move to Calafuria Coast to escape from your busy lifestyle and get ready to soak in luxury pools to have a peaceful time on your vacation to Livorno.

10. Mercato Centrale

The final one to enter the list of 10 best things to do in Livorno is Mercato Centrale. Willing to know more about the culture and people of Livorno? Well, in that case, you should definitely visit the Mercato Centrale. This place will impress you with its vibrant lifestyle and picture-perfect sights. Interestingly, you will find 34 shops and 200 stalls selling everything from meat, cheese to wine. Apart from these stalls, you will also find an outdoor area which sells a variety of clothing, accessories and other local items.

That was an amazing list of 10 best things to do in Livorno, right? Livorno is definitely worth visiting and get ready to discover the undiscovered. Wondering how to plan your vacation? Well, all you need to do is to reach Pickyourtrail website and check out the travel packages. Also, you can connect with our travel experts through Whatsapp for more amazing options. Pretty simple, right? Also, follow this page for more amazing travel contents. It’s time to craft your vacation with Pickyourtrail. Let’s unwrap the world together!!

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