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Going to Sri Lanka ? Here are 10 must do things when you are there

A gem in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is most visited destination by people from all parts of the globe. The unspoilt tropical forests , undulating grasslands, exquisite water falls , hill stations, beaches make it a sought after destination. This island country is a home to 8 UNESCO world heritage sites. Spending time out with the locals will make your experience a memorable one. Isn’t your next holiday Sri Lanka? Read through the 10 must do things in Sri Lanka for a perfect getaway:

  • Yala National park
  • Nine Arches Bridge
  • Sigiriya
  • Train ride between Kandy and Ella
  • Galle Fort
  • Adam’s Peak
  • High Diyaluma Falls
  • Nuwara Eliya – Tea Plantations
  • Dalawella Beach
  • Surfing at Arugam Beach

1. Yala National Park

This place is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. It is a huge area of forests, grasslands and lagoons bordering the Indian ocean. The adventure safari here takes you on a thrilling ride amidst thick jungles, golden beaches, muddy marshes and what not. Dying to spot the rarest and most dangerous species? Then Yala National Park is the go to place.

Yala national park
Pic courtesy: Unsplash

2. Nine Arches Bridge

This colonial era symbol of railway construction in Sri Lanka can be located in Demodara. The breathtaking view of the 9 arches is amplified by the profuse greenary of the nearby hillside. Want to experience this? It’s just a 30 minute walk through the jungle from the mountain village of Ella. A walk alongside the track with a wonderful view on either sides is a must do. You really feel on top of the world.

Nine arches bridge
Pic courtesy: Unsplash

3. Sigiriya

A visit to Singiriya palace ruins early in the morning or in the evening is enriching. The view is spectacular. Sunset / Sunrise watching is a must do on top of this hill. After climbing about 1000 metal steps the view is rewarding. You will have a stunning view of the gardens and the city from top. Don’t miss out to self explore the fortress complex which encompasses of the ruins, gardens, fountains, ponds and alleys. Half a day wouldn’t be enough to explore this archeological site.

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Pic courtesy: Unsplash

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4.Train ride between Kandy and Ella

The most scenic and epic train ride in the world. The 5 hour journey cruises through tea plantations, villages, bridges and tunnels. Abruptly changing sceneries give you an experience of a lifetime. You can capture the vibes of the local population as the train winds slowly.

Train ride between Kandy and Ella
Pic courtesy: Unsplash

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5. Galle Fort

Galle Dutch Fort is a must visit UNESCO World Heritage site in Sri Lanka. It is a sprawling complex with museums, lighthouse, church, mosque etc located along the southern coast with the waves splashing the sides. Don’t miss to catch the breathtaking sunrise here. Devote a whole day at the fort visit as the surrounding areas of the fort are very engaging. You’ll find an old dutch market which is a paradise for shopaholics. The flag rock, jungle beach, Japanese peace pagoda may enthral you.

Galle Fort
Pic courtesy: Unsplash

6. Adam’s peak

Are you an adventure freak willing to take up deadly challenges? Your call is here, the Adam’s peak or Sri Pada. 5500 steep steps take you tot he 5th highest mountain in Sri Lanka. It is a three and a half hour climb to the top of this religious and spiritual peak. The sunrise is a magnificent view and makes you forget all that you went through.

Adam's peak
Pic courtesy : Unsplash

7. High Diyaluma Falls

The highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Diyaluma will give you stunning views and an opportunity to swim in fresh waters. It is a 30 to 40 minutes hike from where the road becomes non – motorable. You won’t regret taking up the challenging trek. The pools with a ceaseless flow of water is among the world’s best scenic swim.

High Diyaluma Falls
Pic courtesy : Unsplash

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8. Nuwara Eliya – Tea Plantations

The lush and verdant plantations of Sri Lanka are the most inviting tourist attractions. Nuwara Eliya is dotted with tea factories. They allow you to experience the entire tea making process. A walk through the plantations with the locals and a reviving cup of fresh tea can be rejuvenating.

Nuwara Eliya Tea plantations
Pic courtesy: Unsplash

9. Dalawella Beach

Ever imagined dangling from a slanting palm tree along a beach, watching the sunset and the pristine water? Dalawella beach is the place. A two to three hour train journey from Colombo will take you here. The feeling of flying over the water is exhilarating. A walk along the beach will take you to frog rock. A silhouetted pic against the sunset is surely memorable.

Dalawella beach
Pic courtesy: Unsplash

10. Surfing at Arugam Beach

A hidden gem located in the east coast is the country’s best surf point. It is a haven for surfers and sun seekers. Rent a board and the high waves will give you an out of world experience. A lagoon safari taking you to untouched lagoons is worth the trip. Crocodiles and elephants can be spotted.

Surfing at Arugam Beach
Pic courtesy: Unsplash

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