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10 Must-Visit Attractions in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is considered as one of the hottest destinations. This capital was founded by European immigrants and the layout was beautifully crafted around the River Torrens. Mining and Agriculture are the two fields, where the city has high regard. It has everything from natural delights to architecture. Museums to a vibrant food and drink scene. Hence we decided to narrow down the top 10 Must-Visit Attractions in Adelaide, Australia.

Top 10 Must-Visit Attractions in Adelaide Australia

Adelaide oval

adelaide oval, top things in adelaide, adelaide cricket stadium
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Fans cheering in a cricket match at the Adelaide Oval

Most often you don’t see stadiums sitting at the top attraction in a destination, but Aussies love their sport. This is located right in the centre of attractive Riverbank Precinct. The stadium was founded in 1871 and it took 13 years to host an official cricket match. And the other fact about this stadium is that it has hosted 16 different sports since its establishment. Some of them are  AFL, archery, cycling, hockey, lacrosse, and tennis. Apart from these, music concerts and major events are also hosted by this magnificent sporting venue.

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Its renovation took place in 2014 and it was estimated to be a million-dollar renovation. And prepare yourself to stand in the beeline of cricket fans for the Bradman Museum to see memorabilia on the life of Australia’s most famous cricketer.

One can take up the Adelaide oval stadium tour to get the best out of this venue. It is a 90-minute guided tour. I’m sure it will take you behind the scenes to see fascinating stories about its history.

National Wine Centre of Australia

There is nothing to wonder if I say that South Australians love wine more than sports. Obvious, With a clench of superlative wine regions in situ right on Adelaide’s doorstep, who could blame them? For all those who are fascinated by the winemaking process then head right into the Wine centre. It is a modern exhibition which showcases few of Australia’s finest drops, alongside a fresh seasonal menu once you’ve finished your tour.

Glenelg Beach

Longing for a classic beach experience with golden sand, picturesque jetty and the stunning sunset? Take a 25 Minutes tram ride from the city centre to get dropped at Moseley Square. Glenelg Beach is just the right spot for all of the beach lovers. It is also known for its eateries and its trendy boutiques, heritage hotels and dozens of cafes along the jetty road. 

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Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide’s no way short of wildlife reserves. The famous ones are Cleland Wildlife Park in the Adelaide Hills, the open-range Monarto Zoo and the gorgeous Botanic Gardens on the northern edge of the city centre. But the Adelaide Zoo is perhaps the pick of the lot, housing 2500 animals across 250 species. A pair of giant pandas called Wang Wang and Fu Ni are the star attractions here. The open-range Monarto Zoo is an hour’s drive out of town. 

The South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum has attracted visitors for more than 150 years, collating a collection of four million items. This is the largest collection of Indigenous Australian cultural artefacts in the country. And the best part about this is that entry is free! Free guided tours are available on their website.

Art Gallery of South Australia

Established in 1881, South Australian Art Gallery, situated on the vast road with classic sandstone buildings os North terrace. It is one of the country’s finest collections with artworks from every corner of the globe. More than 700,000 visitors to admire the collection of 38,000 pieces every year. One should also not miss The grounds of the University of Adelaide, the State Library of South Australia, the National War Memorial and the Parliament of South Australia.

Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central market continues to be the most-visited attraction in the state. Celebrating the local food and drink at the Adelaide Central Market is an absolute experience Every year, more than eight million visitors come to these markets making it the buzzing hub of Adelaide’s culinary culture. This is also the largest undercover markets in the southern hemisphere housing a massive 80 stalls. 

Ayers Historic House Museum

This place is one of the best collections of buildings built in the style of British Regency-era. It was established in 1846 and served as a modest house before being owned by Henry Ayers from 1855 to 1878. Who at that time was the prime minister of South Australia? He transformed it into an elegant 40-room mansion with a large new dining room and a ballroom.

Now it is owned by the National Trust of South Australia and serves as a popular event venue, One can take a guided tour to witness the true collection of period decorative arts, furniture, silver, and artwork.

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The State Library of South Australia

State library australia,
Books kept on the wooden shelved interior of the Library

Visiting a library might not sound to be the best bet on a vacation, but there is a reason for me to include this in the list. This state library surprises first-time visitors with its dramatic blend of old and new. Walk your way to the original library, located adjacent to the 1884 French Renaissance building known as the Mortlock Wing. You get to see the ladders with wrought iron balustrades reaching up to the wooden shelves with books bound by leather. You’ll feel like stepping back in time when you step into this grand old space.

Fleurieu Peninsula Day Trip

This day trip is for people seeking for slower-paced beach towns. It is situated to the south of Adelaide’s city centre, takes around an hour’s drive to reach. This Peninsula is one of Adelaide’s most popular coastal day trip destinations. There are so many beach towns alongside the rugged coastline of this Peninsula, Victor Harbour is the largest one among them. In terms of activities, whale-watching cruise, surfing, or you can take a horse-drawn tram to Granite Island with its dwindling colony of Little Penguins.

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This is a list of 10 Must-Visit Attractions in Adelaide Australia and there is still a list of things that are not mentioned above. But the ones on the list will get you covered if this is your first time to Adelaide. This is a destination for all type of travellers to Australia. Need more clarity on how to cover these places. Get guided by our destination experts from Pickyourtrail and craft your own itinerary from our Australia Tour Packages for your Australia Vacation.

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