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10 Places you can’t visit & the closest you could get to them!

There are some places in our world so mysterious and secretive that entry to them is restricted. Today, we count down a list of top 10 places that are strictly off-limits to the general public and the closest you can get to them.

1. Area 51, Nevada, USA

Are you a believer in the extraterrestrial? Here’s Area 51 for you. It is a secret military base located 100 miles from Las Vegas near Groom Lake. Several mysteries surround the place including sightings of UFOs. The US government has denied such claims and even the very existence of the base. But, they’ll guard it anyway. Entering the base is strictly prohibited and military personnel guarding the base (called Cammo dudes) can shoot warning shots in the air or at you if necessary.

Getting there – The closest you can get to Area 51 is the Front Gate which has several warning signs like the one below shooing away trespassers. There are rumours that the older warning signs carried this message – ‘You will be shot on sight’. Tours operate until the Front gate. While on a tour, you’ll get to see the Janet Airlines (unmarked airplanes which transport employees of Area 51), drive through the Extraterrestrial highway, stop by the famous Little A’le’inn and spot several infra-red cameras and listening devices.

Image Credit: Lazygranch

2. North Sentinel Islands, India

Here’s one from India. The Sentinel Islands located in Andaman and Nicobar islands are inhabited by a group of people who are not very hospitable. You ask why? Well, they invite all strangers in the same manner – by showering arrows and spears at them :). Indian authorities have tried to make contact with the Sentinelese people on several occasions, but they ended badly. Today, the Sentinel islands are off-limits for all people. The Indian Navy guards the waters to keep away trespassers.

Getting there – Why? Seriously, why would you want to go there? You may have your reasons, but you cannot get on the Sentinel Islands. Tours in and around the islands will only take you to a point from where the island can be seen but not the tribes people. And in the event you do end up on the island, say Hi to the Sentinelese people for me and good luck getting out.

Image Credit – Tronya

3. Poveglia, Italy

Poveglia is a small island located near Venice. This island is said to be one of the most haunted places on earth. I am a rationalist. But, Poveglia’s past is truly very disturbing and makes such paranormal claims believable. Since the 14th century, the island became a quarantine colony. When the plague arrived in Venice, symptom-bearing citizens were sent here to await treatment. Treatment never came! Patients were left on the island. The dead were burned and others, burned alive. History repeated itself in the 17th century when Black Death swept the city. More patients were sent to die on this island. In the early 20th century, the island was renovated and converted into a hospital for the mentally ill. The hospital and the entire island was sealed off in 1968 when it was found that one of the doctors at the institution had gone crazy, butchered several of his patients before jumping from a tower to his death. The island has seen very little human activity since.

Getting there – If you’re a believer in the Paranormal and want to explore Poveglia, organized tours are available which will take you there. Overnight camping trips are also available for those who for some reason want to spend a night inside a large building that has seen some very horrific things in the past. Be warned, you are getting into a lot more creepy stuff than what was shown on Shutter Island.

Image Credit: Blastr

4. Pripyat, Chernobyl, Ukraine

Pripyat once a a busy city looks like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie. The city, one of the most modern ones back then was built for the workers of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant . The inhabitants of Pripyat, over 50,000 of them were asked to leave only 2 days post the Chernobyl accident. By then, they had all been exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation and the entire city was uninhabitable. Citizens were asked to carry only necessary items for about three days as they would return. Only that they never returned again and Pripyat was locked down for good. Pripyat and surrounding areas which are part of the Chernobyl Exclusion list will never be fit to live again.

Getting there – Group and Private tours are actually given in the Chernobyl Exclusion zone. The group tour lasts for two days. But, you can extend the number of days you spend with a Private tour. And you should definitely not be spending many days here. High levels of Radiation, remember? The tours are in and around the city of Pripyat and some areas near Chernobyl. But, it is strictly prohibited to enter any buildings and you must at all times be in a Hazmat radiation suit.

Image Credit: Mpora

5. Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican

Remember the part where Tom Hanks got into the Vatican Secret Archives in the movie Angels and Demons? Well, your chances of getting into them are close to ZERO. Then again, we are sure the archives from the movie aren’t the real ones. Entry to the archives are completely restricted. But, all of its documents can be accessed. All you need to do is ask, politely and with a valid reason. If your claims are reasonable, the document shall be delivered to you.

Getting there – There are several guided tours to the Vatican. Private tours to the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica including its secret rooms are available. But no tour will get you into the Vatican Archives. Because entry is restricted. Duh!

Image Credit: Luxguru

6. Metro Number 2, Moscow

Metro 2, a parallel underground Metro to the Moscow Metro. This is one place that fascinates tourists, journalists and even Russians. The underground metro was supposedly laid to connect Kremlin to the FSB Headquarters. The Russian Government has denied its existence several times and we know what that means. The Metro 2 has never been found and the search is still on.

Getting there – You could get on the Moscow Metro and figure out a way of getting inside the Metro 2, which supposedly runs parallel to it. Several pictures have been published but have all turned out to be fakes. Here’s one of them –

Image Credit: HD Wallpapers

7. Room 39, Pyongyang, North Korea

Ah, North Korea. Tourism in North Korea is in reality possible. Tourists are allowed to enter the country but their movement is restricted, they can’t click pictures and shouldn’t talk about the Internet and its wonders around citizens. We’ll talk about that on a different day. Coming back to Room 39, its a secretive Court Economy situated in Pyongyang supposedly involved in illicit transactions. The building is strictly off bounds to general public. Then again, if you are travelling to North Korea, many places are off bounds 🙂

Getting there – You could travel to North Korea and visit some of the places while in a group. Organized tours take place all the time but access to places are very limited. Room 39 is located in one of the Worker’s Party buildings and near Kim’s villa. Both are inaccessible. You should also check out our post on 9 Bizarre laws around the world – North Korea’s is the most unreasonable one.

foto room 39
Image Credit: Great Tourism

8. Club 33, Disneyland

Club 33 is the most elite, most magical 5-star restaurant in Disneyland. In order to get a reservation, all you have to do is pay a $30,000 subscription fee and bear annual fees. It also happens to be the ONLY place in Disneyland that serves Alcohol. Oh, I forgot to mention, there is a long waiting list, currently 14 years in order to become a member.

Getting there – If you’re like me who would never pay a $30,000 subscription fee and wait for 14 years, there’s an easier way to get into Club 33. Well, its an almost get into Club 33. Guests particiating in the “Walk In Walt’s Footsteps” tour are allowed access to the lobby of Club 33. You can photograph the lobby and even stand inside the elevator but are not allowed to go upstairs, which has the magical restaurant.

Image Credit: Eater
Image Credit: Eater

9. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

The Ise Grand Shrine is said to be the most holiest shrine in Japan. It is the spiritual home of their religion Shinto. Only the royal family and a few shrine priests are allowed to enter it. General public can view the shrine but from behind tall wooden fences. So, all you get to see is the roof and if you’re tall, like very tall, parts of the building. The shrine is said to hold the Sacred Mirror which was given to the first emperor of Japan by the Sun Goddess.

Getting there – The Ise Grand Shrine is a complex which comprises of several shrines. The outer ones are completely accessible and show pre-buddhist architecture, which is amazing. The inner most shrine is completely off bounds for most people. The fences are the closest you can get to the Ise Grand Shrine and the Sacred Mirror. Did you know, the shrine is demolished and rebuilt every 20 years? This is to indicate the cycle of life and death.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

10. White’s Gentleman’s Club, London

The rich folks and their clubs. This one stands out of all of them. The White’s Gentleman’s Club is the most exclusive one in London. Women are strictly prohibited from entering the club and its famous for its “betting book” where members make bizarre gambles. Like this 3,000 pound bet on which of the two raindrops would slide down the window first. In order to gain membership, you need to be invited by a sitting member and two other members.

Getting there – Unless you are a member of the royalty, your chances of seeing the insides of the club are astronomically small. But, its a great spot for a photo op. Head out to  St James’s Street and get a photo clicked from outside the club.

Image Credit: nineteenteen

That concludes my list of 10 places you can’t visit. Let me know in the comments below which of the above destinations you would like to ‘almost visit’.

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  • Nice read… Would be exciting to visit poveglia in Italy I guess if there’s any paranormal activities going on there..

    • Thanks for dropping by Alvin. Poveglia is said to be haunted and I wouldn’t deny such claims, given its history. Tourists have felt very uneasy during trips. Leave us a Postcard and pack your bags. You could be on your way there… 🙂