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Reasons to Honeymoon in Bali
Written by Yoheswari Devaraj on June 1, 2017 Share on

10 Reasons Why Bali Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Bali, the Island of Gods, offers a great many things for honeymooners from beaches, countless waves for surfing and wonderful natural sites to visit and explore, colourful ceremonies, and gifted artists. There is an incredibly wide range of accommodation, restaurants, world class activities, spa and shopping. Here are 10 reasons why you should honeymoon in Bali.

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10 Reasons Why Bali is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

  • Private villas
  • Water sport activities
  • Beaches and Waterfalls
  • Customising your own jewellery
  • Local traditions
  • Adrenaline pumping activities
  • Shopping
  • Food
  • Mountain hiking and discovering hidden places
  • Balinese Dance

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1. Private villas

From simple beach hut accommodations to super posh hotels and resorts, some of the world’s most stunning holiday villas, and stylish designer hotels – Bali has it all. But nothing beats the private pool villas where you get several hundred square meters of living space and large tropical gardens at unbeatable prices. This is one of the many reason why you should honeymoon in Bali.

Private villas, Reasons Why Bali is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

2. Water sport activities

Bali is a great place to pick up a sport especially in its abundance. Surfer pros can head to the outer reef breaks of the southern Bukit Peninsula, while newbies can opt for smaller waves in the lagoons. Scuba-diving offers thriving and vibrant underwater world with some excellent dive sites. Not to mention snorkelling and white water rafting. Seawalker is an underwater activity that offers everyone an opportunity to enjoy an underwater experience with the minimum of equipment. Or you can ride or ‘fly’ 10 to 15m high above the water’s surface with the help of these jetpacks. This aquatic adventure lets you zoom, zip, and shoot through the water and soar up into the air or dive headlong into the water.

Water sport activities, Reasons Why Bali is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

3. Beaches and Waterfalls

Being an island nation, Bali has an assortment of beaches ranging from palm-fringed white sand coasts on the island’s south such as Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur, to the cliff-guarded ‘hidden’ shores of Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Dreamland and Bingin.

For adventure seekers, hidden deep in the mountain forests of central Bali are pristine waterfalls. After an exciting journey through the island’s lesser explored regions, these waterfalls let you relax beside their natural rock pools fed by constant flows all year round.

Beaches and Waterfalls, Reasons Why Bali is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

4. Customising your own jewellery

Visit Bali’s artistic villages and communities of craftsmen like Pakudui village in Tegallalang or or the gold and silversmith communities of Celuk and Mas, south of Ubud. You get to  interact with the friendly villagers and see how woodcarvers shape intricate Garuda statues, or how silversmiths craft gemstones into their shiny and sophisticated jewellery pieces. Most workshops like Chez Monique allows you to witness the process and make some of your own! 

Customising your own jewellery, Reasons Why Bali is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

5. Local traditions

The sole reason responsible for the island’s uniqueness is its vibrant culture. Locally known as layangan is when the blue skies are speckled with kites. The Bali Kite Festival has kites flown by about every kid and village troupe. Saka New Year celebrations is another unusual sight to behold for the eve is filled with firecrackers, torches and parading monstrous papier-mâché figures around village streets. On the holy days of Galungan and Kuningan, all the streets in Bali are lined with bamboo poles decorated with young coconut leaf ornaments with significance to  the harvest items of agrarian Bali. Most of the annual festivals in Bali are free to watch, particularly the Bali Arts Festival opening parades.

Local traditions, Reasons Why Bali is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

6. Adrenaline pumping activities

Bali Treetop adventure lets you hook into a harness and soar through the trees at an open-air ropes course on a day spent exploring. Eat lunch on Lake Bratan and pay tribute to the water goddess at Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, before checking out a traditional market and a gorgeous waterfall hidden in the dense mountains. Spend a day at the Bali Zoo bouncing between exhibits filled with everything from lazy lions to enormous elephants. Enter Bali Safari & Marine Park and ride on a special cage tram on a safari to encounter over 60 different species, from tigers to binturongs.

Adrenaline pumping activities, Reasons Why Bali is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

7. Shopping

While on your honeymoon in Bali, buy some souvenirs to remember the place by. Ubud is the destination for such souvenir hunters. Bali, being a treasure trove of fine art and handicrafts, antique and semi-antique furniture, paintings, delicately carved jewellery, wood and stone carvings, masks, woven and dyed fabrics, caters to a large number of shoppers. It is where international and world-famous designer brands can be found beside local and handmade curios. Strike a bargain at the colourful art markets of Kuta or Sukawati as similar art markets can be found in other areas. The air-conditioned modern malls are of course not out of option!

Shopping, Reasons Why Bali is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

8. Food

The Balinese cuisine has various kinds of delightful dishes made from traditional ingredients. You can attend classes conducted by local chefs and savour the delight you created in the garden. Head to the market to select and buy your preferred choice of meats, vegetables, fresh herbs and spices. If you are a chocolate lover, Pod Chocolate Bali is where you should visit. You have the chance to learn the process of chocolate-making from bean to bar at its own quaint factory and workshop in central Bali. The best way to end your day is having a dinner with your loved one on a wonderful cruise along the Bali coastline. Absorb the scenery set against the backdrop of a spectacular sunset. Looking for restaurants? Check out here!

Food, Reasons Why Bali is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

9. Mountain hiking and discovering hidden places

If you are the adventurous type, you are free to hike any of Bali’s mountains. Though Mount Agung and Batukaru usually requires permit, but the lower mountains offer ‘modest’ climbs, such as Mount Lempuyang in Karangasem, with its lush forests, hordes of grey macaques, and the discovery of an ancient temple. Or you can watch the sunrise when you climb atop of a volcano and bask in the steam that rises out from the caldera. When you hike back down, don’t forget to have a taste of the famed kopi luwak coffee. Take a stroll past the terraced fields and vibrant green rice paddies in your Banyuwangi village trekking tour.

Mountain hiking and discovering hidden places, Reasons Why Bali is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

10. Balinese Dance

While you’re at Bali, watch the lively Barong dance, a piece of Balinese mythology with ornate costumes, traditional dancing, and unique musical instruments. The nightly performance of the Kecak dance where the seated men create the backing sounds with their mouths and move and sway their outstretched arms to accompany the drama. The fusion of traditional Indonesian dance activities with modern contemporary dance, aerial acrobatic attractions, dazzling costumes and hi-tech special effects, is what the Devdan Show comprises of. This show being one of Bali’s main attractions ensures to fill your entertainment quota.

Balinese Dance, Reasons Why Bali is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

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