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Things to do in Husavik in Iceland
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10 Things to do in Husavik-Tranquil like a pond with no ripples!

Iceland is known as the Land of Fire and Ice! It can be at both extremes and still be the most beautiful unaltered country on earth. Husavik is one of the most beautiful towns in Northern Iceland which still has the raw touch of nature. Continue reading to know more about the 10 top things to do that one can never miss out on. Let us explore the unexplored!

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10 Amazing things to do in Husavik

  1. The Exploration Museum
  2. The Husavik Whale Museum
  3. Dettifoss waterfall
  4. Horseback riding
  5. Ystafell Transportation Museum
  6. Salka Whale Watching
  7. Husavik Wooden Church
  8. GeoSea- Geothermal Sea Baths
  9. Lake Myvatn
  10. Krafla Lava Fields

1. The Exploration Museum

The Exploration Museum, Things to do in Husavik
Image credits- Unsplash

Husavik’s famous spots include The Exploration Museum. This is one of the museums that were dedicated to the history of human evolvement or human exploration. In this museum, you can find some rare pictures, papers and artefacts that were used during the earlier space research times and the Apollo astronaut training program in Husavik. This museum has brought many laurels to the country. Established in the year 2021, The Astronaut Museum was unveiled by the grandchildren of the world-famous astronaut Neil Armstrong. Having contributed so much to the space research study and practices, this is one of the must-visit places in Husavik. Experience the history that still lives through this museum. This is the first stop on our list of 10 things to do in Husavik!

How much is the Entrance Fee?

For adults- 2000 ISK (1180 INR)

For children under 18 – Free

2. The Husavik Whale Museum

The Husavik Whale Museum, Things to do in Husavik
Image credits- Unsplash

Did you know that Husavik is famous for whales and whales related activities? It is one of the most thrilling experiences that tourists do on their vacation to Iceland. Have you ever imagined how massive would a whale’s skeleton look? Let’s know more about the museum and whales. Earlier when it was established as a non-profit organization in the year 1997, it was just a small exhibition. Due to continuous recognition and uniqueness, the word about this museum spread worldwide and it officially became a tourist spot very soon. And now, people who travel to Husavik, never miss out on this museum because it is definitely one of the 10 things to do in Husavik!

This museum is home to a collection of information, skeletons and research about whales. The skeletons of 9 species of whales can be found here. The first-ever authentic skeleton to be showcased here was Sowerby’s beaker whale. Later there were skeletons of a sperm whale, minke whale, long-finned pilot whale and Orca etc. So next time when you plan your trip to Husavik, note this place down in your favourite things to do!

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3. Dettifoss Waterfall

Dettifoss Waterfall, Things to do in Husavik
Image credits- Unsplash

Just a general trivia that Iceland is famous for its humongous waterfalls and glaciers. Dettifoss Waterfall in Iceland is the second largest waterfall when it comes to the amount of water that is gushed every second. This 330 feet wide waterfall drops from a height of 44 feet with water flowing at the rate of 193 cubic metres per second. Dettifoss is situated in a place called the Diamond Circle connecting Lake Myvatn and Husavik. The panoramic view of this falls looks massive yet calming. All you can feel is the sound of water flowing and cool droplets of water spraying on you. You can just stand there and admire how beautiful mother nature is and how it kindles the soul! Among the 10 things to do in Husavik, Detifoss will make you fall in love with every single rainbow and cloud with its mesmerizing beauty!

4. Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding, Things to do in Husavik
Image credits- Unsplash

Riding on a horse is one of the fun things to do in any country. Husavik is famous for horseback riding activities. There are many farms where the family that owns the farm welcome you and explain about their farm and horses. You can ride on their horses with complete safety and protection with someone who is an expert in horse riding. All you have to do is pay them for the ride and enjoy the serene location and click as many pictures as you want. You can even play and feed the horses if their owners permit that. Icelandic horse breeds are different from the usual ones and that’s what makes them so special and unique. With gorgeous hair and shining skin, the horses look absolutely stunning!

5. Ystafell Transportation Museum

Ystafell Transportation Museum, Things to do in Husavik
Image credits-Pexels

The Transportation Museum at Ystafell is the oldest and ancient transportation museum in entire Iceland. This museum was established in the year 1998 and it was opened in the year 2000 after all the construction and collection of cars were displayed inside the museum. In this ancient museum, you can find hundreds of vintage cars including Rolls Royce and German-made cars, trucks and other automobile products. This is a marvel for those who love cars. If you are one of them, this is definitely your place. The Transportation Museum will make you frenzy and make your trip to Husavik an unforgettable one! So, car lovers, this is your best thing to do in Husavik!

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6. Salka Whale Watching – Best thing to do in Husavik

Salka Whale Watching, Things to do in Husavik
Image credits- Unsplash

Whale watching is the most adventurous and thrilling thing you can do in Husavik. The best time to whale watch in Iceland is from April to September. Because this is the time the whales come to the surface often. You can book your tickets in advance to avoid the crowd and get on a boat in search of the whales. The most common whales that you will find are white-beaked dolphins, humpback whales and blue whales. Minke whales are the rarest species. There are also offers available for combining Husavik adventurous rides and whale watching. You can combine both activities if you are really up for an exciting ride to the middle of the ocean! How can you not add watching the world’s largest mammal right in front of you to the list of top 10 things to do in Husavik?

How much does the ticket cost for Whale Watching?

It costs around 11,700 ISK (6320 INR) per person for one trip on North Sailing.

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7. Husavik Wooden Church

Husavik Wooden Church, Things to do in Husavik
Image credits-Pexels

The Wooden Church in Iceland is one of the topmost places to visit in Husavik. It also stands strong as one of the oldest churches in Iceland. What makes this church so special is that, it was completely built using different types of wood. Right from the ceiling to the surface is made up of wood and timbers. It was built by an Icelandic Architect in the year 1907. It was built in the Swiss chapel style, with long towers and pointed roofs.

Many rituals like marriages and betrothals are still being conducted here. When you visit this church, you will find huge mountains covered with soft snow and fog in a land full of greenery that spreads across hundreds of yards. Being in such a picturesque place itself is the most wonderful thing you can experience in Husavik! Check this off your list of amazing things to do in Husavik!

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8. GeoSea- Geothermal Sea Baths- (Tourists’ favourite thing to do in Husavik)

GeoSea- Geothermal Sea Baths, Things to do in Husavik
Image credits- Unsplash

The most favourite thing that tourists prefer is enjoying a hot bath in geothermal seas or lagoons. For an extremely cold country like Iceland, a hot bath is a must on your trip. Husavik has many famous natural hot springs and geothermal GeoSea baths for tourists to enjoy the warm bath. As it touches the root of a small fishing town and is a natural source of heat, the water contains plenty of minerals and salts. This makes your bath a healthy one too. You can enjoy your hot bath as long as you please. It is advised to do a quick research and book your GeoSea bath tickets in advance to avoid crowd and confusion because it is the most favourite thing to do for tourists when they pay a visit to Iceland. It will definitely top the list of 10 things to do in Husavik!

How much does it cost for one ticket?

It is 4500 ISK (2660 INR) for adults.

And 2000 ISK (1181 INR) for children under 18.

9. Lake Myvatn

Lake Myvatn, Things to do in Husavik
Image credits- Unsplash

Lake Myvatn in Husavik is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Northern Iceland. Unlike the other lakes, this is full of geothermal activities and remains of a volcanic eruption. Yes! Lake Myvatn is a volcanic lake situated in the northeastern regions of Iceland. Its turquoise colour mineral-rich waters are great to watch but not suitable for swimming. People are not allowed to swim there because the water is too warm and may experience a sudden change in the temperature too. Nearby, there is a natural hot spring named Hverir, a majestic mountain with a variety of flora and fauna. It stretches at a distance of 7.4 km with 2.6 metres of depth.

10. Krafla Lava Fields

Krafla Lava Fields, Things to do in Husavik
Image credits- Unsplash

Krafla Lava Fields will surely be the most surreal thing you’ll ever see in Iceland. Hundreds of metres of surface covered with lava and dust. Krafla is one of the largest volcanic systems in Iceland that has now become a tourist attraction due to its naturally formed crater and the tectonic plates under the volcanoes. Due to a massive eruption of a volcano, a large crater was formed on the surface and it was named Viti (meaning Hell in Icelandic terms), for the people believed that hell is usually under volcanoes. It also includes geothermal resources with piping hot mud pools and fumaroles. This steaming place will sure win the list of 10 things to do in Husavik!

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