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Paris at night
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15 Best Places to Visit in Paris at Night – Complete Nightlife Guide

Paris is a city full of dreams, whenever this city comes to our mind it gives a magical feeling in our mind. This city is even appealing when dusk proceeds. From beautiful gardens to art galleries there is something in each corner of Paris. Just imagine if these sounds sound so cool in the day then what it will be in the Evening.

Here are some top 15 places to visit in Paris at night to get the best of its nightlife :

15 Best Places to Visit in Paris at Night

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Les Berges de Seine
  • Louvre
  • Quai Saint-Bernard
  • Les Bateaux Mouches
  • Opera Garnier
  • Montparnasse Tower
  • wanderlust
  • The Moulin Rouge
  • The Versailles Fountain Show
  • Buddha-Bar
  • Arc De Triomphe
  • Pont Alexandre III
  • Art Deco Pool
  • Le Bus Palladium

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Eiffel tower is the must-go landmark for first-time visitors. We all have heard multiple love stories of the Eiffel tower, so why not visit this. With a height of 324 to tip, this place has become more iconic to tourists. You can visit the topmost level and experience the entire magical city into lights. The entire view is worth watching and might be one of the best moments so far.

1. Eiffel Tower

Price– For children below 4 years, there’s is no charge however children above 4 have to bear some charges like

* Children between 4-11 years Youth Adult

  1. Lift Enterance to second floor 4.10 euros 8.30 Euros 16.60 Euros
  2. Stairs to second floor 2.60 euros 5.20 Euros 10.40 Euros
  3. Lift to the top floor 6.50euros 13 Euros 25.90 Euros
Eiffel Tower, Places to Visit Paris At Night
Image source Unsplash

The best time to visit here is from early June to September – 9 AM to 12 AM

2. Les Berges de Seine

This is a free and great spot to spend your evening in Paris. This is a Parisian project that is transformed and started the Alma bridge to enjoy the evening time with friends and families. Walk across the Seine river and feel the soothing voice of silence at night. This place is also famous for seeing the Golden Eiffel tower, you can try different cuisines at local bars and cafes. There are no such timings to visit here, you can come anytime.

3. Louvre

Louvre, Places to Visit Paris At Night
Image source Unsplash

This is one of the biggest and finest museums in the world. They have preserved some ancient and important artifacts. For the ones who love history and old treasures, this is a must-go-to place. You can even witness the famous Mona Lisa- Da Vinci’s painting. This structure was nearly made in the 13th century and this makes it the center of attraction for all the tourists. The museum is categorized into different paintings, sculptures and antiques. In addition to this whole building keep illuminated and it feels like a fairy place. You can even visit this museum in the evening hours as well.

The entry ticket is priced at 12 Euros

Timings- 9 AM -10:30 PM Wednesdays and Fridays, Shut on Tuesdays, and 9 AM – 6 PM on the rest of the days.

4. Quai Saint-Bernard

Image source Unsplash

Want to experience the nightlife in the oldest part of the city? With the view of island saint Louis, this place is fun in itself. This place is very happening, especially in July. Here, Quai Saint-Bernard hosts a special dance festival throughout July month. Every evening dance styles are to be present in the center round area near the river. This is the best time to visit here In the evening. Try out some steps and dive into the crowd. The best part is there is no participation fee, go and get this experience once this pandemic ends.

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5. Les Bateaux Mouches

Image source pixabay

In the mood to spend an evening cult classic? If yes, then try out some Parisian’s cruises. They will show you the heart of Paris. This cruise one is located on the north bank of Paris i.e at Port de la Conférence. On the way, they will show you some famous museums, historic buildings, and the Eiffel tower. Grab a seat and just take a lookout while sipping some wine. The cruise offers various services according to your needs. You can enjoy various cuisines and even plan a surprise for your other half, that will sound absolutely perfect.

Plan a date or celebrate your day on a cruise, that will be one of the good memories.

Prices: They vary on what services you take. The basic price starts from nearly 13.50 Euros excluding dining.


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6. Opera Garnier

Image source Unsplash

The majestic building of Paris, which is famed for its opera culture, makes Opera Garnier a stunning opera theatre from the nineteenth century. Located in Place de Opera. This structure with its highly outstanding façade and the interior offers an extraordinary architectural fusion of Renaissance, classic and Baroque styles. A perfect place for those who have a keen interest in music and literature. In its vast auditorium, the grand opera house organizes ballets for visitors and holds more than 2000 audiences. Opera Garnier is also the shelter of the Paris Opera Library-Museum and provides and audio-guide tours to its visitors.

Price: 11 Euros for adults and 7 Euros (excluding guide), 15.50 euros for adults and 11 euros for the children (including guide).

Timings- 9 AM TO 5 PM

7. Montparnasse Tower

Image source Pixabay

The 210-meter high tower was built in 1973. It was considered the highest skyscraper in Paris for a long period. This is another sightseeing viewpoint like the Eiffel tower. It is found in a place enclosed by famous cafes’ and bars. In this place, you can also get yourself a fancy treatment. They offer various dining options. You can also plan a date here, and enjoy the surreal view of the amazing Effiel tower as well. A perfect package if you are looking to have a great evening in Paris.

Entry tickets; starts at 15 euros.

8. Wanderlust

Image source Unsplash

This place is full of entertainment and young people who are in search of great fun. Wanderlust is a very happening place for the party animals. This area is the feature with luxury restaurants, Night club, and outdoor film screening. Doesn’t matter you are young or a parent. This place has something to do for all age groups.

Timing: 11 PM – 6 AM Friday and Saturday.

9. The Moulin Rouge

Image source Unsplash

Established in 1889, this area was a center for great performances, entertainment, and gastronomy. Moulin Rouge forms a traditional and vintage cabaret venue and is one of the most famous spots of Paris to come in the night for brilliant music and dance. In the course of these years, this historic cabaret center has captured several famous singers including Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf, and Liza Minnelli. So, grab a seat and enjoy the culture of Paris.

Entry ticket: 9 Euros

10. The Versailles Fountain Show

Image source Unsplash

With a total of 32 fountains playing the music in the background simultaneously, continually, and rhythmically, the spectacle delivers a spellbound view. A musical fountain display at the Palace of Versailles, one of the most important attractions of Paris’ nightlife, occurs in the summer. This musical fountain is considered to be one of the most strategically designed nightlife spots in Paris.

Ticket price – 9.50 Euro above 5 years old

The best time to visit – 10 AM – 7 PM

11. Buddha-Bar

Image source Unsplash

If you are looking for an intimate night experience with some stunning alcoholic drinks, you can visit Buddha Bar in Paris at night. it has the beautiful décor within the huge Buddha that will make your jaws fall.

Timings – Monday to Saturday (6 PM – 2 AM) On Sunday (12 PM- 4 PM, and 6 PM-2 AM )

12. Arc De Triomphe

Image source Unsplash

The Arch of Triumph is one of the oldest spots in Paris at night to watch the fascinating carvings of pillars, the triumph stories, and the sculptures on the arch. Built in the 19th century to honor the imperial troops, this tower demonstrates a genuinely remarkable design and offers a splendid view across the city from its deck.

Price ticket- 8 Euros

The best time to visit this place is between October -March 10 AM to 10:30 PM

13. Pont Alexandre III

Image source Unsplash

This bridge stands majestically in the heart of the skyline of Paris and connects the Grand Palais on the right bank with the Invalides on the left bank.  It is made of entirely metal and named after Russian Emperor Alexander III.
The Alexandre III bridge was built in 1986 to celebrate the peace between France and Russia over a length of 500 feet. A must-go place to adore the history of France.

14. Art Deco Pool

Image source Unsplash

With crystal blue water and a magnificent art deco style, this pool encourages a large number of professional and recreational swimmers. You can also try to dive, relax and enjoy the evening. The Paris Art Deco pool, the Piscine des Amiraux, is a wonderful historic pool 33 meters long. A perfect spot to chill your weekend.

Price– 3.50 Euros

15. Le Bus Palladium

Image source Unsplash

Le Bus Palladium is a stunning nightclub with opportunities for parties and gigs. This club is heaven for parties with live electro and hip hop music and a dedicated lounge bar. The entire building is split into 3 floors with different activities. Above 2 floors are meant to relax so that you can join the floor after some time.


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Entry price – 20 Euros

Here, my list ends. I hope this will help you to plan your vacation. Go and explore every spot in Paris because it is worth watching and who knows this will be one of the unforgettable memories.

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