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15 things to do to enjoy nightlife in Switzerland
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Nightlife in Switzerland – Experience The Top Things To Do!

When you can no longer hike on glaciers, skate on slopes, or enjoy the scenery, what can you do when the sun goes down in Switzerland? Nightlife in Switzerland is not famous like nightlife in other countries like Paris and New York! but it’s not true. Switzerland has the most massive nightlife to ever exist, it’s cities such as Zurich, Bern, Basel are filled with life even at night. We have listed 15 things to do to experience nightlife in Switzerland.

15 things to do to experience nightlife in Switzerland
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15 Things to Do To Experience Nightlife in Switzerland

When the sun sets, Switzerland’s alter ego takes control, it’s time to rest and recharge. Switzerland has long ago set a benchmark on crackerjack nightlife. The city has DJ driven clubs, cocktail lounges, comedy theatres and beautiful restaurants. We have listed 15 things to do to experience nightlife in Switzerland for you.

1. Zurich’s clubs

Zurich has the highest number of nightclubs in all of Switzerland so it’s not difficult to discover a spot to party dead at night, or well into the sunrise after. There is a vast span of song genres and venue modes on request but the most prominent clubs, such as Aura and Jade, are relatively flamboyant and pretentious and visited by the city’s celebs.

Plaza is one of the rare that grabs off of a calm environment, leisure people, fashionable surroundings and big DJ names.

club, 15 things to do to enjoy nightlife in Switzerland
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2. The Grand Casino, Bern

casino, 15 things to do to enjoy nightlife in Switzerland
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3. The Opera and Ballet Performances, Zurich

Are dance forms something that has constantly managed to attract you? There is no means you like to miss out on the world-renowned opera and ballet achievements that are set to knock your sanity out. Go to Opernhaus, Zurich as it is recognized to be a decent spot to snatch some of the extraordinary majestic exhibits. It is speculated that even those who do not have a heart for dance and art lose to this place.

opernhaus, 15 things to do to enjoy nightlife in Switzerland
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4. Sip a cup of wine at The Papperla Pub, Zermatt

In Zermatt, Switzerland nightlife invites extraordinary ordeals. After a thrilling tour of skiing, you can steer right to the popular Papperla Pub and appreciate some fantastic live songs and concentrated wine. If you think wine is not for you, then you can also enjoy a cup of powerful rum punch to make your party begin.

zermatt, 15 things to do to enjoy nightlife in Switzerland
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5. Light pocket at Baroque Club

Assessing the noise constraints and expensive rents, there are only a few clubs in Geneva, Baroque Club might be the nicest spot to finish the night. The access is free, the melody is incredible, the interior is great and popular, and the crew is aware. Rates are high, but if you’re going out with your pals to have pleasure, you won’t mind.

geneva, 15 things to do to enjoy nightlife in Switzerland
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6. Watch movies at KITAG CINEMAS Cinedome

The multiplex cinema gives films with the nicest picture quality, and music has a good seating lineup. They show all Hollywood hits in English, translated in German and French. The rates of movies, food and beverages are similar as in any other cinema in Switzerland. In addition to the cinemas, the Cinedome has bowling alleys to relish with your pals and an integrated athletics bar for all those sports enthusiasts that like to see sports show big-screen TVs.

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7. X-Tra Concert Venue and NightClub

This large area at Limmatplatz hosts some of the city’s greatly distinguished parties, like the ‘Rollschuhe Disco’, the shady and extremely Gothic ‘More than Mode’ or the Schlager-themed ‘Lollipop Party’, a liked among the town’s gay population. The outlet is also recognized for its performances, so have a near glance at the monthly strategy.

8. Enjoy your stay at Hinterhof

A huge party house, Hinterhof is a large pub and dance network lodged in an abandoned fruit market that has seen nice days. Punters appear here largely for the melody, which varies from big-name worldwide artists to diverse art programs and regional club DJs playing to enthusiastic devotees. The metropolitan location feels leagues away from quaint and historic downtown Basel, with a terrain of car parks and train paths noticeable from the roof patio. If you don’t think you’re cool enough for a barn rave, you can sit up here rather, appreciate one of the nicely priced cocktails and see the sun go down.

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9. Step up on the floor at L’Usine

An old gold refinery, this recorded facility is presently an alternative arts venue with a theatre, cinema and various performance rooms illustrating a diverse combination of music which comprises electro, punk, ska, rock, disco and metal. Artists run from regional unsigned parties to worldwide DJs, and the mob is just as mixed. It can be moist, rancid and dirty, but if you mind that type of aspect, then you’re uncertain to end up here nevertheless.

10. Sing along at Les Docks

Les Docks is the spot to go to see edgy global bands in a private setting. Its 1,000 ability cabin implies you won’t grab the greatest names on the earth, but it’s so polite for it. Instead, the diverse programme comprises young singer-songwriters on the up, devout clubs and stellar names appreciating a late-career renewal. Tickets sell out rapidly.

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11. Some opera and ballet at Theater Basel

Theater Basel admires its status as the most significant and biggest theatre in Switzerland, which renders the theatre a must-visit forum in Basel. If you want a society in the club, then Theater Basel is a wonderful spot for you.

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12. Stargazing

Switzerland gives the heaven of solely reclining with your partner and staring at the glamour of the stars. There is this small stuff that ends up being times you would admire. A lot of diners would give you advice on how to make the most of stargazing. However, make certain not to ignore holding your blanket and a bottle of wine as well!

stargazing, 15 things to do to enjoy nightlife in Switzerland
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13. Enjoy the festive spirit at The Christmas Markets

If you appear to go to Switzerland during the Christmas period, you will discover the town packed in beautiful colours. This implies that you are going to discover tons of Christmas markets that remain open till lengthy wee hours in the dawn. There may be a ton of exhibits and talent events too; all of which compels it to be an incredible ordeal.

Christmas markets
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14. Savour the mix of flavours at Boulevard Du Vin

This is an amazing place for a cup of both global and Swiss wine. They moreover give available snacks and refills for every following drink that you order. The rates are relatively low, and the location is relieving to have fun and chill with pals.

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15. Have a cocktail at Old Crow

This is probably one of the nicest bars in all of Europe. Its menu gives a huge choice of fascinating cocktails, whiskeys, and bourbon, all accessible by the glass. If you happen to go to the pub when the owner, Markus is there, you will encounter a blend of cocktails whose precise components make you guess they have been sent right from the chemistry lab.

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Get Ready To Experience Nightlife in Switzerland – Start Planning!

Switzerland is a beautiful place, and you can enjoy the day and night of your stay to your heart’s content. Nightlife in Switzerland is one of a kind when you don’t see the mesmerising scenery you would want to get lost in the amazing lights. So if you want to visit Switzerland do check our Switzerland tour packages on the Pickyourtrail website. And if you don’t like the existing ones, there is always room for change, customise your Switzerland itinerary yourself. So, what’s stopping you?


Does Switzerland have a nightlife?

Yes, cities in Switzerland including Zurich, Bern, Basel offer a vibrant nightlife atmosphere for tourists to experience.

What is the biggest party city in Switzerland?

Nightlife in Zurich, Switzerland, is renowned for the vibrant parties.

Is Zurich a party city?

Yes, Zurich is also renowened as the party capital of Switzerland.

Is Switzerland good for clubbing?

Yes, Switzerland is a good place to experience clubbing, especially with Zurich having the highest number of night clubs, you will be able to experience a vibrant nightlife.

Is Switzerland cheap or expensive?

Switzerland is said to be the one of the most expensive countries in the world.

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