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Written by Divya Jain on May 26, 2020 Share on

3 Characteristics of Komodo Cruises that every Adventurer Ought to Know

You and I admit that settling for cruise services is a hectic task. Mostly, this results from the similarity of services at the market. Contrarily, Komodo cruises stand out in various dimensions.

Most of the cruises are programmed to initiate long-term or even lifetime cruise to the adventurer. Read between the lines to understand why this is possible.

Komodo Cruises are Multi-day

Komodo is fascinating. Magical experiences that most cruisers gain from the Komodo beaches and parks programs the adventurers to think long-term. Most of these are international cruisers. They find much to experience from cruising the Komodo.

To aid a longer stay, booking most cruising services grants you accommodation. The AYANA Lako di’a cruises, for instance, provide you an accommodation of 9 bedrooms. These rooms can accommodate a maximum of 18 VIP passengers.

Of the utmost importance, you will comfortably find dining services from the cruising services. Again, being multi-day eases your special arrangements. For instance, you can comfortably cruise with your staff.

Consider those honeymoons that call for maximum enjoyment and prolonged stay. Komodo cruises have everything it takes to ‘treat’ someone so special to you. From privacy to customized environments, you will like the Komodo cruises.

Komodo Cruises Are Bookable

You may be an international adventurer. What if you want to cruise the Komodo for a long duration, like a month? Here, you will be anxious about long-term accommodation. Worry no more.

Most cruises, for example, AYANA Lako di’a, enable you to book from afar. Their system enables you to access their services at the click of a button. All you need is to access their website and grab unlimited offers.

Besides, there are a bunch of nearby resorts. The fact that these resorts give room to all lifestyles and budgets makes it easier for international travelers to cruise the Komodo.

A typical example is the AYANA Komodo Resort. Found on the Waecicu Beach, the resort presents you with various accommodation offers to choose from. First, you can make an advance payment.

Interestingly, you have the liberty to cancel this booking, reclaiming your full refund.

Secondly, the resort accommodates you via what they term, “Stay longer with less payment.” For instance, they enable you to stay for 3 nights but pay for only 2 nights. Likewise paying for 6 nights allows you to enjoy 2 more free nights of stay.

 On these grounds, many adventurers find experiencing the Komodo cruises possible in the long-run.

Komodo Cruises Are Multi-destination

If there is one thing that Komodo cruises outstand on is the options they avail to their customers. They provide variety in the number of places you can visit. From hills to caves to beaches, Komodo cruises let you listen to your heart.

Amazingly, you do not have to cruise for an insane distance to access the physical features. Most of these destinations surround the Komodo National Park. Talking of Komodo national park you will see rugged hills and dry savannas. 

A myriad of wildlife is here to make your heart leap for seconds. Instantly, the aggressive Komodo dragons will present you with an opportunity to view a scary scene.

 Likewise, the Rangko Cave is a breath-taking destination. Here, you will swim (if you have the courage to) or watch the hanging stalagmites with dripping waters.

Needless to say, the beaches of Komodo attract most adventurers. They are a mixture of warm, crystal-clear, and sandy waters. Some of these waters are blue.


It is not by a miracle that a bunch of international tourists want to taste the experience of Komodo cruises. The strategic endowment of physical features, as well as nearby resources, sets the adventurers in motion to Komodo cruises.

For instance, presence accommodation services ease the bookings. Also, these result in the multi-day nature of these cruises. Consequently, international adventurers easily find themselves in the Komodo cruises.