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Relaxing tour to Meghalaya
Written by Rhea Alex on September 6, 2020 Share on

Relaxing 4 nights 5 days tour to Meghalaya


For those of you on the lookout for a great travel destination within India, Meghalaya could most definitely be an amazing option. Recognised by tourists worldwide to be one of the most beautiful places in India, tourists are sure to find themselves excited and all pumped up for their vacation. It truly is one of the most stunning regions one can visit. 

Regardless of whether you’re on a solo trip, with family or friends; the place has something unique and special for everyone. It calls for some of the greatest of adventures and leaves you with some fond memories, as well. Whether it’s the stunning landscapes, rich culture, umpteen delicacies and innumerable attractions; tourists are sure to fall in love with the amazing place. An exploration of some of the Meghalaya package could be what you’ve been waiting for. 

Best time to visit Meghalaya

If a trip to Meghalaya has been on your mind and you’ve been wondering when the best time to visit could be, fret not! We’ve provided all the information and more right here, just for you. Tourists can find some a detailed explanation of their Meghalaya package in this blog

When it comes to planning a vacation, there really could be nothing more important than ensuring you’re travelling at the right time. Tourists making their way to the region, most often find themselves on the lookout for a break from the scorching summer sun. And Meghalaya gives you an opportunity to experience just that!

We would recommend planning your trip during the months of ‘April to June,’ as this undoubtedly makes for the best time to visit the region. The climate during this time provides for a perfect environment for tourists to explore the region and make the most of their vacation. If this is your first-time visit to Meghalaya you’re sure to love every bit of the journey. 

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Meghalaya Package

Have you been on the lookout for a refreshing and truly rejuvenation vacation? Been wondering where you could possibly find this amazing destination. Well, a trip to Meghalaya could be all that you possibly need. 

Find a relaxing 4 nights 5 days Meghalaya package, below. We’ve jotted down all the information you may require about the tour. Be sure to read through the blog to figure out, all that you need. 

Day 1 

Arrival at Shillong

Image Credit – Pixabay

Tourists looking to travel to Meghalaya will most often have to make a stopover at the Guwahati airport or the Guwahati railway station. From here, you will travel all the way to Shillong and finally check into your respective hotels. There are a number of attractions along the course of your journey to Shillong, wherein you can stop by and enjoy the views. 

The very first day of your trip calls for relaxation, especially after your long travel. So, you could go ahead and explore the regions near your hotel on the first day of your Meghalaya Package. 

Day 2

Shillong: Exploring the region of Mawlynnong

The second day calls for some fun and exciting activities and so, make sure to get some adequate rest the previous day. Tourists wake up early in the morning and enjoy some delicious authentic breakfast. Following this, they are found making their way to the famous ‘Mawlynnong Village.’ This is one of the must-visit spots in Meghalaya and has been rated as the ‘Cleanest village in the whole of Asia.’

Tourists can also explore a wide array of attractions that are in close proximity to this region. The ‘Living Root Bridge,’ and maybe even a view od the ‘Indo-Bangladesh Border,’ are some exciting things for you to do here. If you’re someone who enjoys boating, you could hop onto a boat and make the most of your boating experience, as well. This makes for a great second day, as part of your Meghalaya Package. 

A jam-packed day brings along with some much-needed sleep. So get the rest you need, for the third day of your trip. 

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Day 3

Cherrapunji: Journey through the extensive wetlands 

Image Credit – Pixabay

The third day of your Meghalaya Package is yet another adventurous day in the making. Tourists are in for a journey to the wetlands of ‘Cherrapunji.’ This place has been popularly referred to as the ‘wettest region on planet earth.’ Once you’ve explored this world-renowned region, you could head over to the ‘Nohsngithiang Falls,’ and enjoy the amazing view. 

Day 4

Guwahati: Breathtaking landscapes await you

The third day of your journey is yet another overwhelming experience and is sure to take your breath away. Tourists find themselves on the way to exploring the stunning land of ‘Guwahati.’ This is undoubtedly one of the best places you could visit, on your Megahlaya Package. 

There are a plethora of attractions that once can stop over and visit, as you journey to Guwahati. The ‘Shillong Peak,’ the ‘Cathedral Catholic Church,’ and so much more, are just a few attractions along the way. Make sure to carry your camera along with you, in order to capture some of those amazing memories. 

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Day 5 

Guwahati: Travel back home

Image Credit – Pixabay

On the very last day of your Meghalaya Package, tourists find themselves savouring one of the most amazing meals for breakfast. The scrumptious breakfast leaves you craving for so much more. Right after you’ve finished with your hearty meal, you head over to the ‘Maa Kamakhya Temple.’ Tourists can explore the temple and soak in the ambience of the place. This calls for the last stopover of your Meghalaya trip. 

You then finally make your way to the airport or the train station, for a long journey back home. It truly has been one of the most memorable vacations that you’ve ventured out on and we’re sure a journey back to this stunning place is already on your mind. 

Are you excited and pumped up already? We at Pickyourtrail would love to craft an itinerary just for you. Check out some of our Meghalaya Package and book your vacation right away. Please check out our guides page, for more information. Start planning and happy travelling!

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