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Tirta Gangga
Written by Sonia Rawat on July 15, 2021 Share on

5 Attractions near Tirta Gangga water palace

Image source: Unsplash

Tirta gangga water place is a former royal palace located in the east of Bali. This place attracts travelers who are always keen to know about the rich heritage. There can’t be enough reasons to travel to Bali- the ultimate heaven on earth. Some of the wanderlust go there to feel the serene of the Idyllic Beaches and some go there to experience a Lively religious scene. From the energetic vibes to placid weather this place has got all to delight your soul and mind.

Tirta Gangga holds a special attraction to all kinds as this place is lush with greenery. This property is spread over 1.2 hectares of crystal clear water ponds, pools, and the majestic royal place of Karangasem Kingdom. Stepping stones, bathing pools, eye-pleasing gardens, and ancient stone carving make this place astonishing. As the name, Tirta gangga suggests the Holy Ganga is pious in Hinduism and also to Balinese people. Here, you can see several pilgrims visiting to get the blessing of the Holy Ganga.

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The main attraction of the site is the beautiful eleven tire fountain in the middle of the garden, you can even reach it by following the stepping stones. That’s the interesting and adventurous part and do not forget to keep a check on your foot you may skip the balance LOL…


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How to reach Tirta Gangga water palace

Nearest airport -Ngurah Rai International Airport

From there you can find cabs to Denpasar town, it will barely take 2.5 hours to reach the destination i.e. Palace.

Best time to visit Tirta Gangga water palace

April- October

These months are generally idle to visit in Tirta Gangga water palace. During this time you can spend time enjoying the outdoors as at this time there is less humidity and rain. I suggest you visit this palace in the early morning and late afternoons. These hours expect less humidity plus you can escape from the heat of Bali.

Activities in Tirta Gangga water park

however, this garden has a major attraction on its own but still, there are many places or activities you can try in or near this place.

  1. Ujung water place

A beautiful piece of architecture to travel on clear days. This place is cover with beautiful water pools, statues, and ornamented pillars that will give a visual treat to the visitors. The best time to visit this place in October.

Entry fees: 160INR

Location : Kabupaten Karangasem

2. Blahmantung waterfalls

An amazing jungle waterfalls located near the Pujungan region approximately 123km from the water palace. With the amazing drop of over 100m, this view is worth watching. This place is also a hidden gem for Bali so you can expect less crowd.

Image source Unsplash

3. Amed beach

This place is a must-go place for the ones who are in love with adventure. Amed beach is the best spot to experience marine life. Tourists visit here to explore the marine fauna, reef tip sharks, and tropical fishes. add to your checklist if you want to dive into a blue world.

4. Mount Batur

This spot is also famous as the Kintamani volcano located at a distance of 56km from the water palace. This is one of the famous trekker’s points. The elevation of 1700m above sea level makes it more interesting for travelers. you can trek and take a sight of Crater lake. Do enjoy a dip in hot springs.

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5. Pura Besakih Temple

This temple holds a special spot in the heart of Bali. Pura Besakih Temple is one of the main temples and attracts a large number of devotees. The architecture of this temple is remarkable, there are more than 28 structures in a temple on seven ascending stairs. This place however takes less than an hour to explore but it is quite calming.

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Ques 1 Is Tirtha Gangga water palace remain open throughout the year?

Ans The garden keep closed on Nyepi also known as Day of silence. The rest of the days it is open to the general public.

Ques 2 Do we need to pack essentials while traveling to the water gardens?

Ans Yes, you can pack your bathing suits and extra towels if you take a dip in the water pool.

Ques 3 Are there any small cafes or eateries available?

Ans There is enough eateries available inside the gardens, however, you can pack your lunch if needed. I suggest you try out the Balinese food.

Ques 4 Is there any entry fee for visiting the water palace?

Ans yes, for Indonesians – IDR 25000 per person, For foreigners – IDR 40000 per person

Additional fee for pool – IDR 10000 per person , IDR 20000 per person for foriegners

Ques 5 What are the timings of palace?

Ans 6 AM-6 PM