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5 best things to do in Paris during Christmas other than the Christmas markets

With Paris cancelling its annual tradition of Christmas markets along Champs-Elysées, you must be wondering what else to do in Paris during Christmas to get hold of the festive season. Ironically, there are a dozen other things you can do and here is a list of 5 best things to do in Paris during Christmas other than visiting the Christmas markets.

Did you know that white winter holidays are becoming the trend among Indians?

1. Indulge in Ice skating

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Christmas means winter and Parisians like to welcome the winter season by whirling on the ice rinks. As a tradition, temporary ice rinks get set up throughout the city of Paris during Christmas and you can find both kids & adults enjoying every moment of their experience. Some of the major ice rink areas that you should check out include Hotel de Ville, Eiffel Tower, Grand Palais, and Montparnasse.

The entry to most of these ice rinks are free, you just have to pay the rent for your skates.

Thoughts of a vacation in January crossing your mind? Not a bad idea, we say!

2. Relish the taste of a traditional Christmas Meal

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Christmas is incomplete without a traditional Christmas meal. While most of the restaurants in Paris serve the traditional Christmas meal, the best way to have it is along with your friends and family. If you don’t have any friends staying in Paris, don’t even feel shy to go out of your way to make friends. We know, it is a bit selfish, but it is totally worth it.

The main Christmas meal referred to as the Reveillon, ideally comprises of Bûche de Noël, Oysters, Roasted chestnuts, Vin Chaud, Champagne, and Foie Gras. Talking of food, here are some places you shouldn’t miss out on if you are a foodie (or not!). 

3. Relive your childhood

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If you are in Paris with your family and kids, then the most Christmas’y place you can take them to are the fairytale carousels that adorn the city. While the streets are already dazzling with Christmas lights, the pop-up carousels which come completely decorated, add to the festive vibe in Paris. Some of the notable ones that you should make a visit to include Hotel de Ville, Trocadéro, and Place Joffre.

Further, there is also a giant wheel at Place de la Concorde which can be accessed by both kids and adults.

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4. Attend a midnight mass

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So you are not that spiritual? Take in the Yuletide spirit we say! Attend a midnight mass in one of the many churches around Paris and you will realize what you are missing out. Glowing with bright, colourful lights the churches look splendid, not to forget the fully decorated Christmas tree which occupies the centre of the church. For one-in-a-kind of experience, head to one of these – Notre-Dame de Paris, Sacré-Cœur, La Madeleine, and Saint-Eustache.

Complete with Christmas choir, soul-stirring music, and rich traditions, the experience will be nothing short of brilliance.

5. Be enchanted by the celebrations at Disneyland Paris

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While Disneyland Paris is in itself so much fun, going on a trip to Disneyland Paris during the time of Christmas takes it to a whole new level. During the festive season, the entire park undergoes a tremendous transformation and the holiday ambience is so contagious that you will literally fly with happiness.

Relive your childhood by saying ‘hello’ to all your favourite characters and have a joyous Christmas with your family. Here’s a whole lot more fantastic Disneyland locations if you are planning a Disney vacation for your kids!

Ready to have a wonderful Christmas in Paris? Plan your trip now.


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