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Five Common Myths About A 5 Day Tour In Rajasthan.

What’s going to pop up in your mind first when you hear Rajasthan? Is it the royal heritage that proudly boasts of or the sprawling horizons of red sand that is mysteriously captivating?! Can it be the rare combination of music, art and dance that generates a mystique aura?! Or it could be the great forts that stand against time, too! This rugged yet inviting landscape has many shades worth exploring.

Let’s take a 5-day tour in Rajasthan; from the red sands to the monarchy blue, from the pink cities to the amber sunsets, from the vibrant noisy streets to the sand serenity, let ‘s explore it all! This is a five-day Rajasthan itinerary that explores the giant forts, varied cultures, striking palaces, appetizing cuisines and what not! Let’s continue our voyage from India’s Pink City –

Jaipur Day 1 & 2 @ Jaipur – Gateway to the vibrant Rajasthan Rajasthan 

The 5-day itinerary starts with the enchanting historic city of Jaipur! The town’s beauty is such that at first sight, you’ll fall for it. India’s pink city is known for its fascinating monuments and colourful markets, as well as for its magnificent hand-loom garments and beautifully laid out gardens.

What to see in Jaipur:

Ancient Structure
Credits: Google Images

  At the heart of the city, the town palace continues to house the former royal family. Jantar Mantar ‘s royal observatory is a hint of the past of grandeur in the city! Hawa Mahal’s honeycomb structure keeps enthralling its visitors with its unique architecture. And the paramount attraction of this historic town lies in the arid hill country surrounding the city-the unparalleled and magnificent fort of Amber!

Two days of luxury would let you wander around all these wonders. You can also fly to Nahargarh fort for Pink City‘s spellbinding bird-eye view, Albert Hall museum for a peep into the past, Johari Bazaar for a blissful shopping, Jal Mahal for its unique structure, Jaigarh fort for his armoury during this time.

What to eat :

Bhel Puri
Credits: wikimedia

A trip to Jaipur is not complete without digging into the authentic Rajasthani food. The cuisine here is influenced by the lifestyle of the Maharajas and Maharanis of Jaipur.

Where to shop :

a famous place for shopping
Credits: wikimedia

You can’t leave Jaipur without visiting Johari Bazaar if you’re a shopping freak. Jaipur is known as a gem centre all over the world, and is also Emerald’s world capital! 

Jaisalmer! Day 3 – Where to stay : 

view from Jaisalmer fort
Credits: Wikimedia

A dreamy night at Jaisalmer Dunes The laid-back town of Jaisalmer sits on a hill of yellowish sandstone and is crowned with a magnificent fortress! Fondly referred to as the ‘Golden City,’ Jaisalmer is situated in the heart of the Thar Desert and a World Heritage Site. The grand Havelis of this captivating desert fortification is world-well-known!

What to see

Jaisalmer Fort
Credits: Wikimedia

Jaisalmer Fort is a beautiful sight! This is one of the world’s largest fully preserved fortified cities! The fort is 1,500 ft long and 750 ft wide and is built on a hill that rises above 250 ft above the countryside surrounding it. The sublime Havelis of this captivating desert stronghold is world-well-known! Honeycombed with limited winding paths, fixed with houses and sanctuaries alongside an enormous number of art shops, visitor houses and eateries the one of a kind fortress of Jaisalmer is a living urban focus with around 3,000 inhabitants inside its dividers.

The old town’s narrow streets hide magnificent Havelis, the most famous of which is Patwon ki Haveli! Another big draw here is the beautiful Lake Gadisar.

An ‘out of this world’ night @ Sam Sand Dunes!

Sand Dunes
Credits: Wikimedia

If you think you’ve seen Jaisalmer ‘s best you’ve got it horribly wrong! A desert safari in the Sam Sand Dunes is certainly going to be a once in a blue moon understanding for a large portion of us! Barely any individuals leave Jaisalmer without climbing onto a camel in the encompassing Thar Desert. Also, the view of the sunset over the sprawling red sands is just ‘out of this world!’ Safaris on camelback and stay in tents in Switzerland are truly unique. During the night stay, one also gets to enjoy the mystical beauty of Rajasthani folk dance.

Day 4 – A Four-wheel drive in the Great Indian Desert!

Desert on four wheels
Credits: Wikimedia

Exploring the Thar Desert on four wheels is an exciting experience. A four-wheel drive in the morning, across the vast horizons of red sand, is definitely enriching.

A haunted village in the midst of the desert? If you have something to do with haunting and paranormal activities, you have to visit the haunted village of Kuldhara! The strange and eerie silence here is definitely going to add to the spookiness! Spend the rest of the day enjoying the wonderful architecture of the Havelis or shopping on the street markets! However, leave for Ajmer in the evening as it is best to visit Ajmer Dargah early in the morning.

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Day 5- Travel to the holy Ajmer Sharif Dargah!

Ajmer Jain Temple
Credits: Wikimedia

Ajmer is home to the famous Dargah Sharif, which houses the Tomb of Garib Nawaz, also known as Moinuddin Chisti, the founder of the Chisti Sufism Order.

The Holy City also has picturesque lakes of Anasagar and Foy Sagar, ornate Jain and Hindu temples, and some other historical monuments worth a visit! A 3-hour journey from Ajmer will take you back to the town of Jaipur. Either you can spend the rest of the day visiting the unseen places of historic Jaipur, or you can take a 5-hour ride to Agra!

Did you know that? Jaipur is part of the world-famous Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit along with Agra and Delhi!

Exploring the full grandeur of Rajasthan requires a lot more time and budget! But this 5-day Rajasthan Travel Itinerary ensures that you don’t afford to miss Rajasthan ‘s soul. The majestic fort of Bhangarh, the cities of Udaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner are some of the places that could not be covered by this 5-day Rajasthan tour!

Expectation this multi-day Rajasthan Itinerary comes convenient for you while making a trip to this colourful province of Rajasthan. Need to Customize your excursion plan as indicated by your necessities? We at Pickyourtrail help explorers with adjustable agendas for all their fantasy goals. Upbeat Traveling:)

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