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5 destinations where you could still go treasure hunting!

I have always been an aficionado of treasures. The amount of treasure still at large is unbelievable! The treasures have been so well hidden and concealed that, it leaves even the best of treasure hunters puzzled. But that’s the most exciting part isn’t it? The thrill of treasure hunting! Take a look at some of these fascinating treasures left behind, which could still be found!

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1. Jean Lafitte’s Treasure – New Orleans

Jean Lafitte
Image Credit: Wikipedia

One of the most famous pirates of the Caribbean, this French pirate and his brother Pierre, led a lavish life by continuously attacking merchant ships on the Gulf of Mexico during the early 1800’s. They had made so much money, that they had no choice but to bury their wealth.  This treasure is said to be hidden in Lake Borgne, on the coast of New Orleans.

2. The Amber Room – St. Petersburg

amber room
Image Credit: Scandi Classics

Once called as the 8th wonder of the world, this magnificent gold studded room filled with precious jewels in St. Petersburg was looted by the Nazis in 1941 and put on display at the famous Konigsberg castle, Germany. After Germany’s defeat in the 2nd world war, the treasure mysteriously went missing. Search for the lost treasure is still going strong in Poland, where the infamous Nazi Gold Train was sent to in 1945.

3. The Gold of Leon Trabuco – New Mexico

Leon Trabuco
Image Credit: ZCTU

In 1933 during the Great Depression, Mexican millionaire Leon Trabuco and his partners began purchasing a lot of Gold in Mexico, to later sell in the USA, convinced that the value of Gold would rise to a large extent. Unfortunately for them, the Gold Act was passed wherein, private ownership of Gold was illegal. Trabuco hid the 16 tonnes of Gold he had amassed, in the desert of New Mexico. Soon after they had hidden the Gold, Trabuco and his partners were found dead. Scores of treasure hunters have failed to locate the Gold. This treasure is still at large in the desert of New Mexico.

4. The San Miguel Treasure – Cuba

The San Miguel
Image Credit: For Wallpaper

One of the most valuable treasures that could ever be found,  worth over 2 Billion$, this majestic Spanish ship called The San Miguel now lies underneath the vast ocean near Cuba. The San Miguel, along with a dozen other Spanish ships, fell victim to a merciless hurricane, which resulted in complete destruction. Treasure hunters have recovered some gold from the smaller ships, but have failed to trace The San Miguel, which contains the biggest bounty of them all.

5. Lake Topiltz’s Nazi loot – Austrian Alps

nazi loot
Image Credit: Mult-kor

On the brink of the end of World War 2, the Nazis fled to the Austrian Alps and dumped huge amounts of Gold and priceless art inside Lake Topiltz. Treasure hunters recovered several counterfeit notes from under the lake, but due to a lot of logs inside the lake, it is near impossible to recover the entirety of the Nazi loot.

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