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5 Most Spectacular Experiences In The Maldives Which You Can’t Afford To Miss – WOW MOMENTS GUARANTEED!

Imagine getting away from the busy city vibes and landing in a place that is full of sparkling beaches, top-notch villas, thrilling water sports, fascinating spots, mouthwatering seafood and lively vibes. Well, this celebrity land is worth all the hype, right? Has the Maldives got you? If yes, you are on the right page. We here at Pickyourtrail have curated a list of the 5 most spectacular experiences in the Maldives which you can never miss to experience on your vacation. Continue reading and find out what the Maldives has got to surprise you.

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5 Most Spectacular Experiences In The Maldives

  • Water Sports – For Some Adrenaline Rush Moments
  • Island Hopping – Explore the beauty of every island
  • Visit Male – Head to the capital city for some striking moments on your vacation diary
  • Go for a Spa treatment – A treat to yourself
  • Dining in the Maldives – Get ready for a lovely destination dining

1. Water Sports – For Some Adrenaline Rush Moments

Water sport in the Maldives
Image Credits: Unsplash

No vacation to the Maldives can be fulfilled without taking part in water sports. You may be a swimmer or a non-swimmer, there are plenty of water sports waiting to kickstart adventure in the Maldives for you! You may be on your honeymoon trip, solo trip, family trip or on an adventure trip, Maldives exclusively have certain water sports which are specialised for any kind of a traveller you may be. Some of the must-try water sports are –

Banana Boat –

The Banana Boat is a super fun water sport to try. Especially, if you are on a family vacation to the Maldives, this could be REAL FUN. This water sport includes a long inflatable banana kind of a tube boat where you will be strapped to. In addition, this activity can be done for 10 – 15 minutes.

Scuba Diving –

Without any doubts, the Maldives is one of the best places to scuba diving, right? If you would love to discover a new world underwater, you will definitely have to choose diving. In fact, the Maldives has world-famous diving spots which attract thousands of people every year.

Parasailing –

Take parasailing for a lovely fly-high memory! The bird-eye view from the top is what we all need, right? Parasailing is one of the worthiest water sport to take in the Maldives. This ten minutes activity will give you a lifetime memory which you will rewind and play on your memory lane.

2. Island Hopping – Explore The Beauty Of Every Island

An island in the Maldives
Image Credits: Unsplash

The second one to enter the list of the 5 most spectacular experiences in the Maldives is Island Hopping. Being in the Maldives, Island Hopping is a must-try experience, right? The Maldives captivates a whooping 1000 plus islands and each island has something special. Let it be the glam resorts, striking water sports or the mesmerizing scenic beauty, you will find something on every island which will surely impress you! While you book your package itself, you can be rest assured that the transfers for the movements between the islands also will be arranged accordingly. All you need to do is to only enjoy the lively islands. Some of the must-see islands are –

Mirihi Island –

Mihiri Island is one of the most beautiful islands and has a charming spell that would make you fall for its beauty as soon as you step into the island. Widely known for its water sports and scenic beauty, Mihir Island is a must to add to your island hopping list.

Baros Island

Baros Island is a picturesque island that houses a number of attractions and is well known for its water pool villas. A quick 25-minutes ride from the International Airport of the Maldives will take you to this stunning island.

3. Visit Male – Head To The Capital City For Some Striking Moments On Your Vacation Diary

An overview of Male city
Image Credits: Unsplash

Here comes the Capital of the Maldives, Male! If you would love to enjoy your day in a Maldivian way of style, make sure to visit this city. What not! You have it all here in the capital city. Right from glam pubs, souvenir shops, historic monuments, busy markets, you will find the best of all here. Some of the must-see places are –

Grand Friday Mosque –

The Grand Friday Mosque is the biggest and important mosque in the entire Maldives. One of the important things to notify about the mosque is its stunning piece of architecture. The white marble with a sparkling gold dome gives a unique touch to the mosque. A visit to this mosque is undoubtedly one of the best things to do on your Maldives vacation.

National Museum –

Visit the National Museum and get to know the whole history of the Maldives on a single rooftop. On the first floor of the museum, you will find displays of weapons and household artefacts from medieval history. The second floor of the museum gives you an insight into the modern era.

4. Go for a Spa treatment – A treat to yourself

Spa treatment
Image Credits: Unsplash

This is truly one of the 5 most spectacular experiences in the Maldives, isn’t it? The whole purpose of having a vacation is to keep you relaxed, right? And the best way to do that in the Maldives is to take a spa treatment. The spa treatment will help one to relax their mind and will rejuvenate their skin by giving a natural glow. Most of the resorts have a package that includes a list of spa treatments, from which one can choose according to their interest. Some of the best spa in the Maldives are –

Serenity Spa

You will find an array of spa and massage therapies here to rejuvenate your soul. Interestingly, you can select any solitary location on the island as your spa venue. Cool, huh?

Sundari Ayurvedic Spa

The beauty rituals are performed here by using the ancient healing technique of Ayurveda which makes the Sundari Ayurvedha Spa very unique in nature.

5. Dining in the Maldives – Get ready for a lovely destination dining

Dine at Maldives
Image Credits: Unsplash

The final one to enter the list of 5 spectacular experiences in the Maldives is the dining experience. The destination dining experience in the Maldives is something beyond imagination. Imagine having the delicious dish at a lovely open destination area under the stars, surrounded by sparkling candlelights and surrounded striking waters. Truly an awe moment, isn’t it? This is also one of the most romantic things one can do in the Maldives. Some of the best dining places in the Maldives are –

Gourmet beach dining at One & Only Reethi Rah

Indulge in a beautifully crafted four-course menu which is prepared by the private chef and accompanied with champagnes.

Sandbank dining at Baros Maldives

Escape into romanticism by taking your better half to the sandbank dining at the Baros Maldives for a soulful experience that will be etched in your hearts forever.

And, so does the list of the 5 most spectacular experiences in the Maldives comes to an end. Well, understood the hype behind the Maldives? It’s all truly worth it to make your dream vacation come true. Now that you have got to know the top 5 experiences, it’s time for you to lively experience these for REAL! All you need to do is to check on the amazing Maldives travel packages on the Pickyourtrail website to make your Maldives vacation happen!

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