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5 Reasons why Europe could be within your budget

We predict Europe to be the next happening destination in year 2017, we predict you can travel Europe on budget with us! For those who at this point have a disappointed look on their faces, we are going to be breaking a few myths on Europe. Those that make you think that Europe wouldn’t fit into your budget. 


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Myth #1: A European vacation is not a Value-For-Money.

Myth #2: Europe is the Eiffel tower, Gondola Rides, Louvre.

Myth#3: Europe is for couples and solo travellers

We beg to differ. Well, read on and we will give you 5 reasons why Europe is a great Value-For-Money Destination. We bet you would want to plan a trip to Europe soon by the end of this!

Reason #1 – One Visa, Many Countries

The Schengen Visa
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A tour of the whole of Europe with just one little stamp on your visa! The Schengen visa is the biggest reason as to why you should consider Europe – one Visa for many countries! The Schengen Visa takes you across 26 member countries of the European Union that are border free – your first hack to travelling Europe on budget!

Since all these countries share the common travel and movement rights, you can visit more than one country with just one visa. Imagine building a snowman on the Swiss Alps one day and the very next you could be gaping at the Eiffel tower in France! How much easier can that get. You want to know where else to go – right here!

Reason #2 – Free Sightseeing

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Europe has a whole lot of sightseeing that can be done for free. If you are a student, then there is more reason to be happy, as a lot of Europe’s sights are free for those under the age of 26. The best known museums in Spain are free over the weekend! The Louvre Museum in France is one example, it is open to all on the first Sunday of the month. Europe has a culture of walking tours, many of which are free and give you a gist of the city and its culture in a day. A lot of the best in Europe can be had for free if you just plan around it, and that’s where we at PickYourTrail come in!

Reason #3 – Something for everyone

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Europe boasts of rich culture and heritage, from food to architecture to leisure, there is something for everyone here. Did you know that Lyon in France is considered to be the gastronomic capital of Europe? For all those food-a-holics, Lyon is where you should be. Others, don’t be disappointed; this city is home to the celebrated Opera House and has a happening nightlife too. What else does Europe hold you may wonder? Seville brings together Spanish and Moorish histories in quaint architecture and museums. And if you aren’t into history, just pick up a cycle and explore the city that has almost 100km of cycle lanes! Looking for some spectacular scenery? Reine is a quaint little village in Norway that is a hidden European gem. Take a ferry and get lost in this village. And yes, don’t miss out on the Northern Lights when the season kicks in.

Reason #4 – Great public transport!


To travel Europe on budget use (and overuse) Europe’s legendary public transport system. So much so that it’s often a joke that most Europeans go by without learning how to drive! As a traveller, using the maximum of Europe’s efficient public transport is the best way to save time, money and yes, actually take in the culture of the place. Trains, subways, buses, taxis – you name it and Europe has it. Oh yes, we forgot the bicycle, which is a totally self-sufficient and eco friendly way of travelling. Maps of the city are always at hand, with information on stops and important landmarks. When you buy a ticket, be sure to enquire what is covered in it and if there are bonuses you get along with these. Navigate smart between these many options and we guarantee you that you would have had the best holiday experience ever!

Reason #5 – Inter-Europe budget airlines


Hop in and out of destinations within Europe at extremely competitive flight rates. Thanks to the many Low Cost carriers that operate between European cities, Europe on budget is a possible dream. No longer does a person exploring Europe have to depend on trains to destinations. There are catches though – check destinations very carefully and what the add on costs like baggage and such. Airlines like Ryanair fly to the most of Europe’s happening cities. Keep scanning rates to check when you get the best bargains.


Europe Tour Package Starting @ ₹ 48,268


Or better still, easy way out is to ask us at Pickyourtrail to plan your entire Europe Tour Packages!

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