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5 Most Spectacular Bali Volcano Treks to Experience On Your Trip

Bali. The Isle of the Gods. The land of immensely beautiful white sand beaches, lush paddy fields, coral reefs and of course, formidable volcanic mountains, both active and extinct. Volcano trekking is a highly-recommended activity, both by climbing and trekking veterans and novices. After relaxing in the serene beaches and taking in the local culture of the island, a trek up Bali’s iconic gunungs will prove to be a spectacular experience. Fancy Bali Volcano Treks? Here’s a list of the 5 best volcano treks in Bali. Book your Bali vacation with us in no time here!

1. Mount Batur

Volcano, Bali, Mount Batur, Volcanoes in Bali, Volcano Trekking
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Located in the village of Kintamani in north-eastern Bali, Mount Batur is easily the most popular volcano among tourists. The active volcano rises to a height of 1717 m above sea level and is considered holy by the locals. The trek is a fairly easy one compared to the other volcanoes in Bali and first-timers can attempt it without fear of extreme fatigue. As you complete your early morning 3 hour climb to the top , you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the sunrise over the caldera’s lake and Mount Rinjani in the distance.

Here’s how our traveller Shilpa enjoyed her trek up Mount Batur, planned by our Pickyourtrail planning team!

  Summit height                – 1717 m

 Difficulty level                 – Easy

 Time taken for the trek  – 3 hours

 Recommended for          – People who are new to volcano trekking and prefer a relatively easy trek.

 Cost of trek package       – 3500 to 4000 INR per person

2. Mount Agung

Volcano, Bali, Mount Agung, Volcanoes in Bali, Volcano Trekking
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Unlike Mount Batur, trekking up Mount Agung is a very demanding activity, and definitely not for those of us who need to take a couple of minutes to catch our breath after conquering a flight of stairs. Mount Agung is the highest point in Bali, with the enormous volcano towering a whopping 3031 metres above sea level! The volcano is home to the revered Pasar Agung temple and the mother temple of Besaikh. The trek generally starts at either of these two locations, with the former route taking 4 to 5 hours to reach the summit, and  the latter demanding an arduous trek of 6 to 7 hours.

 Summit height                – 3031 m

 Difficulty level                 – Hard

 Time taken for the trek  – 6 to 7 hours

 Recommended for          – Experienced climbers/ trekkers, People who possess reasonably high levels of physical fitness.

 Cost of trek package       – 7000 to 9500 INR

3. Mount Catur

Volcano, Bali, Mount Catur, Volcanoes in Bali, Volcano Trekking, Puncak Mangu
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Housed in the Bratan Caldera in the northwest part of Bali, Mount Catur is an extinct volcano. Standing at 2096 m, Mount Catur or Pucak Mangu as it is commonly called by the locals, is the fourth highest of the volcanoes in Bali. The trek offers picturesque views, with the trail dotted by serene shrines and other historically significant spots. Averaging 3 to 4 hours to reach the summit, the trek takes you through beautiful forests, so take your time to enjoy the views and the places. A breathtaking view of the three lakes of the Bratan Caldera awaits you at the top, along with the summit temple of Pura Pucak Mangu, where Indonesians still come to offer prayers. While the Mount Catur trek isn’t as difficult as Mount Agung, it still requires a moderate amount of physical fitness.

 Summit height                – 2096 m

 Difficulty level                 – Moderate

 Time taken for the trek  – 3 to 4 hours

 Recommended for          – Those who want to explore shrines and the mountain’s natural splendour and enjoy picturesque views.

 Cost of trek package       – 5000 INR and above

4. Mount Batukaru

Volcano, Bali, Mount Batukaru, Volcanoes in Bali, Volcano Trekking
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Located in the Tabanan regency of Bali, the dormant Mount Batukaru is the second highest volcano in Bali. The stark difference between this trek and the rest is that dense tropical rainforests mark the trail up Mount Batukaru. The trail is hidden away from the populated and more touristy areas of Bali, and dense forest cover often blocks the views. If you want a respite from the crowded treks and places of Bali, the Batukaru volcano trek is a must-do. Through the 5 hour trek, you will be able to spot some of the local wildlife, like the Macaque monkey, the Pangolin and small deer species, among others.

The view at the top is a sight to behold, as you will be able to see the Bedugal lakes, Mount Agung and the island of Java, all while enshrouded in the complete tranquility of the gunung’s rainforest.  You can also visit the numerous temples that dot the trail.

 Summit height                – 2275 m

 Difficulty level                 – Moderate

 Time taken for the trek  – Around 5 hours

 Recommended for          – People who want to go off the beaten track and enjoy walking through serene tropical rainforests away from the populated areas.

 Cost of trek package       – Around 6000 INR

5. Mount Rinjani

Volcano, Bali, Mount Rinjani, Volcanoes in Bali, Volcano Trekking
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Mount Rinjani, though not in Bali, is THE defining volcano trekking experience for people visiting Bali. Imagine a 3 day 2 night trek where you camp out in the mountains at night, with the stars above you and the Segara Anak crater lake resting beside you, far away from civilization! That is what the Mount Rinjani trek offers. At 3726 m, it towers over the volcanoes in Bali, being the second highest volcano in all of Indonesia. Located at Lombok, which is a half-hour flight journey from Bali, the enormous mountain dominates the relatively small island that houses the volcano and the national park it is a part of.

While the view from the summit is nothing short of incredible and the trek is dotted by beautiful lakes, waterfalls, hot springs and the like, do not attempt this trek if camping out and some heavy-duty trekking is not your thing.

 Summit height                – 3726 m

 Difficulty level                 – Moderate

 Time taken for the trek  – Multi-day, depending on the package you want. 2D1N or 3D2N recommended.

 Recommended for          – People who want to go off the beaten track and enjoy walking through serene tropical rainforests away from the populated areas.

 Cost of trek package       – Prices for a couple vary from 10000 to 15000 INR for the 3D2N package + 1000 to 2000 INR for a quick flight from Bali to Lombok

Bonus: Tips Before You Go Volcano Trekking In Bali!

  1. Wearing comfy shoes with good grip. Investing in a decent trekking shoe is recommended since some terrain can be difficult to handle without.
  2. Wear clothing in layers. It gets colder as you get to the summit. Sweat absorbent clothing is recommended, since you’ll sweat during the ascent.
  3. A head torch is a must, since many trekking trips begin very early in the morning (2 am to 4 am) in order to catch the sunrise at the top.
  4. Carry lots of water to avoid dehydration. Food and water can also be purchased from sellers on the way, if you don’t plan to carry your own food.
  5. Book a local guide. While some treks can be attempted without one, having a guide is practical and just smart, and will mostly add to the experience.
  6. Trekking is best done in the local dry season of April to September. Plan your trekking trips accordingly.
  7. Respect the local culture. The Balinese are a very nice and helpful people, so it’s only right that you respect them too.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your trekking shoes, pull up your sleeves, and go conquer the volcanoes in Bali!


So what’s better than experiencing Bali Volcano Treks? Doing it on your honeymoon with the love of your life! Find out why Bali should be the destination for your dream honeymoon here! And here’s how our client Dharmendra had the honeymoon of his dreams at Bali through Pickyourtrail!

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