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Written by Guest Author on September 3, 2021 Share on

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Dubai

Dubai has undergone an incredible transformation in the last couple of decades from its humble beginning as a silent fishing village to being United Arab Emirates’ richest and most luxurious city.

If it has been your lifelong dream to bask in the heat and live the lavish lifestyle in Dubai, you need to learn a few things before doing the big move and hiring movers to help you relocate. You’re in luck because we compiled a little list of the “must-knows” if you decide to embark on this journey. Read on to know more.

1. Meet people in different walks of life from all over the world

Most big cities around the globe welcome tourists warmly. However, Dubai’s community for expats is just at a whole new level. As of 2020, 85% of the population of this famous international city is expats, twice as high as the expat population of another famous city, Singapore, which is at 41%. This is great news for anyone who wants to make a fresh start and make friends with people who come from different countries.

2. Say goodbye to the phrase “TGIF”

If you decide to move to Dubai, you need to get accustomed to a new work week schedule. Instead of having a Saturday and Sunday weekend, you need to start getting used to a Friday and Saturday one.

Of course, you’re asking why. In Islam, Friday is holy for them—which means that no one is going to work during that day. It may take a while to get used to but after a couple of weeks, you will eventually adjust to this new weekend schedule.

3. English is spoken by people everywhere

If you’re not too confident in speaking Arabic and you’re only fluent in English, you’re in luck because English is spoken by almost everyone in Dubai. This is good for you if you want to get around the city without the fear of not being able to communicate with people.

With that being said, most people who live in Dubai for at least a couple of weeks, including you, will also pick up some Arabic words eventually. For example, when you walk in the street and some stranger shouts “Yalla!” behind you, it means that you need to hurry up.

4. Dubai is a place that is very safe to live in

Last year (2020), the United Arab Emirates was the only country in the world to have three cities – Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai – included in the top 10 safest cities to live in the globe. Strict punishments, publicly-announced convictions, long prison sentences, and the roaming of undercover police agents all help in making Dubai one of the safest cities to reside in.

As proof, it’s not surprising to see a luxurious car parked outside a coffee shop or store with the keys stuck in the ignition or a laptop left on the table with no person around for an hour or more.

5. Hire a reputable yet affordable moving company

When looking for professional movers, it is best to do your homework before the actual move. High-rated moving companies have long understood the importance of good standing and will go the extra mile to maintain that to lead the competition in the United Arab Emirates. That is why the best movers in Dubai are committed to providing excellent quality service partnered with relatively low prices as these two are the secret ingredient to stay at the top.


Moving to Dubai can be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. It’s unsurprising as it is a huge city and a very expensive one too. However, it can also be the best you’ll ever commit yourself to. Just like moving to any other cities, you need to do your research first and plan your relocation well before the actual moving date.

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