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A picture of buildings shaping the river, UAE
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UAE: A 5-Year Tourist Visa for the Land of Dreams

The United Arab Emirates, a country filled with awesome destinations, attracts thousands of travelers every year, popularly known for the entertainment it provides, mesmerizing with stunning skyscrapers and amazing nightlife, definitely needs no introduction. Whether it is the mix of cultures or the amazing nightlife or the adrenaline rush activities, one can never argue on the versatility that UAE has. People flock not only during the peak seasons but you may find tourists in the streets even on offseasons. To date, the longest visa to UAE available was up to 90 days. To further establish the country to be a leading tourism destination, the government has taken a step of 5years tourist visa. Are you someone planning a trip to UAE and needs information on the multiple entries 5-year UAE tourist Visa? Here you go!

An awesome view of the tall standing buildings in Dubai, UAE
Photo by Wael Hneini on Unsplash

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The multiple-entry 5-year UAE tourist Visa

The 5-year UAE tourist visa with multiple entries is well-received not only by foreign travelers but by the residents of the country as well. There are a few things that one should know before going for a 5-year of UAE tourist Visa. Find everything about the visa below:

The maximum duration of the UAE tourist visa: 5-year
Number of entries: Multiple
Essentials: A copy of the first page of your passport, a photograph, travel details and a valid email address. 

A picture illustrating the Visa approval
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From tourists wanting to explore the country to even professionals, the UAE attracts all kinds of people. The amount of improvements that the UAE has done in terms of betterment to the tourists is the main reason it stays on the list of top-visited places. The government has now introduced a 5-year tourist visa with multiple entries, yet another idea of promoting tourism. Keep reading and get to know everything about the multiple entries 5-year UAE tourist Visa.

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When and Why?

The UAE cabinet has granted approval for the new UAE tourist visa. The visitors to the UAE can use this visa for 5 years with multiple entries. In the cabinet meeting of 2020 which was chaired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, he announced the UAE tourist visa that would be valid for 5 years. This is another step the government of the UAE has taken in order to make it easy for tourists to stay on the list of top-visited destinations.

Ali Mohammad Bin Hammad Al Shamsi who is the chairman of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship once said that the UAE would always focus on the global developments happening around and stay tuned in bringing out the best ways to promote the growth of the country. He also stated that the UAE government will always continue to do what will benefit the tourists and the country themselves including the Golden Visa.

Implementation of the 5-year UAE tourist visa

  1. Visa implementation is the complete responsibility of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.
  2. As per the reports, the process of getting the Visa like the eligibility and criteria stays the same as of other 30 days and 90 days Visas.
  3. And one thing that people should note is, for every entry to the country, the Visa may allow the visitors to stay only for 6 months at a stretch.
A picture of the free entry visa of UAE
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EXPO 2020

In addition, the chairman of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship stated that the idea of a 5-year tourist visa came up, considering the Expo 2020. Among the 21 million visitors who plan a trip to UAE every year, most of them are to Dubai. Keeping this in mind, the 5-year Dubai visa would surely be helpful to every visitor. What they have planned for has been achieved as so many travelers showed interest in this.

An awesome picture of Expo 2020 in Dubai in UAE
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Introducing this can be exciting and make the visitors’ number go really high. It does not just increase the number of visitors but also increases the stay of their trip for a comparatively longer-term. Who will not welcome the idea of reducing the efforts of getting a visa every year if you would like to visit and revisit? In short, the implementation of the 5-year visa is a catalyst to grow more globally.

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What attracts most people?

Given that this is applicable for people from all nationalities, this would be the best way to attract people. Reducing the fees and the hectic process of visa application, travelers would prefer this. Moreover, visitors making their way to the UAE would surely revisit because of its surreal beauty. This move could help in the next 50 years of the country’s development as the UAE is expecting 10 million by the year 2021 and 40 million in the next 10 years. The government is even planning to change the gulf countries to tourism destinations. No wonder, the UAE never fails to fascinate people all over the world.

An amazing pictures of the sky-touching buildings in UAE
Photo by Omar Bakri on Unsplash

Benefits for the residents

Imagine you are visiting your relatives’ home in the UAE and don’t want to come back as planned? But you will choose to come back because of the hectic visa extension process. But now, the 5-year tourist visa will solve it. You can take a 5-year tourist visa and spend more time with your loved ones residing in the UAE. This surely will double the number of tourists to the UAE and grow tourism more. For that, this 5-year UAE visa would stand as a key pillar. Yet the country has not come up with the fees of the visa.

Advantages of the 5-year UAE visa

  1. Reducing the processing time of visa application
  2. No repeated processes of applying for the visa
  3. No need to make multiple payments
  4. Staying with your loved ones in UAE for a longer period
  5. Giving convenience to job seekers
  6. Spend lesser money if you take 5-year in total than taking separately

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Who wouldn’t want to visit such a place where you will find something for everyone along with the tradition and culture? If visiting the UAE is your next plan, I am sure this 5-year UAE tourist Visa will get you closer. Who knows? You might even become a repeated traveler since you know you have the visa ready for 5 years. When everything about visiting the UAE is so easy, why wait to plan your own trip? It’s time for you to try out some adrenaline rush activities, get stunned at the tall standing buildings, spend some leisure time, and finally feel like an Emirati. Plan your trip soon to UAE with us to have seamless customer support any time of the day. Check out the various Dubai tour packages on the Pickyourtrail and customize the way you want the itinerary to be.

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