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New Zealand – Dream Destination for Kids

The island nation of New Zealand is known for a lot of things – adventure, mesmerising scenes of nature, a great wining experience and a lot more. However it is less known for being a great vacation destination for the family – especially fro the younger breed of the house. So, we are here, your very own vacation experts, to fight the case. To establish that New Zealand is a great idea for vacation for the kids.

Here’s why ~

Jetboating, Queenstown

This is definitely not a walk in the park – it is better. And the kids will love this one. Jetboating will take you through on a jet boat ride through river gorges, sheer rock faces and across water channels – shimmying through the shingled river banks. Categorized as one of the never-miss activities in New Zealand, satiate your thrill-cravings with this huge dollop of adventure.

Jetboating on Dart River
Image credit – magnomundi

The Shotover Jet, for instance, takes you across the canyon of the Shotover river – it has exclusive access to this region – in a span of 20 minutes. K Jet in Queenstown is 1 hour ride across the Shotover and the Kawaru rivers spanning upto 43km. Combine a forest walk with a jetboat ride with Dart River Jet Wilderness across the glacier-speckled waters of Dart river and through the Mt. Aspiring National Park.

Glacier walk, West Coast

Speaking of glacier-speckled-waters, it makes more sense to pay a visit to the glacier country of West Coast, doesn’t it? Picnic at the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers located near the Franz Josef village. The glaciers, 13 km in length, receive 30 metres of snowfall every year. An expedition to these glaciers could involve a guided ice walk or a heli hike or even a aerial sightseeing option.

Glacier walk with family at Franz Josef glacier
Image credit – mtcook

A walk through these massive glaciers is both an enchanting and a humbling experience – cue the sheer enormity of the glaciers. After the guided walk through these magnificent ice slabs, maybe stop by Lake Matheson – New Zealand’s most photographed lake – and open the picnic basket. A little air and some family bonding will do wonders for the kids.

Lake Matheson
Image credit – glaciercountry

Puzzling World, Wanaka

Wanaka is a favourite among families, not only for its picturesque lakeside location but for the many opportunities it presents for family fun. Snow based and water based entertainment are aplenty. What – literally – steals the show is the Puzzling World. Located on the Wanaka-Luggate Highway, the Puzzling World experience is fun, bizarre and more fun in succession. From the Great Maze that is first pitstop to the Ames Room that plays with your illusion – the kids be engaged and you will have fun too!

Puzzling World in Wanaka
Image credit – commons.wikimedia

Enter Illusion Room, Hologram Hall, Wall Wonders and Hall of Following Faces and you are in for some bizarre fun that will send you in a tizzy while you have the time of your life. This is the fun kind of stupefied (unlike the wrong idea of stupefied that some wizard folks seem to have, tsk). There is, of course, Tumbling Towers, Leaning House and Leaning Tower to look forward – test your sense of balance as you struggle to stand up straight. If you thought straight was overrated, this is the place to be! Had a great day and looking for souvenirs or (for those with simpler needs) food? The Gift Shop and Cafe are a walk away. This is little detour off the highway is all your kids need when in New Zealand!

The Skyline Queenstown Luge

Screaming and running kids – too out of your league of control? Worry not, place them in a luge and set them free. The Skyline Queenstown Luge ride that is part go kart and part toboggan, 800 metres of pure fun and adventure awaits you and your kids. A chairlift will take you to the building complex of Skyline Queenstown Luge with a 800 metre track set out. Two tracks diverged and all that – choose between the Blue and the Red track. With gentle gradients, and easy bends, tunnels and dips; the Blue track forms a leisurely ride. Want more tunnels, cuts, tunnels and banked corners? The Red track is your one way ticket to adventure. Grab onto it and don’t let go.

Plus the luge is completely safe – equipped with a steering and a braking system that lets you have complete control over the luge. Feel like you have had enough? (We feel you, once is never enough!) A gondola ride will take you to the base terminal, Bercon street.

Rainbow’s End Theme Park, Auckland

Theme parks are synonymous to entertainment, fun and, of course, family time. And the largest one in New Zealand, Rainbow’s End, will give you all of this – quantity doubled. With twenty rides created to give you fun, entertainment and, if need be, thrills; Rainbow’s End has everything for the family. From rides like Log Flume and Pirate Ship where the entire family can tag along and have a gala time to Stratofear for those in the family who are adrenaline-ly charged and NEED action.

Rainbow's EndThere is no babysitting or “honey, take this ride; I’ll take care of the kids” here.

With a separate section called the Kidz Kingdom, entirely dedicated for those aged 8 years and below, there is no need to fret about leaving your toddlers un-entertained. For they will be charmed by the buzz of activity and the variety of options Kidz Kingdom has. Rides like Choco Express, Car wash convoy, Space Shuttle, Surf n Swing, Carousel, Magic bikes, Jumpin’ star, Fortress of fun, and The Dixie Chickens will keep them engaged. Comfy land – jungle gym reconceptualized – is filled with crazy mirrors and musical activities. It’s always fun and family time at Rainbow’s End!

Zorbing, Roturua

Fancy rolling down a hill in an inflatable ball? It is a lot more fun than we make it sound. We promise. Lose control in the zorb and let gravity choose your path. Available for everyone 6 years and older, the Zorb globe riding experience is a must-try. Choose Zydro and you are in for some water-splashing fun as you roll down the hill. Rather remain dry as you zorb downhill? Choose the Zorbit ride. With four track options and eight ride variations, there are so many choices to make and so many options to try out. Don’t hold back – not that you can, now. 😉

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