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7 Awesome family summer vacation ideas!

Plan ahead for that much-awaited summer vacation with our family summer vacation ideas! No last minute flight bookings, qualms over destinations and activities you all want to try out. None of that. Look instead, at these experiences, you can try out with your tiny tots and teens. And who better than us who have helped more than 5000 travellers explore the world!

Ocean Park, Hong Kong ~

Image credit – oceanpark

Not just another amusement park this one, Ocean Park has a range of experiences lined up for the little ones and your family as a whole. Alongside exhilarating amusement rides, give your oceanic counterparts a wave. Visit the marine mammal park, the oceanarium and sit back for some over-the-top entertainment at the Ocean Theatre: featuring their evergreen Sea Dreams production.

A little hands on something? Sign up to be an Honorary Panda Keeper for the day with your tots. Out of the world experiences await your kids and you at the Hong Kong 3D Museum. The fun is limitless at Hong Kong! Go discover for yourself.

Dog Sledding, Iceland~

It wasn’t declared flippantly that dogs are man’s best friends. There is an universal, undying truth to it. So how about vacation experience featuring these four-legged fur-balls of affection? Sleighing isn’t reserved for Christmas – head over to Iceland this summer for some Dog Sledding fun. Featuring Greenlandic dogs, (the very adorable) Siberian and Alaskan huskies. Gather your thermal wear and boot up – this will be the ride of your life. Cutting through cold air, dashing through the snow – literally!

And, of course, the much awaited climax to the trip – a belly rub session, declared mandatory by DogSledding – with your faithful sledge-drivers. Here are some other sure-shot ways to whip up fun while in Iceland.

Sentosa Island, Singapore ~

Image credit – touristexpedition

Being marooned on an island has never seemed this appealing. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the variety of fun activities lined up for the kids and you. Luge with your kids along a 600 m trail at high speeds – you are invincible here, truly. Skyline Luge offers a range of trails – from dragon to jungle, choose the one that appeals most and get luging. Not feeling pumped enough? Jump on next to Adventure River. Again pick and choose between 7 thrilling water rides – each with its own landscape, some even fairly imitating the Amazon jungle. Some fun and lots of family bonding. Set your time machine to place – Sentosa and date – 2017.

The Puzzling World, New Zealand~

Image credit – jennyds

Yes. The Middle Earth – the land of hobbits, dragons and a whole other world as portrayed by Hollywood. The Shire isn’t that inaccessible and Narnia isn’t too far away – no shuffling through old wardrobes anymore. New Zealand is aptly a place of much magic – just go there, and you will know. Fantasy is great and all, you say, but how to keep them kids entertained? Look no farther than New Zealand. At Wanaka, the Puzzling World stands tall – for all the kids it has engaged and all the families that continue to make memories here. From illusion distortion to maze – this has it all. We recommend the Leaning House, Hologram Hall, Great Maze and the Ames Room.

A whole dollop of entertainment and family time right here at The Puzzling World, Wanaka. But, ooh, New Zealand has more in store for you!

Harry Potter at Orlando Universal Studios, USA ~

Harry Potter cast infront of the Harry Potter set at Orlando Universal Studios
Image credit – pinterest

Somehow one thing childhood is synonymous worldwide is Harry Potter. Maybe you have only gone as far as seeing your child’s eyes light up on encountering Harry Potter merchandise as their birthday present? Want to up your game a bit? Here’s how to: take them to Universal Studios at Orlando. A ride on the Hogwarts train, a trip to Hogsmeade, a tour of Hogwarts Castle, dinner and drinks at Three Broomsticks. There – your kids thrilled and entertained. Oh, and there might be occasional squealing. It is okay – join in or learn to take it in stride.

Here’s a peek into what happened last year at the Celebration of Harry Potter festival :

Jetboating, Queenstown  ~

Jetboating on Dart River

This is something the kids will love. Jetboating will take you through a thrilling ride through river gorges, sheer rock faces and across water channels – shimmying through the shingled river banks. Categorized as one of the never-miss activities in New Zealand, satiate your thrill-cravings with this huge dollop of adventure. Got you thinking of that family summer vacation yet?!

Universal Studios, Singapore ~

Transformers ride Universal studio, Singapore
Image credit – comcast

Universal Studios is all about rides that you and your kids can enjoy. From Battlestar Galactica, 4D Transformer rides or the Jurassic Park water ride, Universal Studios is the place to go if you are vacationing with family in Singapore. Take a photograph at the many kid friendly areas themed on Madagascar or Shrek. Check them out here.

Set to have the time of your life with your beautiful family tagging along? Let’s get talking, then – plan that awesome family summer vacation you always wanted. Trust us, we know the best!

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