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Buy & binge – world’s best food markets

Foodie? Then, this one’s for you. Presenting a collection of our favourite world food markets. Take a virtual tour of the most delectable foods with us.
Find your favourite food market and get there with us! We will take you there. Set out on your adventure with us!

1. Marrakech Night Market – Morocco

This one seems right out of the Disney’s Arabian Nights movie. Snake charmers, fortune tellers, skilled orators and gnawa drummers set up stalls along the row of those selling food and non-food items. Set in the Morocco’s Old City’s main square, the Marrakech is quite a dramatic setting for a market. As you make nifty purchases, don’t ignore the scent wafting from freshly cooked sandwiches. Grilled chicken or lamb stuffed sandwiches and lamb brochettes are crowd pullers. There are even henna stalls set up, if you are feeling adventurous – maybe get a tattoo or two on your hands and legs.

2. Dong Hua Men Night Market – Beijing, China

Dong Hua Men Night Market is located adjacent to Forbidden City off the Wangfujing road. Located at the heart of a tourist center, it is known for being pricey and for the exotic food fare it has on display. From skewered scorpions, seahorses, silkworms – there is a feast lined for those adventurous. For the more timid, the palate of spring rolls, dumplings and candied fruit should get you salivating. The lamb, beef and chicken skewers – you must absolutely try. Along with the smelly tofu, corn on the cob. Ask our travel experts if you want this to be included in your China itinerary!

Image credit – bunnyinseoul

Expect to make a saving as you walk away with a haul of some fresh and  inexpensive fruits, vegetables, teas, tofu products, noodles, meats, delicious pancakes and breads. Another note to travellers, the rates of items are listed in English – so you can give your fingers and those translators a rest!

The Dong hua men night market
Image credit – virtuallynomadic

3. Tiong Bahru Market – Singapore

Tiong Bahru Market is know not just for great food, but impeccably clean food. A health inspector, in fact, constantly keeps the hygiene in check. The market consists of several outdoor food centers – usually covered and cooled with fans. This market is known for its communal dining area where people can gorge on food while exchanging news and small talk. From roast pork to fluffy pancakes and stir fried prawn noodles, Tiong Bahru is associated with a variety of high-quality and regional food fare. Among the best stalls Lee Hong Kee Cantonese Roast, Long Ji Soya Bean Drink, Tiong Bahru Fishball and Koh Brother Pig’s Organ Soup. And speaking of Singapore food, we have the ideal menu for one day in Singapore, and where to get it too – right here!

Peng kueh being prepared
Image credit – aimakan

The Teochew kueh stall is famed for its various traditional cakes – peng kueh or glutinous rice cakes, ku chye kueh or rice flour cake with chives and many, many more. Here’s a little tip from us – ask for pan-fried cakes and prepare for an explosion of flavours. We absolutely recommend paying a visit to the Teck Seng Soyabean milk stall – that whips up some smooth and fresh soya milk. Word is that they serve up a drink called Michael Jackson – a combination of soyabean milk and glass jelly.

Tiong Bharu Market
Image credit – asianurbanepicenters

4. Shilin Night Market – Taipei, Taiwan

Located on a quay on the Keelung River, the Shilin Night Market is the most famous night market in Taipei. There are 539 food stalls in total! Another section caters to other non-food items – clothes and houseware. The market is especially well known for its gourmet snack options. Oyster omelets, stir-fried squids, scallion pancakes, paopao ice, sausage wrapped in glutinous rice, ribs stewed in Chinese herbal sauce and bubble are some of the top-rated favourites of both the locals and tourists. Surrounded by cinemas, arcades and karaoke bars; the Shilin Night Market has lot more to do before giving into a tasty fare.

Oyster Omelette
Image credit – recipeshubs

Opening after sunset – some stalls open at 4 pm, too – almost all stalls are open till midnight and after – some even till 2 am! The Shilin Night Market has become the most well-known night market in Taiwan and today attracts a lot more tourists. It has in fact become synonymous to nightlife among both residents of and visitors to Taipei.

Shilin Night Market
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5. Khlong Toey Market – Bangkok, Thailand

The biggest wet market in Thailand, the Khlong Toey Market  is the place to head for an authentic Asian market experience. The market draws not a lot of tourists, but if a realistic market experience is what you crave, then this is the place to head to. Touring around this huge market lends a laid back experience for the shoppers, while it buzzes with hagglers, vendors conversations. Expect to be treated to cantonese egg noodle soup – served with wontons, green and roast pork – and steamed dumpling, grilled meats and the variety of undeniably yummy Thai sweets.

Khlong Toey market
Image credit – cookiesound

6. Audrix Night Market – Dordogne, France

Regarded a must-visit night market among the world food markets, the Audrix Night Market in France is open every Saturday from mid-June through late-September. With food being brought from the greater Perigord Noir region, the market is stocked with the freshest of fresh produce. Walnuts happen to be the most prevalent of the produce. Want a little music to play as you engage in some shopping and then some tasting? There is an orchestra playing as the market opens every evening.

A snap from the Audrix Night Market in France
Image credit – maisontravers

Gesier salads, red and Bergerac rose wines feature in the stalls. One of our favourites among world food markets, this one holds Marché des Producteurs de Pays. Here only the food of people who have grown or raised and slaughtered what they are cooking to order using local recipes is showcased. Audrix square comes alive every Saturday as stalls are set-up and musicians begin to play – the stage set, now you may begin purchase!

A communal feast featuring the popular red wine of Perigord Noir regionregion
Image credit – maisontravers

7. San Francisco Underground Market – California, USA

From utilitarian cupcakes – each cupcake serves a purpose, there is an awake cupcake that keeps you awake – to gluten free bakery products to pastries and cakes incorporating Central American ingredients to tequila bonbons – the San Francisco Underground Market is a foodie wonderland. Cart tables are organized with bacon-caramel popcorn and orange marmalade sandwiches. Founder Iso Rabins dreamed for this to a place where fledgling cooks could sell their creations without being hassled by regulations. French fries deep fried in duck fat have gathered much attention.

San Francisco Underground Market
Image credit – worldalldetails

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