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Dubai skyscrapers
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How to Plan a 7 Days Itinerary to Dubai

Dubai is one of the most visited destinations by all. Every year Dubai comes up with something new and exciting things to do. One of the richest cities in the world lying on the Persian Gulf’s south-east coast, this man-made wonder houses monstrous skyscrapers, magnanimous buildings and stunning architectures and the place is beyond anyone’s imagination. Dubai not just has the skyscrapers but also has beautiful bridges, barren deserts and so much more which are beyond anyone’s innovation. Are you a fashionista? Strut through sixty-three malls here! Are you an adrenaline junkie? Dubai has more than forty safe but super fun sports just for you! Care for the kids’ happiness? Take them to the Miracle garden and blow their minds away! Satisfy the little nerd in you by visiting anyone out of the forty-seven museums. This never sleeping city has something for everyone. Read on to know what you can do in Dubai within a 7 day period with the following Itinerary.

A 7 Day Itinerary to Dubai

Day 1: Burj Khalifa & Dubai Festival City Mall

Burj Khalifa in Dubai
Image Source: Unsplash

Dubai is mostly a short flight in case you are travelling from India. Once you land in Dubai, check in to your hotel and get refreshed. Start your day in Dubai by visiting the famous architectural structure, the Burj Khalifa. Go to the top and see the sparkling skyline of Dubai from the top during the night, Truly an eye-catching view. Spend some time taking pictures there. After that, you can head to the Dubai Festival City Mall, the mall has got over 400+ stores and unique celebrations happening every day in the night. So head there and have all the fun you can. 

Day 2: The Palms Islands & Dubai Marina

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai
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Visit the artificial islands of Dubai, Palm Islands. Dubai is said to be a man-made country. The country has started everything from scratch and has made itself well established. Spend your day visiting the man-made islands of Dubai, the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Deira island. The famous Palm Jumeirah is shaped exactly like a leaf of a palm tree and it is truly an architectural wonder. The length of Palm Jumeirah has helped in extending the coastal lines of Dubai. While visiting here, make sure you skydive to get the best views. If you are too scared to skydive, we suggest you view them from Dubai Marina.

Day 3: Emirates Mall, Desert Safari & Barbeque Dinner 

Start your day by doing some shopping at the Emirates Mall. Pamper yourself by buying cosmetics at some of the famous brands. All the shopping got you exhausted? Have a bite at the best restaurants in the mall and head to Ski Dubai, an indoor snow resort, a place for everyone to get away from the scorching heat. Looking to do something adventurous, go on a desert safari. Enjoy some of the famous desert activities like Dune bashing, quad biking and even on a Hot air balloon ride and end the day with a grand barbeque dinner under the stars. 

Day 4: Half Day Tour, Dubai Aquarium & Dhow Cruise 

Dubai Aquarium in Dubai
Image Source: Unsplash

Start your day with a scrumptious breakfast and head out to explore the city. Unlock your inner child and experience the rich culture and heritage of Dubai. Once you are outside, make sure you also visit the Dubai Aquarium, an underground aquarium filled with different types of fishes and other sea animals. Slide through them with your head looking into all directions. Later, in the evening, sail across the city’s water on Dubai’s Dhow Cruise, a traditional cruise that allows the tourists to dine in style with some Arabic music in the background and special shows arranged. 

Day 5: Adventure and the Lost Chambers Aquarium

Lost Chambers, Dubai
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Always start your day with a heavy breakfast. Located at Atlantis Palm, Dubai, The Lost Chambers Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world. The place gets its name from a lost city mythically – Atlantis. It tells you the stories of over 65000 animal species that lived and still live in the waters. The place is built with mazes and tunnels with each pathway leading you to interact with different forms of marine life. The aquarium is also famous for snorkelling, windsurfing, floating climbs etc. So if you feel too adventurous, go ahead and try them.

Day 6: Global Village or Ferrari World

Choose what you want!!!

Ferrari world in Dubai
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Ferrari World: Out of the many famous landmarks in Dubai, Ferrari world is also part of it. The place showcases brilliant tracks and cars of the famous car company and is said to be one of the largest theme parks in Dubai. The place has its own racing tracks and a lot more adventure games for the tourists.

Global Village in Dubai
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Global Village: The entire world turned into a miniature, a work of art, where monuments of different countries are kept to symbolize it. The place has got street performances, shows, and all kinds of entertainment inside the village. 

Day 7: Leisure 

Roaming around the city can be fun but can be a little hectic too. Wake up at ease and allow yourself time to relax, maybe spend a day by going to a spa or salon, get a massage and pamper yourself. When you get back, have a good lunch and head back to the room and start packing.  If you do have more time left, head to local souks and shop some aromatic spices. After all, it takes so much time to pack your bags after all that shopping damage is done. ?

Psst! Quick advice: If you plan to buy alcohol, chocolates and electronics, we suggest you buy them at the Dubai Airport, completely Duty-Free. Also, you are allowed to carry an additional 7kgs back home free of cost if purchased at Duty-Free Shops. ✈️


  • Book the Go Dubai Card. You might be using public transports and the feasible way is to have the card and avail off and discounts on the price.
  • Being an Islamic country, alcohol is not permitted on the streets of Dubai, so never bring your drinks out in public.
  • Make sure you plan your trips based on Islamic calendars. During the Islamic festivals, places might not have flexible timings for tourists. 
  • Weekends in Dubai start from Thursday night, so head out as early as you can because Dubai provides one of the safest nightlife. 
  • Carry modest clothes since Dubai does not tolerate people who wear revealing clothes. 

Dubai is fun in its own way. Get the ultimate Emirati experience by flying to Dubai with Pickyourtrail. Still unsure of your itinerary and want to extend your stay in Dubai beyond a 7-day limit? View the various travel packages to Dubai and deals also available on our website or talk to our travel consultants who’ll help you make plans based on your likes. Isn’t it amazing? Reach out to us and travel safely.

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