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7 awesome ways to explore Australia

It might take 15 hours to reach the Land Down Under but at PickYourTrail, you can plan your itinerary in just 10 minutes!  Australia has got some of the most fascinating sites and things to do. From capturing Sunset at Sydney to having fun with the Whale Sharks and to driving along the Great Ocean Road, here’s our ‘Top 7 Reasons to Visit Australia’!

Boxing Day Test @ MCG

Never been to Eden Gardens in Kolkata? How about cheering for Team India amidst a monstrous crowd of 90,000 people at the Melbourne Cricket Ground? The Boxing Day Test is undeniably one of the greatest and highest profile Test matches. Drop Us a Postcard if you are interested to travel down under.

Hot Air Ballooning In Yarra Valley

The home of Victorian wine, the Yarra Valley is an awesome place to indulge in some awe-inspiring pleasures of food, wine, spectacular scenery and inspiring arts. Probably the best way to experience the beauty of the landscape is to rise up, up and away.

Swimming With The Whale Sharks

How about swimming with the largest fish (friendly) on earth? Whether you want to experience the magic of snorkeling with whale sharks or prefer watching them from a boat, Ningaloo Reef is one of the best attractions in Australia.

Exploring The Great Ocean Road & Twelve Apostles

Located on the legendary Great Ocean Drive – World’s Most Fascinating Road-Trip route, the Twelve Apostles in Victoria is undeniably one of the most spectacular stretches of coast anywhere on Earth. And the best way to experience this scenic trail is to travel the PickYourTrail way and explore at your own leisure.

Capturing This Secret Spot in The Blue Mountains

Ever thought that Sydney is all about the Opera House and Harbor?  The reason why Sydney is such a fascinating city is that in addition to beautiful beaches and scintillating nightlife, you can be hiking on the mountains which is a less than 2 hours drive from the city center.

Exploring Lake Hiller

Looks like a Pink Bubble Gum?  Lake Hilller is an incredible natural phenomena not-to-be-missed in Australia. The lake is about 600 meters long, and is surrounded by a rim of sand and a dense woodland of paperbark and eucalyptus trees.

 Selfie With The Tallest Waterfall

Ever thought of relating waterfalls to Australia? At 305m, Wallaman is Australia’s highest sheer drop waterfall and the pool at the bottom of the fall is 20 meters (66 ft) deep.Don’t be surprised if this monstrous fall makes you wonder ‘How small I am’.

Now that you have 7 brilliant reasons to visit the Aussies, don’t forget, Pickyourtrail awaits you. Plan, Customize and Book your Australia tour package, all in under 10 minutes!

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