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7 Tips For An Amazing Summer Camp Experience
Written by Guest Author on February 15, 2021 Share on

7 Tips For An Amazing Summer Camp Experience

To make the most out of the camping experience, you need to stay hydrated, have proper food, stay aware of wildlife, and have an emergency medkit.

Camping is a great way to spend your summer vacation. You can enjoy nature, have quality time with your close ones, and get rid of your boredom. In Australia, summer camping is very popular, and during summer vacations, most people spend a few days camping in the wilderness.

Things To Enjoy While Camping

There are many things to enjoy while camping in Australia. It basically boils down to where you are camping. If you are out camping on a beach, then you can enjoy the vast sea, the sunset, and the sunrise.

The views from Stockton Beach or from the beaches of Central Coast at Wyong are a sight for sore eyes.

And not only beaches, but there are also other camping spots such as parks and campgrounds. There are a lot of facilities in these campsites, such as fireplaces, events, prizes, and a playground for kids.

In the national park, camping out in the wild is also a thrilling experience. You get a first-hand experience of how it feels to be in the wilderness. Australia has so many things to offer, and it is all up to you how much you can enjoy.

The Must-Knows About Camping

While you are out camping, there are a few things you must know. You will find your camping to be more enjoyable if you consider these tips.

1. Stay Hydrated In The Heat

Summer in Australia can get really hot. Temperatures can rise to 35°C, which is extremely hot. If you are out in the wild where the ground beneath you is hot as well, you will feel like a marshmallow being roasted on the fire.

You will find yourself thirsty as you sweat profusely and get dehydrated. Staying dehydrated can make you feel dizzy and can cause nausea. This is why you must always stay hydrated. Keep a good amount of water bottles with you so you can sip whenever your throat runs dry. You can even take a mini-fridge for some ice-cold refreshing drinks

Any one of these best camping fridges in Australia for 2023 will meet your camping needs.

2. Keep Proper Food To Sustain Energy

While camping out in the open, you will be stranded from the locality. That is the fun of camping- to go away from the busy city life.

This is why you need to have enough food with you, so you do not run out of food and head back to the city to buy some. Some campgrounds have food stores, but it is best to carry your own food and enjoy true camping.
You will also be going here and there a lot, which will drain you of your energy and stamina. To recover, you will need easily digestible food like fruits and salads while also having protein, such as beans.

3. Stay Aware Of The Wildlife

This could be a problem for new campers. If you are out camping in the national park or out in the wild, you need to be aware of the wildlife. 

Australia has a large animal diversity, and no matter where you go, you will surely find something that might be dangerous. Snakes, scorpions, and spiders are all such dangerous creatures that you must be wary of.

Beaches are not completely safe as well. During the summer, box jellyfishes come out. Their stings are deadly and can paralyze even a fully grown man. So whatever you do, be sure not to get too ahead of yourself.

4. Everything You Need To Know About The Tent

While you are out camping, you obviously cannot stay out in the open because of the wildlife issues we just mentioned. So, for maximum safety and security, you need a tent. You can either buy a tent or rent a tent from any picnic organizer.

You need to know something about your tent. First, never put up a tent during the day. If you do so, it will heat up the tent. Always keep the tent in the shade during the daytime and only put it up at night.

While choosing a tent, be sure to pick mesh tents. Mesh tents can prevent any harmful insects or bugs from getting in but will let the cold breeze of the night gently pass through.

5. Have An Emergency Medkit

In case your protection did not work, and somehow you got bitten by an insect, you need medication. Even if it is not a bug bite, there can be other injuries. But while camping, it might be difficult to reach the nearest pharmacy. So, always keep a medkit with you.

In your medkit, the things that you must absolutely keep are antiseptic creams, bandages, paracetamol, and some antidotes. In crucial times, they can even save lives.

6. The Wardrobe Choice

Now that everything is set, what will you be wearing on your adventure? The answer is bright-colored clothes. Bright-colored clothes have increased reflectivity, meaning they are able to reflect the light and the heat of the sun much better than darker clothes.

Darker clothes have the tendency to absorb light, meaning they store the heat in them without letting them go. This is why for your wardrobe choice, pack and wear light-colored clothes.

7. What Not To Do While Camping

Now that you know about the tips which you should follow while camping, let us take a look at something that you should not do.

The first thing you should know is that you are out enjoying nature. So do not throw your plastic water bottles or food packets here and there. You are out to have fun out in the wild, not ruin it.

Next, if you come across any wildlife species, do not harm it. They are just as scared of you as you are of them. So walk away gently and do not invade their territory.

Final Thoughts

Camping can be really fun if you know what you are doing. In Australia, there are a lot of popular places for camping, which is why camping is extremely popular in Australia. If you want to enjoy everything that the beautiful country has to offer, follow the tips in this article, and you will have the time of your life.