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8 Famous Australian Drinks That Australians Swear By

Who wouldn’t love to go to foreign countries and explore new places and new faces?  In that list, Australia is among the popular holiday destinations to all the gallivants, travel enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. It is one of the greatest places to spend time on attractive beaches, scenic parks, adoring animals and stunning cities with other Australians who love to spend a great time in the open air. When it comes to Australian food, it is an extraordinary combination of cuisines from around the world’s popular cooking. While it is a renowned fact that Australians love bottled wine, there are many drinks available on which one must get their hands on. Here is a list of Famous Australian drinks you want to try in country, the most liked boozes to try, on hitting Australia bars and pubs.


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8 Famous Australian Drinks That You Must Try During Your Australian Vacation


Love for “the hunter’s honor shield” is endless. Gratify the taste buds with the eighty year’s old unchanged secret technique of energy drink cum sweet alcoholic beverage. The summer drink contains a wide range of herbs and spices that help in digestion. Although the most familiar chaser is red bull, other mixtures like coffee, apple juice, club soda and raspberry syrup goes well with Jagermeister. Sip slowly with food to enjoy the flavor completely.

Price: $ 25 ( in Australian dollars )

Pinot Noir Wine -australian drinks
Image Credits: Flickr

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

If you know, you know. It is the perfect drink for lunch that won’t quit. The distinctive feature of a ginger beer is the burn you feel when you drink it. While the traditional ginger ale is a carbonated water, the Bundaberg ginger beer is prepared by brewing and fermenting the most excellent home grown ginger and sugarcane. It contains a very less percentage of alcohol and other flavored ingredients to add a spicy finish to the drink. ‘Brookvale Union Ginger Beer, Aether Brewing Ginger Beer are also the popular Australian ginger beers. Simply there is no alternative.

Price: $ 4.50 per 100 ml

Archie Rose Gin 

The handcrafted Archie rose gin is pine, smooth, fresh, energetic and contains botanicals that balance the main taste of juniper. The low calorie drink is extremely supple and lively. It is better served with ginger ale or soda water although it can be mixed with orange, mango, pineapple and cranberry.  Every gin tastes differently and it is merely impossible to find a gin that tastes alike.  West Winds “The Broadside”, Four Pillars Navy Strength, Brookie’s, Hippocampus, Noble Cut, Poor Tom’s are also amongst the Aussie’s popular gin.  

Price: $70 – $150


The best place to have the locally made Australian drink is Melbourne. Vodka is a low priced drink in Australia and can be found in abundance even with micro producers and in local supermarkets. The best way to drink Vodka is to sip on it slowly instead of taking it as shots. The unique Hartshorn Vodka has won Australia’s best Vodka for three years. The handcrafted SMALL MOUTH VODKA NSW is an Australian brand made from natural and finest ingredients in the traditional method to maintain first-class. The Tasmanain (Tassie) Vodka 666 PURE assures accurately what it declares on the brand name :pure. 

Price : $30 – $70

Espresso Martini 

Though the drink finds its source from London, Australians have a wild love affair with this cherished drink and so will you after tasting it. Do not ever miss to add the calorie rich, creamy shot of espresso martini to your cabinet. The coffee flavored cocktail is made with first-rate coffee beans, vodka and chocolate. Drink it straight without adding ice to taste the mystifying yet luscious taste of coffee and vodka. Do not mess with espresso martinis as it can be a bad choice for good night’s sleep. Never miss any chance to order the highest selling cocktail from Australian bars. Om Nom, Mr. Miyagi, Milk The Cow, Longplay are few of the most loved martinis in Melbourne.

Price : $ 8 per 100 ml jar

wine toast - australian drinks
Image Credits: Pixabay

Bundaberg Rum 

All tropical countries have rum in common and Australia’s favorite dark bundy rum is owned and made locally from the sugarcanes grown. There is nothing fairly like tasting a soft icy bundy rum in the backyard. Shake the rum with ice and drink little by little to have its full feel. The bundy rum can also be combined with Bundaberg ginger beer. Leblon Cachaca ,Ron Abuelo Centuria, Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum,Pusser’s Rum are among the must try rum lists in Australia.

Price : $15- $50

Red Wine 

Australia is famed globally for its fine quality red wine every time and it has numerous wine areas that each one focuses on a particular kind of wine. It is very simple to come across a first-rate red wine as it can be found in bounty with micro and macro producers, local supermarkets, and local growers. Try shiraz’s hot, thirst quenching, flavorsome red wine that will keep the nights cooler. There will be nobody who wouldn’t like Shiraz. Look forward to a strong essence with spice and dark fruits. The “King Of Red Wine” Cabernet Sauvignon will give good reason for the title right away after a sip. A large glass of Cabernet is undoubtedly the most excellent red wine to gulp with a finest slice of spicy red -meat.

Price : $30- $100

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The human race has gone absolutely obsessive for the Australian whiskey brands and there are many whiskey bars to hit on in the country.  Tasmania manufactures several varieties of the best whiskey in Australia. The beautiful single malt Sullivan’s Cove French oak whisky is loaded with chocolate and molasses. It was awarded the best in the world in 2017. Bakerly Hill Cask Strength Single- Malt Whiskey, Hellyer’s Roag Slightly Peated whiskey are among the Aussies’ favorites.

Price : $90 – $200

It is going to be a delightful experience for you filled with adventure, luxury, and tasteful experiences. Check some of the best Australia holiday packages and book your dream getaway now with Pickyourtrail.


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