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8 Things to do on your honeymoon in Mauritius

Just between us, we know you already started to daydream about your honeymoon even before you are planning to get hitched. If your idea of a perfect honeymoon includes a secluded beach, romantic outdoor dinners and exotic adventures, then Mauritius is the one for you.

This remote island attracts newlyweds from all over the world to begin their life together. Here is why you must plan your honeymoon in Mauritius. Apart from the heavenly beauty and luxurious cultural indulgences, there are some activities that will spark your romantic senses in the right way.

Before you start planning your rendezvous honeymoon with us, here are some things you must do in Mauritius with your partner.

1. Breakfast on the beach

Sounds tempting, isn’t it? Believe us, it is a lot more sensual to start your day with delightful breakfast while sinking your feet in the powdery sands of Mauritius. Many hotels will set this up for you if you make this special request. The view is splendid and it is the right way to start the day.

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2. You can hike or bike

With 88% of the island covered with alluring forest, you must get your shoes out to hike through the beautiful greenery. It is enough to excuse to stay under shades in mid-afternoon. If you get to the top, you will find yourself amidst of 115 islands bordering the Indan ocean.

If you are not into hikes, choose bikes that you can rent easily all over the island. Explore the city and its cultures just like locals and gather memories to share with your friends.

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3. Experience the wilderness

Experiencing the flora and fauna in remote islands of Africa promises with wild encounters in depths of the forest that you shouldn’t miss out.

4. Hop across Islands and beaches

With hundreds of islands and secluded beaches, you will start thinking about moving in there. The extraordinary rock linings and crystal clear waters are a major attraction for photographers all around the world.

5. Variety of Water sports

If you are an adrenaline junkie, we bet nothing will stop you when you see having fun in the water. Mauritius island corals should be experienced through exotic scuba diving. With paragliding and surfing, you will not get off the water anytime before dinner.

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6. Zipline through the trees

If water sports are not enough for you to get the adrenaline kicking, then zip line through the island greenery with your partner. There is nothing comparable to slashing through the trees at your partner screaming in joy.

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7. Hail a helicopter

Yes, it is easy to hail a helicopter to experience the islands from the sky. The stunning view of islands spread across the ocean with life thriving in it is a pleasurable experience and must for the newlyweds to have a sensational flight together.

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8. Evening Market

If you think that is all, you are forgetting the luscious flavors of the Mauritius food that will kindle your appetite. Evening market on the island will bring together the tourists and locals for a splendid evening with spirits of festivity in the normal days. Tickle your tastebuds with delightful meals and fill your evening with laughs and music.

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Bonus: Champagne on the sea

As the sun goes down and your mood goes up, sip the champagne on a boat. Sounds romantic? Book your Mauritius honeymoon packages right away!

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