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9 Best Places to Visit in Black Forest, Germany

Visit Germany’s beautiful tree covered hills, where the Brothers Grimm derived inspiration for their fairy tales. Black Forest is a magical land pulled right out of a fantasy novel and full of cultural traditions. With breathtaking scenery at every bend, this home of the cuckoo clock, Black Forest in Germany is the perfect holiday destination. Here’s a list of 9 best places to visit in Black Forest, Germany.

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9 Top Places to Visit in Black Forest

  • Baden-Baden
  • Bad Wildbad
  • Freiburg
  • Heidelberg
  • Calw
  • Breisach
  • Baiersbronn
  • Alpirsbach
  • Kaiserstuhl

1. Baden-Baden

Known as Europe’s most fashionable spa town and the summer capital of the continent, Baden-Baden is the perfect place to stay for a leisurely vacation. You can explore Black Forest or enjoy art and culture at the Festspielhaus as well as the museums of the Cultural Mile. Stroll through the magnificent Lichtentaler Allee park and garden, the Dahlia garden, Gönneranlage and the ‘Paradies’. Walk into elegant boutiques and individual shops along the historic Kurhaus Colonnade for shopping.

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2. Bad Wildbad

Here at Bad Wildbad you will find all you could ever desire: medicinal spa waters in attractive baths, a wide range of treatments for health, well-being and beauty, entertaining cultural events, and a pedestrian area for shopping and strolling. You can go hiking, cycling, downhill skiing and paragliding. Enjoy the magic of an evening at the opera or check out the Adventure Golf Park in Enzklösterle.

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3. Freiburg

Freiburg is the home to those who thrive cultural diversity and a tourist magnet for those who love a perfect European vacation.Take a stroll through the market on Cathedral Square, visit the colourful Rotteckring, where you can buy goods from across the world, or go on a shopping spree in one of the malls such as “Schwarzwald-City” (Schiffstraße), “Karlsbau Passage” (Karlsplatz) or the glass-roofed “Atrium” on Augustinerplatz. Hike up through the woods or ride the Schlossbergbahn cable car up the Schlossberg mountain to the lookout tower where you can enjoy views of the city, including the 11th century Münster cathedral’s iconic spire.

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4. Heidelberg

The Heidelberg skyline is dominated by church spires that tower above the houses. Take the Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s Path) you have a breathtaking view of the city, the castle, the river and the surrounding hills. As you stroll through Heidelberg you will also be tempted to stop off in some of the many public squares and gardens – little oases of green that are popular meeting places for people of all ages.

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5. Calw

Calw is situated in the northern part of the Black Forest. Enjoy the countryside, the peace and quiet and the fresh air to the full. The town’s market square, with its two sparkling fountains, is surrounded by 18th-century half-timber houses whose sharp gables pierce the sky. It’s an ideal spot for relaxing, picnicking, or people-watching, especially during market time. You can go to Hermann Hesse Museum which recounts the life of Hermann Hesse in personal belongings, photographs, manuscripts, and other documents.

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6. Breisach

Breisach is situated among rolling vineyards between the Rhine River and the Black Forest. The river port town is also known for its brewing and winemaking abilities. Go on an hour-long tour at of the 15th-century vaulted cellars and an introduction to the wine production, ageing cellars, and history of the house. For a few extra euros, you can join a tasting of the various cuvées, nibbles included. The town’s landmark St. Stephen’s Cathedral, pastel-hued buildings, and cobbled streets create an old-world charm.

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7. Baiersbronn

The mountain resort of Baiersbronn,  comprised of nine separate villages, all named after the valleys they inhabit has become the destination for the getaway tours. The natural surroundings in the midst of the national park make this an ideal place to walk, ski, golf and ride horseback. You can check out the fairy tale museum Hauff’s Märchenmuseum near the town hall and church, devoted to the crafts and life around Baiersbronn and author Wilhelm Hauff.

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8. Alpirsbach

The Alpirsbach village maintains a preserved historic core with a fine collection of half-timber houses that only add to the charm. The tradition of brewing beer has continued over centuries. There are guided tours of the Brauerei Museum, which was once part of the monastery and has brewed beer since the Middle Ages. Visit the glassblowing industry and learn about the art of glass making. You can watch the glassblowers at work and admire their skill.

9. Kaiserstuhl

Kaiserstuhl literally meaning ‘Empire’s Chair’ is a volcanic outcrop clothed in vineyards that produce some of Baden’s best wines. The villages possess idyllic beauty and tourist appeal. Breisach am Rhine is a typical German village in Kaiserstuhl, with a cathedral atop a hill and an impressive city hall. 

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