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9 Unique Things To Do In Sri Lanka – Escape And Explore!

Planning a Sri Lankan vacation? Everyone needs a break from our daily busy routines, to refresh and restart our lives. Starting your day with the scent of nature and incredible scenic splendour is one of the happiest things we all must try experiencing. Sri Lanka being one of the best destinations could help us fulfil our travel desires. The best aspect of visiting this lovely nation is that it caters to all types of travellers including honeymooners and families on vacation. Sri Lanka, a stunning island nation to the south of India, can be reached by both air and sea. There are plenty of unique sites and activities to visit and discover in Sri Lanka. So, let’s have a look at some 9 unique things to do in Sri Lanka to plan an awesome trip.

9 Unique things to do in Sri Lanka

  1. Hot Air Balloon Rides over the Paradise Island
  2. The adventure begins with a Tea
  3. Visit Ancient temples, explore the history & culture
  4. Enjoy the Scenic Beauty on Tree Houses
  5. The Sigiriya Rock – ‘8th Wonder of the World’
  6. Snorkeling on the incredible coral reefs
  7. Enjoy the Best Scenic Train Rides
  8. Have a Wild Experience at national parks
  9. Adam’s Peak – A climb to Heaven

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1. Hot air balloon rides over the Paradise Island

Hot Air Ballooning in Kandalama is a wonderful blend of thrills and surprises. You could see the gorgeous landscapes while the balloon floats in the clouds. The climate here is predictable and tranquil, making the trips quite safe. The journey starts in the early morning so that you could enjoy the amazing sunrise views. The small villages, picturesque paddy fields, gleaming lakes, and quiet temples all embellish a splendid view underneath you. You could also have a view of the elephant travelling freely throughout the forest, a variety of birds, wildlife, water buffalos, and monkeys swinging from trees on the paddy fields. Whether travelling with family or friends this ride could be magical and would be one of the best travel memories you could imprint in your hearts forever.

Photo by Sandra Ahn Mode on Unsplash

2. The Adventure begins with a Tea

Sri Lanka is one of those countries where you could find the best Teas in the world. Drinking Tea is a significant part of Sri Lankan culture, and the nation is one of the world’s largest tea producers. A quick visit to the tea factories might be an unexpectedly very enjoyable experience. Chai lovers, in particular, would be very much interested in learning about the complete tea brewing process and the different varieties of tea produced. In fact, the coldest city here – Nuwara Eliya is also called “Little England” because of its tea culture and aromatic rains. The scenic greenery view of Colombo’s majestic tea plantation hills and herb gardens will make you spend more time, enjoying the creations of Mother nature.

Photo by Aniketh Kanukurthi on Unsplash

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3. Visit Ancient temples, explore the History & Culture

Take a tour to the finest temples and other religious monuments of Sri Lanka to immerse yourselves in its rich heritage. They are a perfect source of spiritual rejuvenation. The temples of Sri Lanka like the Gangaramaya Temple in Colombo, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, and the Cave temple in Dambulla is worth visiting to explore the glorious heritage over the centuries. Whether admiring the best ancient paintings at Pidurangala Rock or just simply relaxing over the gorgeous seas that surround the island. Sri Lanka has got something for everyone. Get ready to spend some peaceful time in the temples.

Photo by Tharaka Jayasuriya on Unsplash

4. Enjoy the Scenic Beauty on Tree Houses

Staying in tree houses is another way of getting closer to Mother Nature. In Sri Lanka, tree houses are called ‘Watch Huts’. It is an elevated housing portion where you can enjoy the gracious views of the fields, flowing rivers, tea plants and stay away from wild elephants. The Ark, Back of beyond, Yala tree house, Tree House LK are some of the famous tree houses with a high style authentic tree house stay and various natural activities around it. It’s a growing trend now and is one of the interesting tourist’s accommodation options. Do you wanna get the wild tree house experience? Pack your bags and get started with your journey, to Sri Lanka.

Photo by KIMO on Unsplash

5. The Sigiriya Rock – ‘8th Wonder of the World

Situated between the Sri Lankan towns of Dambulla and Haburane, this Lion’s Rock is an awesome place to have a sunning eyesore. Being the historical pride of Sri Lanka, Sigiriya is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is also called the eighth wonder of the World. It was built by King Kashyapa, who used this to hide out from enemies.  It has the finest architecture and is the best example of ancient urban planning. Especially, ‘Game of Thrones’ fans would love to visit this site. The Lion’s Paw, Frescoes, Mirror wall, gardens, and Cobra Hood cave are the best places to have a look in Sigiriya Rock. Make sure to explore its history and get ready to be taken aback by the wonders of the ancient kingdom.

Photo by Thushal Madhushankha on Unsplash

6. Snorkelling on the Incredible Coral Reefs

Among the 9 unique things to do, Snorkelling in Sri Lanka is one of the most astounding experiences you must try. For witnessing the best place to snorkel in Sri Lanka, November to April is the best time. Whereas to get the visibility of the marine world on the east coast, April and September is definitely the most preferred time of the year. Hikkaduwa, Pasikudah, Mirissa, Galle, Kirinda are some of the best places for snorkelling in Sri Lanka.The cost of snorkeling is not too high here. For every adventure junkie, exploring the mysterious underwater life by diving into the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean would be the most thrilling and sunning experience.

Excited! Isn’t it? So, just dive into the deep marine wildlife and enjoy swimming with the whales and clownfishes.

Photo by Shifaaz shamoon on Unsplash

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7. Enjoy the Best Scenic Train Rides

The train rides from Kandy to Ella, offers the best mini country tour experiences. The breathtaking journey through the finest tropical island is one of the most attractive train trips in the world. The railway operates daily  from Colombo Fort to Badulla, passing through Kandy and Ella on the way. These trains are pretty clean, inexpensive, and comfy. The ride passes through the tea plantations, waterfalls, clouds and haze which indeed is stunning and picturesque. Get the tickets and have great fun riding over the most famous routes of the world.

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Photo by gemmmm 🖤 on Unsplash

8. Have a Wild Experience at National Parks

Let’s get the best experiences with adventurous road trips in Sri Lanka. Catching the best views of the wildlife, flora and fauna are the most satisfying road trips you could get. National parks in Sri Lanka serve as representatives of different geographical regions as well as serve as endemic attractions to tourists. Some of the major national parks in Sri Lanka include Yala, UdaWalawe, Wasgamuwa, Sinharaja, Horton Plains, and Wilpattu. These well-preserved natural areas provide travelers with the immense chill of nature. Enjoy your jeep safari throughout the parks while capturing the amazing beauties of nature.

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Photo by Hayo Roskam on Unsplash

9. Adam’s Peak – A climb to Heaven

Out of the 9 unique things mentioned here, Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka is the most-visited site. Also called the World’s End, this is one of the most challenging and rewarding treks. Buddhists believe it to be the imprint of Buddha’s foot, Hindus associate with Shiva, Muslims with Adam, and Christians with St Thomas. Saman, one of the island’s most important gods, is believed to be the guardian deity of the peak. The pilgrimage season begins in December and continues until May. During this period the steps leading to the peak are illuminated and there are little stalls along the roadsides offering Tea and snacks to pilgrims and tourists. Trekking this place of endless steps with thousands of travelers is pure bliss. Never miss an opportunity to leave your footprints in this beautiful destination.

Challenge yourself, Climb Adam’s Peak!

Photo by Jess Snoek on Unsplash

Sri Lanka has hundreds of places to explore and enjoy. These are some of the must-visit Bucket-List-worthy things to try. Planning a trip anytime soon? Check out Sri Lanka’s best tour packages on the Pickyourtrail website and experience these 9 unique things for real. Feel free to reach out to experts at Pickyourtrail and get ready to plan your dream gateway with your loved ones. Unwrap the world with Pickyourtrail!!!

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