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Written by Akshaya Devi on April 29, 2020 Share on

Sydney music, koala cuddles and reef dive — experience it all right from where you are

Sydney music, koala cuddles, reef dive, all right from where you are. There’s nothing quite like Australia and we won’t let the lockdown spoil it for you. Experience Australia from your couch, here’s how.

1. G’day, mate!

Start this brand new day by tuning in Beethovan’s best work of all time, Symphony 9 – Ode to Joy as you meander along Port Jackson Bay soaking up the views of the Harbour Bridge at the golden hour. The Sydney Opera house lets you live-stream the iconic Beethoven concert conducted by Edo de Waart and Sydney Philharmonia Choirs in its very own premise. Stay tuned for the upcoming shows here, if you’re keen to pastime the Aussie way.

2. Howdy Great Barrier Reef

Invite none other than David Attenborough, the famed historian and broadcaster to scuba dive with you into the world’s largest coral system — the Great Barrier Reef. David leaves no stoned unturned while teaching us about the complex ecosystem, the ways of living beings underwater and the submerged mysteries that are still unknown to mankind. Dive deep in and slip into a nap listening to the mystical underwater sounds.

3. An Australian brekkie

Paint an Australian brekkie — no, not the usual fish with chips or sausage rolls, not when it’s the apple season in Barossa Valley! Australia’s Masterchef Maggie Beer’s free cooking classes will make your kitchen your happiest place on earth. Indeed, cooking is therapy! Make a crunchy apple pie scrambled with potato, sage and cheddar cheese. You know what will take this lunch to the next level? A glass of golden-red Shiraz or Eden Valley riesling indigenous to the Barossa Valley. Next time mate, next time!

4. For the love of Koalas

What better than spending a classic evening in Australia cuddling Koalas up close? Yes. Australia doesn’t quite get complete without a stroll through its wildlife parks watching koalas asking for belly rubs or photogenic quokkas asking for a selfie with you. Better if you can pair it up with frothy espresso and a slice of pavlova.

5. Hooroo, see ya later!

Tuck yourself in a comfy couch for the best part of the day — that’s right, movie night! Australia is not just green and blue, there are unspoken adventure scenes we haven’t talked enough about. Watch Tracks, where a woman gives up her urban life for a 1700-mile trek across the sprawling Australian deserts with her dog and four camels— from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. Or if you’d explore Australia in a rather funky way, watch the Adventures of Priscilla. Both equally amusing.

How’s your Aussie day coming around? How about Paris for tomorrow? Bring Paris to your home through this virtual day tour.

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