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Written by Preetha Manivelan on May 26, 2020 Share on

A Honeymoon in the Island of Love – Here is how our vacation to the Maldives became a dream come true

Enjoying the beauty of the moment, that’s what our trip was all about! says our traveller Vaibhav Avinash Nimkar who went on a honeymoon trip with us. He added, To say we were enjoying and going with the flow and not being in any hurry, is the most beautiful thing about Traveling rather than being on vacation. Can’t be more accurate right? Let’s continue reading and see how Vaibhav and Pratiksha spent their honeymoon vacation on the beautiful paradise of Maldives.

A honeymoon couple at Maldives

About the planning

We started to think of the destination the first thing. As it’s our first trip, we wanted to make sure it’s relaxing and romantic. What’s better than the Maldives? was exactly our thought. As soon as we set our minds, we were looking for the top travel planners. Luckily, found the best by one of our relatives. They suggested Pickyourtrail to me as they had a good experience with them. Also, we checked their website and reviews. Since we liked it, we reached out to Pickyourtrail and they gave me a clear view on how things are gonna be. We were happy with the plan and planned it on 7th Oct 2019 to fly in the month of March.

A couple spending honeymoon in Maldives

Days at the Maldives

Though there were raising Corona cases, we didn’t want to either cancel or reschedule the vacation. We gave it a lot of thought but couldn’t stop imaging ourselves being on the lands of Maldives. We decided and we flew to Male via Kochi on 2nd March 2020. As we reached, we got transferred to the resort which is another good thing about the vacation. I think going on a vacation to an island is more dependent on what resort you are staying in. We chose our stay in Adaaran Club Rannalhi which had some really breathtaking views.

A resort in maldives

We had three nights at the standard villa and one night at the water villa. Also, the stay in the midst of crystal clear waters was just beautiful. We had everything properly planned with some compliments provided by the resort. Staying there for 4 days without having the stress of daily routines of office or the COVID-19 did help us a lot and it was soul-soothing. We left back to India on 6th March with the feeling of our dream coming true. The Maldives indeed is a piece of paradise.

A man with a background of Sea in maldives

Why Pickyourtrail?

I was really impressed with their planning. Especially, the way the suggestions were given and how I was given a free hand to decide were the very reasons that I would recommend Pickyourtrail to everyone. The idea of them sending us a long text of everything that a traveller should know even the smallest of things before visiting the Maldives to daily keeping us updated on the details, checking on how we are doing and more. Thanks to them for arranging such a beautiful trip and make our Maldives honeymoon package without any hiccups.

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