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Picasso Museum
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Admire the craftsmanship at the Picasso Museum, Barcelona

Most often, the reason why we travel to Barcelona is to admire one of world’s best footballers in action – Lionel Messi. Similarly, there’s another craftsman’s work that you can admire at Barcelona. One of his quotes goes around saying “Give him a museum, and he will fill it with his work”. That’s certainly true if you get to see the Picasso museum in Barcelona. If you are someone who likes artwork, go to the Picasso museum in Barcelona. You get to admire the craftsmanship on display at the Picasso Museum, Barcelona.

Jaume Sabartes who was Picasso’s longtime friend was the brain child behind this museum. Sabartes had urged Picasso to have the museum constructed at Malaga (Picasso’s birthplace). Given his love for the city, Picasso went ahead and built it at Barcelona.

The museum has the biggest collection of Picasso’s art work. It is one of the first to have opened and dedicated to the artist during his lifetime. It helps you understand the early days of Picasso and his relationship with the city of Barcelona. The collection at the museum amounts over 4200. The location of the museum is an interesting one. It is inside a series of buildings/palaces at the Carrer De Montcada. These buildings have a history of their own.

One of the buildings that houses Picasso's artwork

Picasso Museum, Image Credits: Flickr

Buildings where Picasso’s artworks are on display

Palau Meca

The palace was built between the thirteenth and the fourteenth century. It had re-opened as a part of the Picasso museum during the year 1982.

Trooper tips and facts: The first owner of the palace was Joseph Hunter who gave the palace’s present name.

Palau Aguilar

Palau Aguilar has a special distinction of being the first palace to be occupied by the Picasso museum. Like most of the palaces at the Carrer de Montcada, this was built during the 13th century.

Trooper tips and facts: When it was constructed, the building belonged to a few nobles of the court of Aragon.

People looking at paintings
Image Credits: Flickr

Palau Baró de Castellet

One of the palaces of the medieval period, this also has a similar structure like the other ones around. The palace was named after the owner received a noble tile from King Charles IV.

Trooper tips and facts:

The architect Joseph Puig designed the Palau Baro de Castellet.

Casa Mauri

Similar to the ones around it, the palace is built around a courtyard. It has a notable design of a one of a kind wooden facade or the front of the building.

Trooper tips and facts: Look out for the wonderful designs in front of the building.

Palau Finestres

Used as a place for exhibition recently, the Palau Finestres is similar to the other palaces at the Carrer de Montcada.

Trooper tips and facts: The exhibition presents the best of the work from Picasso and other artists.

Walking tours in Barcelona are pretty famous. You get to look at the beatufiul arthicture, buildings and the wonderful museum. There are a wide range of European holiday packages to choose from and Spain could be your next destination. Don’t forget to the add the Picasso museum to your itinerary when you travel to Spain next time with Pickyourtrail.

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