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Dubai Water Park
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Adventure in Water Park – Dubai

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What else would be the best way to sign off a Dubai vacation? Dubai, while famous for its grand mosques, vast desert and magnificent Arabian Gulf, is also home to some of the best attractions and Water Park in Dubai in the Middle-East. The destination gives you an impeccable visual treat with its glittering skyline views, and your taste buds with authentic delicacies, majestic malls, grand mosques,  the best romantic restaurants in Dubai offer nothing less than perfection. If you’re planning a holiday vacation in Dubai, don’t come back without experiencing a sophisticated Dubai Marina.

Even though the temperature is hot in Dubai, yet it is the best place to dip into the amazing water park in Dubai which will help you cool down! If you are looking to spend your family vacation in the family-friendly waterparks, you are in the right place!
After spending days exploring the amazing Dubai, visiting the Atlantis Aquaventure can be the best way to beat the heat and have some fun with your family or friends. Holding more than 30 slides, The Atlantis Aquaventure offers the best experience for the thrill-seekers as well as Leisure time lovers. Apart from adrenaline-pumping attractions, it also has a 500m private beach where you can relax bathing in the sun with the sea breeze. 

The Activity Combination

shark tank water slide in Water park
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People from different parts of the world head to Dubai for its grand malls, relaxing spas, luxurious beach stays and rejuvenating waterparks. Aquaventure is one such place that is a well-known adventure water park in Dubai that hosts over 42 acres of fun, including zip lines, shark-filled lagoons and much, much more. Aquaventure features one of the world’s longest water slide, The Aquaconda is situated in Aquaventure Dubai. Ride down this Aquaconda to have a thrilling and adrenaline rushing experience. Aquaventure is really exciting for tourists of all ages and a perfect place for thrill-seekers as it has the most thrilling rides of all waterparks in Dubai. If you wish to seek more thrillers and exciting combos head to the Lost chamber.

water slides
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The tickets to the Aquaventure are often sold with Lost Chamber Aquarium. The Lost Chamber Aquarium is within the same enclosure of the waterpark, this is one of the best places to visit with children. Lost Chambers Aquarium which is popular among children and parents of the largest aquarium located in one of the most coveted buildings in Dubai – Atlantis The Palm, the best place to learn and experience. The name symbolises the mythical lost city of Atlantis and the whole chamber tells you the story of the Lost City and also introduces you to over 65,000 animals living in the waters. The Lost chamber features marine life ranging from deadly sharks, piranhas, eels, lobsters, turtles and seahorses. The whole place looks exactly like Atlantis, and it has tunnels and mazes underwater with around 20 marine life exhibitions centres.

This activity combination is often preferred by families, choosing to explore the lost chambers for half a day and later entering the water park. The lost chamber is famous for few activities such a Snorkeling, Dolphin Adventure, Fish tales tours, Aquarium Dives, The Haunted Chamber Parties,  Aqua Theatre Shows.

1. Water Slides

Tower Of Poseidon: The Tower Of Poseidon is one of the most adrenaline rushing waterslides in the world. It is the world’s largest waterslide named Anaconda. Anyone over 1.2 meters tall can take up the challenge of riding
through the world’s largest waterslide, named Anaconda. The dark tunnel will take you to the world’s largest fibreglass tube which will be even more exciting.

Zoomerango: Zoomerango is dual waterslides placed inside the Anaconda slide. It is one of the biggest water slides in the UAE with lots of twists and turns. Dual waterslides inside the Anaconda will take you through twists and turns at high speed. You will surely enjoy it while sliding through vertical zooms and mega plummets of the Zoomerango.

Poseidon’s Revenge: If you wish to plummet at 60 kph, then step inside the capsule of Poseidon’s Revenge. One of the fastest water capsules ride which takes through a tunnel which is connected with a shark tank. Step inside and wait till the floor slides beneath your feet and propel upwards.

2. River Rides

The Aquaventure Waterpark rides can be best experienced when you are in an inner-tube and are wading through the waterways, zero-depth pools and of course, the rapids. Rapids will give you the thrill of surfing through waves of the river course spanning 1.6 kilometres. If you are love adventure and able to take up the hurdle of swimming through tidal surges, there is The Torrent where the wave dynamo will bewilder you with over 1 meter long swells.

Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash

3.Splasher’s Children’s Play Area

Kids beneath 4 feet height can ascend the Splasher’s Mountain with their parents while moving through the giant tipping containers, climbing blocks and also the splashes. The Splasher’s Island in Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai is the most fashionable interest with seven kid-favourable waterslides. There are also numerous family-friendly waterslides like Stream, Cyclone, Blaze, etc. where both grown-ups and youngsters can slide together. For a fulfilling family venture, these slides are vacation highlights and can make for exceptional family pictures.

How much are the tickets?

The total activity cost including hotel drop off and pick up and tickets to visit the Aquaventure and Lost chambers starts from 5000 INR per person. The tickets to Aquaventure are given based on height and not on age.

Is it safe for the Kids?

Dubai Water Park is one of the world-renowned places and is also known for its security, surrounded by experts in all of the places children will be safe and it is not necessary to know swimming.

 A Full Day experience at Aquaventure 

The whole day can be spent with family enjoying the rides with a beautiful beach view and having time to relax after days of exploration is the best way to sign off a vacation – Book a trip to Dubai with Pickyourtrail to Experience quality time with fun-filled activities.

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