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Ahmedabad to Turkey Flights

Turkey is a remarkable destination and is a treat for travellers visiting the country. The country is famous for its scenic views, top attractions, and extraordinary Turkish delights. It is no surprise that so many travellers from across the world flock to Turkey. When planning vacations, we all struggle with finding the best flight options. Are you looking to travel from Ahmedabad to Turkey? If yes, then we have got you covered. Dive into the blog to know more details about flights from Ahmedabad to Turkey.


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  • AMD TO IST – Ahemdebad to Istanbul: Istanbul being the primary airport for all Indian travellers, the flights from Ahmedabad to Istanbul has a one-stop flight either via Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Doha. The connecting flight duration is approximately from 13h – 18h till Istanbul.
  • AMD TO AYT – Ahemdebad to Antalaya: Flights from Ahmedabad to Antalya for the travellers from India it has a 2 stop layover one either via Dubai, Doha and the second stop would be (SAW) Sabiha Gokcen International Airport or Istanbul Airport (IST) depending upon the airlines you are choosing and the season you are looking for. The approximate flight duration would be around 18h – 26h. The duration is much longer compared to the primary airport.
  • AMD TO ESB – Ahemdebad to Ankara: Ankara is very well connected in terms of travel from India. The flights have one stop and two stop layover either via Sharjah, Doha, and also the second layer would be either via (SAW) Sabiha Gokcen International Airport or Istanbul Airport (IST). The flight duration would roughly be around 10h – 17h making it very convenient for the travellers to have options for the flights to choose from and giving them an idea.
Yesilkoy Istanbul
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Flights and Best time to visit

  • The Main International Airport is the Istanbul Airport which is an Ideal airport for all the International travellers visting Turkey. Istanbul being a hub to all the vistors . It is the starting point for turkey where you have the top attracations and you get to explore the cultural aspect of what the country is offering
  • Top Recommended flights from India to Turkey would be Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways. These airlines are very efficient and well connected flights from India. The flight duration would vary roughly from 7h – 20h depending upon the transit and airlines. Be it their Hospitality and service they are always on the top. Most of the flights from India is either early morning or late night flights depending on the airline and season you are opting for.
  • Flights would roughly cost approximately around 50K a person for round trip to turkey, again it will be totally based on the airlines you are choosing and the time you are booking. If you are expecting a great deal for flights it is suggested that you would book 3 months prior your departure.
  • The Ideal Time to visit turkey would be in the month of May till September as this is the time where the weather would be perfect for exploring all the activities and enjoying the destination. value add to this the flights are also relativley cheap

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Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, generally known as Ahmedabad Airport, is one of the busiest airports in the country. The airport is centrally located in Ahmedabad, making it easily accessible from all parts of the city. It serves both Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The Airport has 4 terminals, 2 primary terminals for Domestic (T1) and International (T2). The International terminal includes 30 counters for check-In of which 14 for arrivals and 16 for departure. There are multiple baggage counters making it very accessible for travellers. The terminal also consists of multiple other facilities like currency exchange, lounge area, cab rental counters, medical help, duty-free shops, food and drink stalls for travellers. you also have great connectivity via bus for inter-terminal from domestic to international. The Airport has services and a helps desk for travellers for any queries.

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Istanbul has two airports one on the European side, Ataturk (IST). The current Airport known as The Grand Istanbul Airport replaces the old one in Ataturk. There is also another airport on the Anatolian side. The new Airport is 54 kilometres away from the city and will take approximately an hour’s drive. This is one of the important airports in Turkey. Istanbul Airport has good facilities that include shopping, lounge area, restaurants. It is easily accessible for all travellers with the help of buggy assistance. Not only that the airport welcomes you with the country’s cultural inheritance like museum exhibits and art decor, which will definitely boost the excitement to see what the destination is offering.

Turkish Airlines
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Antalya Airport (AYT) is one of three international airports in southwest Turkey, and it serves as a major gateway for visitors coming from the Mediterranean coast. The airport has two primary international terminals T1 and T2. They are very well connected with the bus service. The airport has multiple services lined up for the travellers like access to lounges, restaurants and cafes, cab rental booths, and great duty-free shops. The airport also includes a play area for the kids in terminal 2. Not only that it also has 4 mosques within and great medical staff on duty.

Antalya Turkey
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Ankara Airport (ESB) offers a convenient travel experience with low distances for departure, arrival, and transfer, as well as generally rapid security and immigration processing procedures. The entire terminal is bathed in natural light, and there are attractive architectural and landscape characteristics to be found throughout. The landside food court is a very delightful spot for savouring traditional Turkish cuisine

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Visa and Covid Guidelines

  1. ·  When It comes to visa for Turkey. The visa process genrally takes 14 working days from the date of submission. There are documents required while applying visa for turkey like Passport Validity should be minium six months from the date of departure. You will need proper ID proofs, visa validity , Hotel vouchers , 3 months Bank statements and Salary slips. You will also need a valid cover letter and leave letter required.
  2. ·  Now due to covid guidelines you will also need a RT PCR report 72 hour prior your departure from India and you will have to show the report in the airport. you will have to carry a valid vacination certificate. Only Covishield is recogonized as the vaccine through out Europe. Do keep that in mind.
Istanbul Turkey
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Turkey is truly a place of wonder, history and traditions with an abundance of culture. A vacation to Turkey has easily slid into all of our travel bucket lists. Now that you know the best options to get to Turkey, it is time to plan that dream vacation! What are you waiting for? Head to Pickyourtrail and customise your next vacation. Meanwhile, check out these amazing Turkey tour packages!

Travel Across the Magical Lands of Istanbul, Goreme and Antalya

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