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COVID-19 — How to Stay Safe During Air travel

At the time of an outbreak like Coronavirus, it is imperative to stay home now so you can travel later. But what if you are catching that last flight back home?

1. If you have an option, choose the window seat. Because aisle seat passengers are prone to very fewer encounters with people walking past them. The same applies to the middle seats as well. They are also likely to stay put throughout if it’s a short-haul journey, minimizing contact with their fellow passengers.

2. And there’s an ultimate hack to protect yourself from infectious diseases on air travel. Wash your hands frequently.

3. Wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer every time you touch/come in contact with common surfaces like the overhead bins or the restroom doorknob. This is because COVID-19 thrives longer on surfaces than the other viruses. Also, don’t touch your face before you wash your hands.

4. If you feel suffocated, direct fresh air from air vents time and again to breathe in fresh, filtered air.

5. Also, relax and consume information only from trusted advisories like the CDC and WHO.

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Akshaya Devi