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Al Safa Park
Written by Winston on May 5, 2020 Share on

Al Safa Park In Dubai

Al Safa Park in Dubai situated in Al Wasl located in Dubai, the United Emirate  is one of the oldest and famous urban parks which spread over 64 hectares of land. The park is bordered by Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl Road, Al Hadiqa Street, and 55th Street.It was initially built just as a get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city of Dubai. If one wants to relax their exhausted minds  Al Safa Park is one of the most peaceful places in Dubai which one must consider going to, though it’s bordered by the busy Sheikh Zayed Road, the park remains untouched from its noise or hubbub.

Al Safa Park

 With four entrances to the park, one from each road have borders. In general one conception of people visiting Dubai is that it’s a man-made city but the Safa Park will make you think otherwise.The park covered with  80% by the lush green grass, accommodates 3 lakes, more than 200 birds and 16,000 species in total . It has  artificial parts to it as well in terms of a fountain and a waterfall by the lake where one can look to take a boat ride.

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What’s Inside the Al Safa Park In Dubai?

There are a lot of things which the park is famous for but one key attraction are the sport facilities which it offers like tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, bicycling tracks, jogging tracks, and football pitches. It also offers wide green land where one can look to play casual games as well. It is a great spot for families as well, as it provides permanent barbecues set up around the edge of the park, boating facilities, numerous playgrounds, train rides, amphitheaters etc. so it serves as a perfect picnic spot as well. Kids and teenagers can also enjoy the Ferris wheel, giant trampoline, bumper cars, and other games which has been set up around the park.

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Between the months of October and May, people can set up their shops at the flea market in Safa Park, where one can sell things which have no use to them to someone who might need it. Second-hand furniture, kitchen and home appliances, toys, books and clothes are some of the top sellers year on year, some even see this as a sport to bargain the best price for a particular item.

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There are a lot of highlight events that take place at the Al Safa park as well. There are a plethora of events that take place all year long from culture extravaganza to theme based events. Tiffany Schultz Art and Photography and  the Archive. are some trending festivities which goes year long . If you would like to participate in these events ,all you have to do is reach out to our destination expert at Pickyourtrail and we will help you with the updated list of events that happen here at the park.

Even after all the events and activities in the park, it is one of the most peaceful experience ,as its a perfect getaway from the hustle its neighbouring areas. Al Safa Park in Dubai will be a truly mesmerising experience be it you decide to take a walk or even simple sit here in the park. So don’t miss out on this place when you plan your next trip to Dubai from India.

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