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Being a Mom With a Full-time Job Never stopped Me From Travelling to 30+ Countries

Sugar spice and everything nice, they said. I’d rather go for “A restless ball of energy born with a travel bug”, she says.

Fresh out in the corporate world who has just learnt to juggle her role as a Marketing Consultant and a new Mom, life was normal for Ami Bhat until she had a sudden urge to drop everything to witness the world beyond—which would go on to change her life once and for all. Or did it?

No. When life threw choices at her, she said she’d take it all. Meet Ami — Travel Blogger, Marketing Consultant, Photographer and a Super Mom. Listen to the award-winning Travel Writer as she explains her love for travel and life.

Can you tell us a bit about how you grew up and how you caught the travel bug?

While I was born in India, I spend most of my childhood in Abu Dhabi. I moved back to India as a student and finally settled down in Bangalore post my graduation and post-graduation.

As a kid, it used to travel with my parents. As a teenager in a boarding school, it became solo trips as a student. Later, it became trips with friends and business trips with colleagues. And finally, it was all about family and solo trips. Life took a lot of turns but travel didn’t — it has always been a part of my life.

In what ways is being a woman traveller liberating and in what ways is it constraining?

Being my own person is liberating and in my case, travel is what defines it. When I travel, I get time to reflect on my thoughts. It is my exclusive time to do what I like – be it exploring new corners or photographing the same thing from multiple angles in my own sweet time. The whole experience helps me reconnect with myself and just be me.

While I have the complete support of my hubby and daughter, it is not as simple as packing your bags and leaving for days together. There are preparations to be done prior to my travel to ensure their life is not disrupted when I am away – starting with additional instructions to my domestic help, sorting out drops and pick-ups, arranging grocery stock-up, and additional ironing and washing if any. The list goes on but still, when I finally leave, I always feel I have forgotten something – only to come back and realise it is a different set of chores. I guess, if I had to pinpoint a small constraint, this is it! However, the big reward I get at the end is worth everything it takes!

If you had to give one reason why people should read your blog, ‘thrillingtravel‘, what would it be?

Travel always opens up fresh possibilities. My blog shares my experience through a virtual tour of the destinations I travel to. Learn everything you need to know about those places at the comfort of your couch. And all the more, you get enough insider tips on those destinations to plan a journey of your own!

As a person who’s constantly travelling, do you feel you’ve seen it all? What adventures are still left on your list and why haven’t you tried them?

Not at all! I can never have seen it all. Every journey gives me a new perspective. Even the ones to the places I have seen before showcase a facet that I might have missed earlier. My list is never-ending and I wish it stays that way!

Which destination didn’t meet your expectations and which one exceeded them?

Typically, most destinations appeal to me in some way or the other but if I had to pinpoint the one that did not excite me as I thought it would – it would be Paris. I was in love with the whole romantic lure of the place. When I visited it, I was a little disappointed with the whole commercialization. It felt mechanical.

There are also some destinations that exceeded my expectations and bowled me over to say the least – Gold Coast, Varanasi, Lucknow, Mirissa and Chiang Mai to name a few. The list can be endless!

Having travelled a lot, you would’ve tried a lot of different cuisines by now. Which one you’d pick if you can have only one dish throughout your life?

Argh! You are asking a non-foodie to pick a dish! 😉 But if I had to, it would be the tangy Chettinad affair!

Fill in the blank: I am travelling to _______ next. I chose <> because _______.

I am travelling to Madhya Pradesh soon. Because it has been calling out to me for a long time now.

You have done some amazing travel — tell us the most exquisite place you have ever stayed at. 

That would be the Lexis Suites in Penang – with my own little pool!

Give us your ideal road trip group: you and 4 others. 

My hubby and my daughter without a doubt. The other two will be from my wide circle of friends – they just have to play rock paper scissors to qualify 😉

What is the oddest place you’ve ever spent a night?

A freezing tent in Tso Moriri. Could not sleep, could not read, could not do anything!

Have you ever liked a place so much that you will settle there if you get a chance? 

Oh, I say that for a lot of places. Right now with Bangalore being so crowded, a lot of places appeal. I am torn between the mountains and the beach and when I decide on one, I will give you my answer!

Looks like nothing could constrain this superwoman from living her world, her way:) Here’s to breaking more boundaries in time to come Ami!

Image credits: Ami Bhat.Instagram

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