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Amsterdam in March – A Guide to Perfect Your Trip to City of Canals

Amsterdam is the metropolis where ancient 19th-century architecture meets modern-day nightlife. Amsterdam in March can be your spring destination, and there are a hundred reasons behind this. The capital city of the Netherlands is one of the tourist hotspots in Europe. 

Explore UNESCO World Heritage sites when the sun begins to shine in Amsterdam. Spring brings out the true beauty of this ancient city and its magnificent culture. 

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Why Visit Amsterdam in March?

Image credits :Unsplash

Now, the wanderer in you might think: why are we suddenly talking about visiting Amsterdam in March? What’s so special about it?

  • The warmth of Spring: March is the time when cold winter mornings have started to fade away and are replaced with all the sunshine. The perfect time to enjoy beautiful gardens and little walkways. 
  • Festivals to experience the city’s cultural heritage:  Witness and be a part of the festive season in Amsterdam. Lots of local fares, live music, and colourful celebrations in March bring out the best of the city. 
  • The Crowd will be less: Amsterdam in March is not necessarily the tourist season, so there will be fewer people cutting the line in front of you. You can visit the major attractions in the city, enjoy all the activities without a fuss.   

Weather in Amsterdam in March

While the temperature runs between 1°C to 10°C (6 on average) with brief rainfalls here and there, it can be the perfect destination for vacay. 4 hours of sunshine daily would be the cherry on the top. 

5 Best Places to Visit in Amsterdam in March

As we have promised to be your travel guide for Amsterdam, we are jotting down the things that make March visits so special. 

1. Rijksmuseum

Image credits :Unsplash

Experience 800 years of Dutch history in one of the iconic museums of Amsterdam. Antiques, artworks (A total of 7 million pieces)  of Van Gogh and Rembrandt – this national museum houses all the cultural references in 250 rooms! Also, a library of 35000 books will mesmerize you. 

2. Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum
Image credits : unsplash

With more than  200 portraits from the celebrated artist of the 19th century,  Van Gogh Museum welcomes you to witness the masterpiece. 

3. Anne Frank House

It is a thrilling experience to visit the house where Anna Frank lived with her family. It has turned into a museum bearing the terrors of the second world war and the atrocities of the holocaust. 

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4. The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

It has been the house of the Holland royals since 1648. It was built as a symbol of strength and to reflect the structural monuments in Rome. Visit the remarkable and magnificent palace, and do not forget the dedicated event rooms.

5. Vondel Park

Being one of the largest parks in Amsterdam (About 116 acres), Vondelpark offers many exciting activities for visitors. Explore the 70 species of flowers, sumptuous rose gardens, open theatre for musical ventures, and enjoy the greenery envelope. 

Classic Amsterdam Itinerary

7 Best Things to Do in Amsterdam in March

Listed as one of the UNESCO heritage sites, Amsterdam canals are worth cruising around the day, with added architectural aesthetics along the journey. You can also plan a romantic evening with a 4-course dinner and drinks and a candlelight setup

1. Go Canal Cruising

Go canal
Image credits :Unsplash

Listed as one of the UNESCO heritage sites, Amsterdam canals are worth cruising around the day, with added architectural aesthetics along the journey. You can also plan a romantic evening with a 4-course dinner and drinks and a candlelight setup.

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2. Take a Day Trip to Keukenhof

Image credits : Unsplash

March is the perfect season for visiting Keukenhof because it is the paradise of spring blossoms. The lines of daffodils, tulips are a treat to the sore eyes. The beautiful backdrop full of colourful flowers will and their fragrances will blow your mind.

3. Enjoy the Old World Jordan

Once being a working-class region, Jordan is all about the old world architecture and ancient settings. Roam around the narrow alleys, Amsterdam’s famous sights, artifacts, courtyard gardens, art museums, and more. Go on a shopping adventure in the Prinsengracht channel, also known as 9 streets.

4. Ferry to the North

Take a trip to Northern Amsterdam on a ferry and enjoy the short ride with meals, drinks, entertainment, and social exhibitions. Reach to NDSM, where you can enjoy a lot of celebrations, waterside dives, and occasions. 

5. Experience the Culture at Museumplein

This particular place houses all the majestic buildings, famous museums and is .’.therefore often regarded as the heart of culture in Amsterdam. Including the VanGogh and Rijksmuseum, along with the Royal Concertgebouw and Stedelijk Museum. Open-air exhibitions, architectural beauty that retells the story of the 19th-century district of Oud-Zuid. 

6. Tour to Red Light District

Red light district
Image credit : Unsplash

Ask your local to make sure you do not miss out on this place which is quite famous for its exquisite nightlife. Warmoesstraat and Chinatown, and all other local wineries, Weighbuilding at Nieuwmarkt are the places you should explore. 

7. Heineken Experience 

Image credits :Unsplash

Add this to your itinerary if you want to make the most of your Amsterdam in March experience. Craft your own Heineken in the place which once used to be the production repository for all the products. 

Festivals in Amsterdam in March

Coffee Festival

If you are a coffee connoisseur yourself, then Amsterdam in March has the perfect festival for you. People worldwide enjoy gourmet food stalls, live music, tasting and roasting artisan coffees, art exhibitions, and whatnot. It is generally held in the first week of March. 

Music Fests & Concerts 

Amsterdam is the heart of live concerts, musical performances, and festivals like ‘Dance on Screen.’ And March is not an exception either; you will get to see global artists performing live in front of you. 

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