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Amsterdam light festival
Written by Shamanthika on May 13, 2020 Share on

Amsterdam Light Festival – A Major Highlight For the Winter Season!

Every winter season in Amsterdam, there is light everywhere. For anyone who visits the city during winter, there is a triple treat. There is music, theatre festivals and of course light everywhere. Because the season is here, it’s the season of Amsterdam Light Festival. The Amsterdam Light Festival (ALF) illuminates nook and corner of the city with splendid works of light art. This festival offers a full package of entertainment for all age groups. You can spend time roaming around the city, losing themselves viewing these alluring lights all around. No matter you choose to bike, boat, or just walk around to explore the city, you will be stunned. This festival pulls International artists and locals together creating spectacular treats for its visitors. Each year, the festival collates ideas by designers, architects around the world, to make the present one better than the previous. 

amsterdam light festival
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When the winter begins, Amsterdam comes into a festive atmosphere, with lights and Christmas decorations everywhere, cozy pubs, several crazy events, food, and theatre festivals begin. The trees will be decorated, buildings and bridges are lit, streets will cheer up to the sounds of people everywhere and there is celebration mood everywhere!


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Amsterdam Light Festival Canal Cruises 

The canal cruise is mainly known for the experience it offers to every tourist who takes the ride. From panoramic views to romantic dinner services on-board, all of them put the travelers in awe. A trip to Amsterdam in the winter season is not complete without taking this romantic cruise ride. The best time to take the cruise trip is at night as these exotic guided boat trips offer exceptional views of the beautiful canal houses, panoramic views, and other monuments. On this mystical journey, you will discover Amsterdam in a different style, a style that is original and outstanding. To get the best out of the season, make sure you pre-book the cruise trip and steer your way through the canals.

canal cruise in amsterdam
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What Makes Amsterdam Light festival 2021 Special?

The Amsterdam Light Festival is considered the largest in Europe. 2020 marks the 8th year of the Amsterdam Light Festival. People from various corners of the world arrive at this stunning city for this amazing festival. In addition to the cruise trip, there is a land exhibition which is exciting as well. This light festival is all about josh and merry-making. With the arrival of international theatre and music artists, you can witness art festivals all over the city. The city hosts Theatre festivals, Film festivals, Musical celebrations, making the season the best time to be in.

The right time to plan your trip to Amsterdam City is during the Light festival season. Enjoy the splendid views of the city, cycling around, cruising around, or sitting by a cozy café grabbing a coffee. Slide into Pickyourtrail website and start planning your Amsterdam tour packages now.

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