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Written by Akshaya Devi on April 22, 2020 Share on

An ode to Earth Day featuring photos that capture the soul of our planet

No matter where we are or where we came from, we all have one thing in common. We have one home, the earth. And what better time to pause and appreciate the vast magnificence of our home planet than the Earth Day?

National Geographic started an Instagram campaign called NatGeoEarthDay and the photos submitted by travel lovers around the world capture the soul of the earth. If anything, they remind us what our amazing planet is capable of.

1. Breidamerkurjokull ice cave in Iceland shimmering without light

2. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge during the ‘golden’ hour

3. Glaciers meet the ocean in Iceland, looking like an optical illusion

4. Monarch butterfly being the odd one out in Mexico butterfly park

5. A beautiful cloud pattern making the moon look like a Jupiter in Guatemala

6. Yosemite Valley in California resembling a lost Disney paradise

7. Icelandic glaciers looking like a bunch of standing squirrels conducting a secret prayer

8. Baby common loon testing its wings for the impending migration in North America

9. Lenticular clouds adorning Japan’s Mount Fuji at night

10. Not photoshopped — a reflection of the surrounding flora in the cracks of a river bed

11. Early morning crusade in Svalbard, Norway

12. A canopy of giant maple trees during Autumn in Japan

13. A curious sea lion pup checking out the photographer

14. Majestic white rhinoceroses investigating the footprints in Botswana

15. Ice cave drippings as the morning sunlight passes through them in Minnesota

16. Exposure shot of star trails created by LED-bearing climbers in the Dolomites of Italy

17. Emperor penguins in Antarctica patiently waiting for food while huddling together to keep warm

18. A red fox during a snow storm in Canada

This Earth day, let’s take a pledge to travel and live sustainably. Have you photographed anything that best illustrates the wonders of our planet? Add your pictures in the comment below!

Cover image credits: Brittany Crossman.Natgeoshot

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