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Anne Frank’s House: Guide to the Secret Annex and Around Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is one of the most well-known Annexes. Helping eight people flee during a Nazi persecution between 1942 and 1944. They were all dependant on six helpers who were all friends and employees of Anne’s father. The helpers aided them with food, clothes; even books, magazines, and newspapers. The Annex is located in Amsterdam which is now open to the public. Moreover, It is now a biographical museum and a writer’s house dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank.

The annex was behind a sliding bookcase concealing the entrance situated in the back of the building. To keep Nazis at bay, the eight residents maintained a strict and well-planned schedule and lived in constant fear. During their nearly two-year stay in this annex, Anne kept a journal of everything that happened to her.

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History of Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House is authentic and humbling. The Museum’s architect presents an excitable combination of actual objects, the classical appearance of them and interior décor used by the residents of the museum. The main house and the secret annex were built in this building, which Franks and other Jews hid. It also has the room of Anne, where the photos and postcards of the infancy of Anne are presented. The museum also contains a diary room with original journals by Anne. The hall has two rooms: one shows the ‘other Frank family’s home’ and the other shows the ‘Anne Frank reflections.’
Image Credits: Pixabay

Although it is open all year, the best months to visit the Anne Frank House are April-May or September-November. The weather is excellent during these months, and there are fewer tourists. During the peak season of May to September, when the average high temperature rises to the 70s and the days are long and bright, the museum is full. Apart from the season, you should be cautious while selecting the date and time of your visit. Weekends and closing hours are always busier than weekdays and in the mornings. In addition to that, bright days are preferred because waiting time increases when it rains.

Where is Anne Frank House Located?

Anne Frank House is about 10 miles from Amsterdam Airport and is easily accessible via public or private transportation. To get here, one can take a bus, a taxi, a shuttle, a rideshare service, or a train. Taking a train from Amsterdam Airport (AMS) to Anne Frankhuis is the most cost-effective and preferred method of reaching the museum, taking approximately 36 minutes and costing 6€ – 13€.

The 397 bus, which costs 3€ – 6€ and takes 51 minutes, is another inexpensive option. However, if you want to cut down on travel time, hiring a private taxi is the best option because it takes only 14 minutes to reach the house, but the charges are higher (approximately 35€ – 50€). The cheapest way to get to Anne Frank House from the airport is to take a rideshare with BlaBla car, which takes about 39 minutes and costs only 3€.

What makes Anne Frank House a Must Visit Attraction?
Image Credits: Pixabay
  • One of the nicest things to do near the Anne Frank House is to go sailing through Amsterdam. The stunning sights of the lovely canals and the lovely city that you get to enjoy while on a boat tour are unforgettably beautiful. There are several boat tours to choose from, depending on one’s budget and schedule. Friendship Amsterdam, Lindbergh Tour & Travel, Flagship Amsterdam, Stromma, and Blue Boat Company, among others, are some of the boat trips that allow you to learn more about Amsterdam’s magnificent canal system.
  • Tourists to the Anne Frank House enjoy shopping, which is one of their favorite activities. They like browsing the different shopping options offered here for vintage clothing, accessories, and other locally manufactured products. There are also numerous cafes and chocolate shops where you may relax and take a break from shopping. This charming site, situated between the Prinsengracht and the Single canals, attracts thousands of people who come to spend time wandering and taking pictures in the area.
  • The city is not only bike-friendly, but it is also a fun way to see the city. You can rent a bike or joi1n one of the various bike tours to enjoy riding on cobblestone streets along the canal and learning about Amsterdam’s culture. There are a variety of bike tours available to meet the demands of guests, including Yellow Bike, Mike’s Bike, Mike’s Bike, and Amsterdam’s Experiences.

Places To Visit Near Anne Frank House

1. Van Gogh Museum
Image Credits: Pixabay

Just a few minutes from the Anne Frank House is the famous Van Gogh Museum. A huge collection of famous paintings and drawings by Van Gogh is one of the most visited museums in the Netherlands. There are more than 200 works of art by the “Sunflowers” and “Almond Blossom,” which draw art lovers from around the world. So if you’re an art enthusiast, it is one of the most recommended places to visit. A few things to keep a note of before visiting the museum :

  • The ticket costs around 19€ per adult.

No exhibition fee is available in the Van Gogh Museum. The permanent collection and the exhibitions on view can be visited with an online ticket. To be able to access the museum, everyone needs a ticket with an initial time.

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2. Royal Palace Amsterdam
Image Credits: Pixabay

The Dutch Royal House uses the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. It is only a 10-minute walk from the Anne Frank Museum. The Royal Palace is open to visitors most of the year as well. Welcome to explore this splendid building in the center of Amsterdam’s rich history and interior. Visitors will be delighted to discover the rich past of the building and the legacies left by its successive occupants, like the City Hall of Amsterdam for 150 years, the Five-year French Royal and Empire Palace, and the House of Orange Palace for two centuries.

  • The ticket costs around 10€ per adult.
  • People the age of 17 and below are free to enter.

3. Vondel Park
Image Credits: Pixabay

In Amsterdam, the largest city park is full of picturesque beauty and is an ideal place to have a picnic with family and friends. It has an open-air theatre, a rollerblade rental, a rose garden, and several cafes to enjoy in the surrounding area. It is also a sightseeing destination for its magnificent imagery and sculptures. Tickets for Vondelpark are not available. A guided tour that offers you the history and culture associated with this park is the best way to explore this park.


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Well there you go, these are the things you would require to consider planning an Amsterdam trip to see not just the Anne Frank Museum but a lot more. Hope you had an idea of how Amsterdam is as a travel destination. Check here for some amazing Amsterdam packages at Pickyourtrail.

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