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Best apps to download before your visit to Dubai, for a hassle-free trip

I know you would’ve heard and read about this quite often, but I’m going to say it anyway. Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations in the world that you must definitely visit. The city of Dubai has so much to offer from majestic architectural wonders to extravagant shopping scenes through stunning beaches and world-class cuisines. If you have plans to travel and are not sure of the destination, then I’d suggest you give Dubai a thought. You’ll surely have a wonderful time. So, start planning your vacation to Dubai. And to help you be fully prepared for your vacation, we have some of the best apps you should download to help you make most of your time in Dubai.

Whether you’re in Dubai for a short getaway or for a longer layover, you must arm yourself with these apps. So, here is the list of 10 best apps to download before your visit to Dubai


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Best apps to download before your visit to Dubai



Want a cab from the Dubai airport to your hotel or vice versa? Want to roam around the city in a car, but don’t know where to book it? Well, there’s no need to worry when you have Middle East’s Uber – Careem. Careem is a vehicle for hire company just like Uber and happens to be one of the best apps to download before your visit to Dubai. So fire up the app, request a ride, check for the fare and get going. The prices are good, especially for short rides, and you can pay via both cash and card.



Are you someone who doesn’t want to splurge on transportation? If yes, then you must try Dubai’s public transportation. Dubai’s public transport is a five system network inclusive of Buses, Metro, Trams, Water Buses and Monorails. Wondering how to navigate through these systems? Easy, that’s where Wojhati comes into the picture. Wojhati is an official service provided by Dubai’s Roads & Transports Authority, where you can find timetables and suggestions on which transport to take to reach your destination in no time. It surely comes in handy when you’re planning to take public transport. This app is definitely a must before your visit to Dubai. 


Talabat Mobile App

I’m sure when you’re on your vacation, you’ll be exhausted after an entire day of sightseeing that you won’t have the energy to go out to eat. And on those days, ordering-in and eating while staying in your room sounds more exciting, doesn’t it? Although you could order-in room service, there’s still a much better idea. For this, you should have the Talabat app downloaded on your phone. Yes, this app lets order some mouth-watering food from your favourite restaurant while relaxing in your room. So, before anyone gets hangry, you better have this app ready on your phone. It is definitely one of the best apps to download before your visit to Dubai

TenguGo app in Dubai

TenguGo Mobile App

Have you ever been worried that you might get lost somewhere and not understand the local’s language? Or maybe you just wanted to learn their language. Whatever the reason, maybe, if you want to be familiar with the Arabic language and learn the basics before you set foot in there, then you must download the TenguGo app. Now, don’t get me wrong, Emiratis speak English, and you’ll have no problem getting by in English. But, if you want to pick up some basic local words to bond with the locals or understand their culture, then make sure to download the app. Trust me, it’s one of the best apps to download before your visit to Dubai. 

VisitDubai app

VisitDubai app

They say, “Information is power”. I totally agree, especially, when you’re in an unknown country, you must have all the necessary information to get by during your vacation. And when in Dubai, the best way to source all this information is through the Visit Dubai app. The Visit Dubai app is the official app from Dubai’s tourism department. This app should be your first stop before you even visit the city. It contains a wealth of information from details on sights and attractions to what’s happening around the city through things tourists shouldn’t do when visiting Dubai to currency exchange. You’ll find everything in the app and I guess that’s why it’s one of the best apps to download before your visit to Dubai. 

Dubai Calendar app

Dubai Calendar app

Yet another app to download before your visit to Dubai is the Dubai Calendar. Dubai is home to not just architectural wonders, shopping malls and restaurants but also to festivals, concerts and temporary exhibitions. And especially if something as famous Dubai Summer Surprise takes place at the time of your visit, then you must be aware of it. So, there’s no better way to find out than the Dubai Calendar. The Dubai Calendar is also an official app launched by the Department of Tourism to give you one-stop resource on all the activities happening in Dubai. 

These apps along with Pickyourtrail’s assistance will give you a hassle-free Dubai tour. Pick your own Dubai honeymoon package or get it customised by reaching out to their destination experts. Start planning your international vacation right away for a smooth experience.

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