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Singapore City
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Best Architectural Highlights Of Singapore That Will Leave You In Surprise!

Being a multicultural country with a rich and diverse history, Singapore has made a distinctive mark for itself in terms of design and architecture. The city is home to numerous architectural highlights that showcase unique designs and innovative structures, attracting tourists and visitors from around the world who come to admire this creative art. From iconic landmarks like Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay to historical sites like the National Gallery and the Peranakan Museum, Singapore offers a plethora of architectural wonders to explore. To ensure you don’t miss out on these remarkable structures, consider booking one of the curated Singapore tour packages. These packages provide comprehensive itineraries that include visits to the top architectural highlights of Singapore, allowing you to appreciate and marvel at the city’s impressive design and architecture. Get ready to immerse yourself in the creative artistry of Singapore’s architectural landscape.


Interlace in Singapore
Image Credits: Google Images

This condominium is one of the most studied by all global architects making their way in Singapore. Designed by Ole Scheeren it has one of the best clarity of its design. Some people say it has a lack of finesse, but its composition itself is audaciously simple and has ways for private and communal spaces to be connected. It’s unique from the typical tower block configuration for residential stays in Singapore. This is not a public building where visitors or tourists are allowed but Would suggest you to not miss out to see this building when you are in Singapore!

Pearl Bank

Pearl Bank in Singapore
Image Credits: Google Images

I bet every best architectural design list will have Pearl Bank in it. The building scale is monumental and just like all greatest architectural works of Singapore from the 60s and 70s of the 19th century, this complex also reflects a sense of purpose. Situated on a hill, Pearl Bank’s architecture is a deceptive gesture of bringing the best of out of simple designs. This design was brought out to light when there was no designing through computers so imagine how complex designing this beauty could have been!

Tower 15

Tower 15 in Singapore
Image Credits: Google Images

Tower 15 is not known by many tourist and visitors. It is also called as the tabletop by many architects as its architecture is truly an inspiration. There is a 15-storey building at its base which was initially built and in order to increase the building’s square-foot another 10-storey structure was built over it, like a table. The new core for the 10 storey was done by building 16 floors to clear the roof of the base before interlinking to form the base for the new one. I know this totally crazy, but this worked out and is straight out of a sci-fi manga, making it one of the top architectural highlights of Singapore.

Henderson Wave

Henderson Wave
Image Credits: Google Images

The Southern Ridges of Singapore is one of the most recent and interesting public projects. This plan links five hills, ridges and parks for about a distance of 10 Km connecting the city’s historical sites and mature tropical rainforest. A series of bridges were constructed, one of them being the wonderful Henderson Wave of Singapore. If you are looking to go for a walk through this wave, it would take you two hours from one end of the Ridges to the other end. You will be trekking through the forest at tree-top level, and crossing a road at about 30 metres in the sky. Singapore does not have any mountain trails, but visitors would love to take this unique mix of urban and nature.

Kilo Lounge

You will love this spot as it is located on top of an ancient industrial building near the old Kallang gasworks. It only opens in the night, as that is the best time to visit this place when the city lights fill up the mood-lit lounge giving its visitors an ambience of being at home rather than a commercial bar. The floor is filled with comfy sofas and loungers. People love taking the restored industrial lift.

Eco Gourmet Cafe

This cafe is designed like an open shed with Thai-inspired Eco tucked in the middle of lush tropical forest in one of the oldest parks of Singapore. You will not be able to really drive to it as it is built on a cliff. You can hike up from the public car park, adding an adventure as well as getting there. The dining area is naturally ventilated and overlooks a mass of greenery, making it unique from Singapore’s chilly air-conditioned restaurants. You will feel like you are dining on a treehouse as it just feels so calm and quiet. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Rightly, deserves to be one of the architectural highlights of Singapore.

Lor 24A Shophouse Series

This is Singapore’s version of the Case Study Houses like the ones in the US in the 1940s. It is a row of eight conserved shophouses along the same street and was given a radial architectural makeover by almost seven architects. It showcased each architects unique approach to design techniques giving the freedom to imagine and decide upon a collective outcome. This place is famous for holding open houses and exhibitions on a regular basis.

Satay by the Bay

Satay by the Bay in Singapore
Image Credits: Google Images

Located right next to Gardens by the Bay, this waterfront version has even won the President Design Award. It features an articulated roof with a raw concrete canopy that provides shelter to all visitors from sun and rain. It also has a rooftop garden which looks beautiful and colourful by hanging vines and creepers. Dining here takes is one of the best of eating outdoors rather than the modern trend of dining in a basement food court of an air-conditioned shopping mall. This place is rarely crowded, having an open-air section with the low slung tables and little stools making it incredible!

Block 6 Marine Terrace Playground

This place looks like any other public housing playground, but what makes it unique is that the slides are new, the trees are bigger, new exercise machines with grab bars for older people, and a rock path for foot reflexology. The park is designed as a multi-generational space, and you can see people of all generation here. Indeed the best design maintaining a public space like this by keeping them relevant for all communities.

Benjamin Sheares Bridge

Benjamin Sheares Bridge in Singapore
Image Credits: Google Images

Driving on this bridge is one of the greatest pleasures for all living in Singapore as well as the visitors as regardless of the time of day the views are always spectacular opening up the entire city skyline before you! There can’t be a more dramatic entrance to a city. The bridge is built at a height of 20 metres and allows ships to pass below initially as there was an operational shipyard which is currently relocated.

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