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Ask me Anything on travelling to Australia

Oi, strap on ye boots, mate! Take a trip through Australia with the Aussie Specialists, Pickyourtrail.

By popular demand, we are back again and this time, we hop-skip-jumped to Australia. Down Under. Held on 16th September, Ask Me Anything on travelling to Australia had a large turnout, too. From best time to visit, to wildlife to what to eat while in Australia, you hit us up with questions and we answered them all!

Being Aussie Specialists, we welcomed our co-founders to take the center stage and even invited a versatile traveller on board.

Meet our panel:

Hari Ganapathy

Our co-founder and needless to say LOVES to travel. He has explored more than 30 countries and has mighty bucket list aspirations, one being a Trans Siberian railway trip. Join in to carry wisdom that only comes from exploring 30 countries (and aspiring for more).

Srinath Shankar

Co-founder and one of the world’s top 10 travel hackers and is soon off on a bike trip across Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. His travel to Australia has given him on-ground destination wisdom.

Karishma Kripalani  

A traveller by passion, she runs the travel blog – Globejamun with her fellow traveller Urmi. Karishma has explored 34 countries and aims to touch 100 by the time she’s 40!

Wish you could have caught us live? Keep up with us on Facebook. Here’s the video for the AMA on Australia travel.

After an hour of questions, answers, and wisdom sharing, the AMA on Australia travel ended on a note with Kashmira contemplating her next travel plan with Pickyourtrail. And of course the resolution of many, many travellers’ queries that we received live and otherwise.

For those of you missed, well you missed A LOT, but here’s a lowdown of all important aspects of travel to Australia we covered –

#1 What is the best time to visit Australia?

While Australia is good to go almost any time of the year, here is a general look at the weather there –

Pleasant to go: September to November and March to May

Phew! It’s hot: December to February

Cooool, sometimes rainy : June to August

On the other hand, if you want to align your visit to a festival there, check these out!

#2 How difficult is it to get an Australian visa?

Australian Visa is no longer hard-to-get. With the introduction of online Visa application, the Visa approval process is a lot easier now. Even offline, Visa processing can be speeded. It all falls on how you frame your letter of intent. At all costs, your letter of intent must convey that you are very keen on coming back home. Adhering to this, getting your Visa is a piece of cake.

#3 Can one do a drive through holiday in Australia?

Yes. Just like in New Zealand, one of the best ways to explore the country is by taking a road trip. And if you have kids coming along, the Great Ocean road is a definite must do. Yarra valley, Downunder farmstay are other places to drive across.

Australia road trip

#4 Is Australia a good place for a family vacation?

Yes, Australia is definitely a great place for a family vacation. Starting with Gold Coast. Full of theme parks, there is no dearth of entertainment here. Dreamworld, Sea World, and Warner Bros Movies World are great to start with.

At Tangalooma island you can interact with dolphins. The kids will love this and you are never old for a greet and chat with these cuties. In Melbourne, Philip island is a must do. The penguins marching sunset is quite a sight. The kids will love this. And finally, at Cairns where you can snorkel, swim, or dive at the Great Barrier reef.

#5 Is the Great Ocean road still a great place for a roadtrip? Heard the 12 apostles were wearing away.

Yes, of the 12 apostles, only 5 to 7 remain erect. Despite this sad observation, the Great Ocean road is still full of fantastic views. The coastline, the endless ocean beside you as you drive by will have you enchanted. What’s more – find a beach that has your attention? Stop by and take in the views. A 12-hour long drive that comes with the luxury of making as many pitstops as you want and views that take your breath away – what more could you ask from a road trip!

Great Ocean road

#6 Is a 15 day trip to New Zealand and Australia possible?

Yes, it is. But it isn’t recommended at all! When there’s so much to explore in a country, 15 days in two countries wouldn’t do justice to either.

#7 How is the nightlife in Australia?

The nightlife in Australia is pretty happening. Sydney & Gold Coast remain the most popular places for nightlife with the best bars and pubs. While not as good as them, Melbourne has some good choices, too. Cairns, on the other hand, doesn’t have many nightlife options and is passable.

Australia nightlife
Image credit – fatsoma

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